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  1. IIRC it was one of the first times RL had access to CW to sell them and we sold by tier, filling it. It looked really good, as empty CW seats had become a bit of an issue at RL finals.
  2. I've found that at all the grounds. Unless you do a whole lap you have no idea anything is happening, that's if they have bothered. We walked past the Fitness First gym(?) and saw nowt. Signage would have been helpful at them all.
  3. There are cash turnstiles on the South and West which I think holds more than half of the stadium capacity. Hopefully the seats are more or less full as the stadium looks great on TV when that's the case.
  4. I always like it when a person logs onto a device to go on a forum and find a specific thread to moan that strangers are discussing something that they don't want them to.
  5. To be fair to them, whilst I think they were misguided, we shouldn't knock ambition. Unfortunately the delivery hasn't matched their ambition. I think had we delivered, say 550k to 600k, it would have been a very different atmosphere around the tournament. Whilst it is a missed target, it would be real growth, and I think that's what people want to see.
  6. You've quoted a post which shows the capacity is 750k, so it is possible. And when the 750k target was set, it included Anfield instead of Wigan, and Bolton instead of Wire, so have an extra 43k capacity. It would have meant 95% to capacities. Tbh, they have been slippery around targets, so throwing in the 50k or so that we will get across women and wheelchair tournaments would have been fine. But all of that becomes irrelevant when you actually deliver lower crowds than 2013 when your stated aim is to grow attendances massively.
  7. We once used MegaBus from Manchester to Edinburgh. We got off at Preston and paid a fortune to get home on the train. Never again
  8. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised. If I'd have done a train to Crewe and then onto London it would have been £60. Paying the extra for direct, but the prices are decent.
  9. I think the million was at bidding stage, the 750k was the revised target once grounds were locked in.
  10. If every WC game had an extra 5k in we'd add 150k to the number. I think that would have seen us beat the 2013 number, as well as the women's euros, approach 600k which would be very good growth and would have made most events far more positive experiences. Even though that wouldn't have hit the 750k, I think 600k could have absolutely been seen as good progress.
  11. That would be a revenue's thread surely They had the aim of 750k when they had these prices. The price isn't new news.
  12. We should always look at things in context. Your over-arching point is right, but that has been and gone now, this won't break the record for men's RLWC. It is what it is. But England v Tonga/Samoa in London at the Emirates, 45k would be very good. 50k excellent, 60k outstanding. People still talk about the Golden days of the early 90s, we got 54k at Wembley versus the Aussies for an Ashes test. If we are anywhere around that, it shows how far we have come.
  13. £98. Plus a ticket at £34, £130 for a day trip isn't terrible. If I'd have been prepared to travel to Crewe there were trains for £46
  14. Tbh, when this was first announced a couple of years ago, Emirates was always one I fancied as I'd never been to the ground. I've been on/off with it all month for various reasons, but I'd have been gutted watching it on TV I think.
  15. I made sure avanti had WiFi, don't worry. In all seriousness, 2hrs from Wire to Euston is superb.
  16. Bizarre. Your point was not controversial. There seems to be a pretty shared view that some of the 27 mens games staged so far should have been held in the capital.
  17. Tbf Archie explicitly is talking about Men's RLWC and Women's RLWC.
  18. I don't think awareness has been the issue. I think we probably nailed that part of it. It has been making things compelling that hasn't hit the mark.
  19. What is the £4m based on? The 2013 tournament made £3.7m - so if we use that as the baseline, and based on what RLWC have told us - we have record gate income, record commercial income, record hospitality income etc. Obviously costs will be higher due to more teams and other tournaments being included, but we have reduced costs by using fewer venues etc. We then have up to £15m of costs covered by the government. The big unknown is the RLWC fee, but I'm not sure what indicates a £4m loss.
  20. I was always looking forward to the women's and wheelchair tournaments, but I didn't expect it to have quite such a positive impact on me. They've dragged the tournament up a level.
  21. Well, I caved in. Based on train prices being reasonable, I'm now booked for a solo trip to London next Saturday. Those wheelchair games really did bring me right back into this tournament.
  22. That means that if all games are now at capacity, we will peak at 460k, pretty much exactly what we got in 2013. I expect we will finish around 425k, maybe a smidge higher. That is with 5 more events this year iirc. I'm not sure of the potential crowds for women and wheelchair as to what the total top number can be, not sure if it could be the half a million number, which would be a nice nunevr, particularly when accompanied with probably 20m+ TV numbers.
  23. Yep, and absolutely agree with that as per one of my replies. We should also remember that we have focused on very narrow parts of the heartlands, excluding many towns that did well in 2013.
  24. I agree, but based on us not really achieving anything we've aimed for, I am worried about that 10k. The positive is that Wire has looked good with 6k in, so hopefully around 10k will come across well. So far we've had a good event for England (with royalty) along with a great win, a classic game last night, and we should have a cracker today. The only bad thing is that taking my daughter to a kids party until 3pm, so will miss some of today's game, probably watching on delay
  25. We shouldn't be too downbeat on the heartlands. We are coming to the wrong conclusion if we decide that the heartlands don't support international RL. It may not be at the levels we want, but the vast majority of the numbers are coming in the heartlands. But, we have always seen that taking games outside of the areas sees us do relatively well. The big issue is that we have good and bad crowds wherever we stage them, we need to stage them well, market them and price them appropriately.
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