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  1. Super Rugby has teams with just nicknames and you wouldnt know where they are from, come across as souless franchises. Embrace the clubs history gives it substance.
  2. No coincidence the NRL refs stopped using it as much in the finals and the games got better and closer.
  3. i read your last paragraph....Whats to say The Dolphins wont get bigger once they are in the NRL...infact they will get bigger.
  4. But its still a competitor. There is more to it then just shows. Has to to with data for future purposes https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/20/with-media-deals-complete-nfl-eyes-over-100-million-per-year-for-its-data-rights-.html
  5. When will the AFL shut down their digital arm? They won't as their game isn't run by the short sighted clubs like ours.
  6. The AFL admitted Fremantle and Port Adelaide are these not small suburban clubs too?
  7. The NRL have now appeased their masters and are getting rid of their $150 million digital arm. Once again we are at the mercy of NewsLtd they call the shots. Doesn't it feel great.
  8. There have been a large number of southerners move north for years thus the increase in numbers.
  9. True...the only country Australia had an influence was PNG and rugby league is now its national sport.
  10. I heard Brent Read on the Triple M podcast saying that this area will now see the Broncos taking a more active role in. The area had been left for the Titans to get going but they had lacked appeal so now the Broncos will have more presence and influence on the ground.
  11. Agreed...the real reason the second Brisbane team is coming in is to drive subscriptions for Kayo the game is secondary. News corp and the clubs call the shots and Vlandys is the mouthpiece.
  12. Arent they working off the Richardson plan? I think they will have a criteria not just positions on the table so as to appeal to the broadcasters, things like stadium, finance, attendances or potential attendances etc etc.
  13. I doubt it, the fact is the game is a minor sport with very little money. It competes with RU and soccer.
  14. I have read alot about John Grant he was a league man down to his boots. He played in the 1972 World Cup, had a spell with Warrington and played for nothing when Souths in Brisbane hit financial trouble in the 70's, also acting as an interim coach for the club. Listen to the Brisbane RL podcast and you will hear him talked about very highly constantly. I recall on Radio when Rebecca Wilson said the NRL board had no league experience and she stated that Grant had come from union AFTER playing league, the commentators on the other side didn't call her out, obviously they had no idea this was very unlikely in the 70's. She constantly ran him down. Not only that but he was very high up in the IT industry and had won awards so knew what was going on.
  15. Gallop and V'landys are nowhere near under the same scrutiny as the others were. They are/were working for the owners, the Murdochs. V'landys is just a mouthpiece as Abdo has no personality. Gallop brought measuredness and stability? He was the News Corp lawyer who was on the side that destabilised the game in the first place. This put it back 20 years so his boss could get his Pay TV network up and going. He did more to solidify AFL in the northern states then anything. RL was the no1 code back then we were bigger then the AFL, if we weren't so successful Murdoch wouldn't have touched it. Gallop sat there for 10 years while the game was ripped to shreds by the media and it's image destroyed. TV deals were undervalued. For mine Dave Smith would have been a great leader if he was allowed to do his job. I loved the way he wouldn't get back to the News Corp journos looking for the dirt when they rang, it ###### them off no end. Most things he did were on the money and Murdoch knew this so they campaigned to get rid of him. A great loss.
  16. You go into partnership with News Corp/Broadcaster and do what they want. Then you get your cash.
  17. The more I hear Johnson and Rimmer talking about this the more I am convinced they will be going into partnership as the NRL have done with News Corp. All the talk is exactly the same that we heard when News Corp first got involved in Australian RL. Intense games for the broadcaster. State of Origin every week. Looks like they will introduce a criteria to cherry pick who they want. In Australia NCorp helped "their" clubs out so they made the cut. To me they are following Richardson's plan but dressed it up as if it's the RFL/SLE idea. Listen to the way Johnson talks about international RL it is straight out of Richardson's plan. They did the same in Australia, SL won the war but they knew they were on the nose with the public so they made it look as though they weren't pulling the strings. Hopefully RL grows and gets stronger as there is no war this time.
  18. How far Australia has gone backwards in terms of creativity with the ball, when Parra needed something and were attacking from a scrum 20 metres out their main play was to throw it to their front rower who was at stand off to charge it up. I despair once upon a time that ball went to a real creative genius in Brett Kenny.
  19. i actually think it wasn't a mistake it was calculated, he knew what he was doing for the interests of his masters.
  20. The game is so valuable in Australia to big business I don't think the people running the game know how important it is. Has V'landys erred in giving the rights to News Corp for 7 years?
  21. Also Smith navigated the game and Sharks through the drug crisis whilst the AFL completely stuffed it up.
  22. These games had tension, when one bit of brilliance or luck can change the game. This is what has been missing all season. These games had tension, when one bit of brilliance or luck can change the game. This is what has been missing all season.
  23. I'm talking about national teams. When designing national emblems try to make them look as though they have come from the country they are representing not from some kid in Sydney.
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