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  1. You really had to respect his refusal to stick to RL positions. Richard Horne as a winger for a whole Ashes series was a highlight for me
  2. Yes - look at the dedicated thread that came up last week - I think I was the only one who liked it - but I think others' issues were not about the look of it at all.
  3. Agreed - it's why I find it frustrating when people moan about clubs putting themselves above the parapet and being a little provocative in their promotions. That last F1 race last year with the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes was absolute gold. Unbelievably dramatic stuff. I was gripped and I say that as somebody who has at best a moderate interest in motor racing.
  4. The Challenge Cup also has the added factor of being the most watched game of live club RL in the UK each year - the variety of the Cup Final is right there in front of the TV viewers and sponsors - has that been a great thing? Or is it not that big an issue?
  5. I think as time passes we tend to recall the positive memories rather than the challenges and controversies. As below - I think this has the makings of a decent thread, but imho it was the same as ever watching RL a decade of some highs and many lows!
  6. Yup - I think this has the makings of a decent thread to be honest rather than the Lindsay passing thread. But as somebody hugely into the game during these years, they certainly didn't feel like any kind of Golden era and in fact many changes had to be made because the game was on its knees.
  7. The WCC is the biggest wasted opportunity in our sport imho (we are at least still doing internationals even if not brilliantly). Tge 1997 version may have been flawed, but even that showed potential. The ability to allow these opportunities to pass us by is typically RL.
  8. I liked some of what Lindsay did (I didn't have any issues with him being Wigan through and through like many did at the time), but I think there is a general romanticised view being presented (by a fair few people) - which is natural as somebody passes, so I don't want to be too critical. For the claims he was a dictator, he couldn't get through his vision of SL. The clubs overruled him and mergers were kicked into touch. People quote the internationals in the 90s as a golden era, yet they were happening before his reign and he then oversaw the decline with the SL Kangaroos tour where Wembley was a flop (he was vocally critical saying we will probably abandon Wembley), and the car crash NZ tour when they sent loads of players home to cut costs. We also saw a lower TV deal negotiated after the initial one and some real declines. I'm not sure Lindsay's reign was as successful as many make out. But I would agree with you that power is needed at the top, but they do need to be accountable for results.
  9. I do think the Grand Final winners in SL is a little bit of a quirk tbh, rather than anything structurally problematic. We've seen many teams make the Grand Finals: Wigan, Leeds, Saints, Wire, Hull, Catalans, Salford (and of course Bradford) - over half of the current comp has made the GF. In the Cup: Wigan, Leeds, Saints, Wire, Hull, Catalans, Hull KR, Cas, Salford, Hudds - that's all clubs apart from Toulouse and Wakey. The actual match results haven't gone the way that would be kind statistically in the Grand Final in particular, but the likes of Catalans and Wire in particular have been very close, playing epic Grand Finals which could have gone either way. It is not systemic issues that prevented them winning those games, just Rugby games. Of course we have seen dominance of certain clubs, but I think we will always have some clubs stronger than others, and I'm not sure that is a key metric. I'm enjoying F1 as a sport at the moment, the stories have been fascinating over the last couple of years, but there are loads of drivers and teams making up the numbers. Same in Premier League football.
  10. Let's not rewrite history and romanticise Lindsay reign. Richard Lewis was a far superior leader.
  11. Is that true. We used to get full houses at Wembley for. The Cup well before Lindsay was involved. We also got 50k at Old Trafford in 1986 and that series saw us play at Old Trafford and Elland Road. We played at Wembley in 1990 before he was RFL CEO iirc. This isn't to say he didn't do some good things, but I'm not sure he gets the credit for everything.
  12. Yes, I can't go, I have other arrangements, but I was very excited about going to Spurs' ground when it was to be used for the England game, and if the dates worked out I'd happily have gone for this. I don't think the ground is a great excuse if this one is lower, we have seen in black and white that new grounds used for RL get a novelty uplift and this is widely acknowledged as a great ground. It should also provide the benefit of being a good atmosphere if full versus 62k in Wembley. If this was the 2nd game at this ground and the 1st one was a bad experience, fair enough, but the ground shouldn't be a negative for this game. Quite the opposite.
  13. Yes, the backtracking was clearly an issue, but I think it's possibly fair to say that the governing body bottled that, justifying it as too much admin FFS! Even when you hear from some of the progressive club owners we still hear support for some of the ideas that seem archaic. I don't think it's simply a case of big clubs like licensing, small clubs P&R or similar. I hope they can present a clear vision and get buy in. I have some hope that they are prepared to make tough decisions, I think the leadership needs to be really strong. Some of the leadership so far has just seen us go up blind alleys! But, it'll be interesting to watch mate, we shouldn't have too long to wait.
  14. We should remember that there have been plenty of votes over the years that harmed part of the game. The initial SL move harmed many clubs, Catalans' admission saw a club relegated who didn't finish bottom, licensing was controversial, the scrapping of it also. These were all tough decisions that inflicted harm on some clubs. We have made decisions, but agreeing a clear strategy has been the missing element - enter IMG. I know we like to be overly critical of the existing game and clubs, but the biggest issue isn't that they will always protect themselves, we have seen self harm, it's that there has been no clear vision, with clearly articulated benefits and buy in. But also, we shouldn't be afraid of vetos and the like. If the ideas and proposals are good enough they will be implemented - it's no different really to F1 and RU etc. People do need to be careful what they wish for, it's important that IMG are not given total control - they haven't invested and if they get it wrong, they walk away unharmed. That isn't a healthy balance.
  15. I'm not sure I'd agree with that in the slightest.
  16. Many of his views on the backchat program a couple of years ago would be frowned upon nowadays as small minded. Iirc he was very supportive of focusing on heartlands. I think he was of his time. I think Martyn summing him up as a gambler is a good description - a lot of stuff was absolute rubbish and badly thought out and/or delivered, but he wanted to keep pushing things and that was exciting when things did come off. I think the game is worse off in some ways for not having those exciting crazy entrepreneurs in the game, but then the gambles and failures could also be costly.
  17. We've seen though that even where there are differences, they will often put them aside and reach agreement and crack on. The worst example I have seen where we didn't was around the S8's - I have never seen such bad examples of stroppy owners who didn't get their way trashing a concept to ensure it failed.
  18. I think the headline, written by TotalRL maybe clouds it a little, but his words do appear to talk about the attention that the Aussies get. In any case, even if they are looking at the Aussies, it doesn't mean they would copy them, they surely understand different markets as a worldwide organisation. But there is plenty of infrastructure stuff that can be 'borrowed'.
  19. Do we even have a press officer (or whatever the modern name would be for that role) any more? It feels like these events just come and go with no comment from the RFL or SLE. We used to get updates around progress etc, now we seem to be more of a secret society.
  20. RIP, he was a big RL personality, but of a panto villain for many, but definitely a personality.
  21. I used to be of this opinion about football, and then my team Man City became good and now Man Utd fans have to talk about empty seats at the Etihad (or Emptyhad). We (RL fans) aren't that unique.
  22. Unfortunately I have a clash - Simon Moran has put a huge music festival on in Warrington on the same weekend. I do hope it goes well and we get an England game at the stadium soon.
  23. Yep, I like your last para - ultimately we can do it however we want, we control this. we can be bold if we want to be.
  24. I don't think there is anything in that comment. He is talking about market position, he doesn't really suggest that they would achieve that by mirroring Oz.
  25. They'd take those prices in a heartbeat. They are letting soldiers and nhs workers in at those prices anyway.
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