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  1. I must admit, I like Perez, a lot don't appear to trust him, but I'm interested to see what he can do here. As you say it'll then be interesting to know if Canada is still part of his masterplan.
  2. In that same time, the UK pyramid now has Coventry, West Wales, North Wales, Toulouse, Catalans - and we've seen a few go by the wayside, including Oxford, All Golds, Toronto etc. Let's not be so insecure to rewrite facts and history because some people think things should be better planned and funded.
  3. Really happy with both Wire's kits. Was at the fireworks kit launch tonight and it was a great event. Really professional event with around 4.5 to 5k in the ground. Daryl Powell still sounded miserable though
  4. Two absolute world class tries that day
  5. It was a tongue in cheek reference to those who slate RL for things that happen in many other sports too.
  6. But road and rail isn't free, you pay for that just like a plane. The cost is substantially higher than every other game, that's why costs are relevant. Now its your prerogative to say tough, but I think its equally valid for those paying the bills to push back. I don't think it is necessarily fair for the RFL to just palm of the costs of expansion on the existing clubs.
  7. I agree with the principal of this - one of the big problems though, and for me a key reason why people don't buy into this vision, is that we have very few examples of it happening. Almost without exception the newer expansion clubs either go belly up or end up propping up the bottom tier. That isn't to say they aren't adding value, but we need to see more expansion (or call them non-UK heartland) teams doing well - the French teams are helping, and Newcastle continuing to grow would be a real positive. But to the average RL fan they see a huge list of failures and it is easy for them to say people are not interested. It's one of the reasons I'd have supported London over every other project we have done.
  8. Can't have it all ways. People are championing flying down to Cornwall as a solution. But a lot of this is scratching at the surface of the issue. Whatever we call central funding, the RFL has overseen an 80% reduction and then introduced a new substantial cost without getting the clubs on board. They have every right to be peed off with the RFL.
  9. I'd agree with this. I don't understand the lack of transparency. Rimmer appears to me to be the worst we have ever had. He says very little and seems to enjoy giving politician answers and teasers.
  10. What on earth does that have to do with it? It's a travel subsidy, it doesn't matter whether it is for a bus, plane or trike.
  11. This is the kind of thing that RL fans love trashing the sport of RL for.
  12. Call it something else if you are against travel subsidies, but central funding has been massively cut and a new cost has been added in. I don't know what your last line is saying.
  13. It's just a shame that this is even still on the table. There isn't anything fundamentally wrong with the competition structure.
  14. Absolutely. But it doesn't stop them being a new club. They just have the Golden Ticket. Or maybe more of a Brown/Biege Ticket.
  15. It isn't a relocation. Its a new club that has a piece of paper that allows them the governance here. Just like Ottawa would have been a new club. This isn't Hemel. They bought Hemel's place in the pyramid.
  16. It's not a journey I've ever done, but I find Google maps reliable (certainly compared to my satnav!!!)
  17. Just going off Google maps mate which suggests 2hrs 35 in live traffic now.
  18. If it's not a new club, could you point me in the direction of Cornwall RLFC's results?
  19. I agree with this. My concern around this is that it is another example of something being done poorly, rushed and under-funded. These are things that catch us out time and time again, and they are the reason we have failure after failure. A lot of people applauding this are the ones who are often most critical of RFL incompetence, but seem happy to ignore it in instances like this. On the positive, I am intrigued to see what Perez can do in a different scenario. He talks a good game and did a lot of good things with Toronto, so I'm fascinated to see how he does here. To give him credit, he isn't taking the easy option, so good luck to him and Cornwall RLFC.
  20. Yes, fair shout, I didn't see that at the same time. There are calls that the clubs haven't been consulted, which is out of kilter with previous initiatives, but that is a lot of hearsay from journos.
  21. Again, these are known costs (or risks to your cost line). A new random club announcing that they are joining the league without a peep from the RFL hardly suggests this is well planned and thought out.
  22. Agreed on the last line, we are where we are and we'll have to see how it plays out. To pick up on the one point in bold - we know they haven't, as Perez himself aid he has been working on this for the last 4 or 5 months. And to clarify my point - when I say bad planning, I don't just mean by Perez - I mainly mean by the RFL (the 'game') - the lack of funding - so your point in that paragraph is exactly the one I am making. Cornwall should succeed or fail based on themselves, that is within their control - if Perez can get a club set up in a few short months, good on him - it is absolutely the RFL who haven't set this up for success.
  23. Soundbites don't pay bills Phil. Somebody has to pay for this. That is what this is about. It won't be you or me who funds it, it'll be the owners of the other clubs. Probably out of their own pocket.
  24. Well no, because you get 3 games for those costs. There is also the fact that these are known costs. They are part of the structure. This is a new decision that adds substantial costs at a time that funding has been decimated. It's a double whammy from the RFL.
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