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  1. The IRL were due to release the international plans soon. They have put together a detailed calender. I for one think a 6 or 8 nations played between each world cup period should be started. There are enough strong teams now. It could be like 2 groups of 4 with a final or semi and final played over 4 or 5 weeks.
  2. Before the announcement from Australia and NZ the world cup was well ahead of where it had planned to be financially.
  3. Do you want RL to grow and be played in other countries? If so this is why we have a World Cup, not just to celebrate the game but to maximise revenue so we can pump it back into smaller nations to help fund and grow the game. This WC was headed for record revenue. This is what the Rugby Union do also with their World Cup and what has seen their sport grow so much since it started in 1987. I for one do not want to watch Origin for the next 30 years, I want my sport to grow and be the biggest and best it can be. We should be praising people like Jon Dutton and the magnificent job he and his team has done. I call for a knighthood if he pulls this off with the 11th hour obstacles put in front of him.
  4. The Olympics had a positive test yesterday. Is there a call to send everyone home are people dieing? NO NO NO https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/jul/29/entire-australian-athletics-team-in-isolation-at-tokyo-olympics-after-american-tests-covid-positive
  5. I wonder with Gould being involved this may be about Penrith? Think about it, most of the Panthers team would be involved in the WC. They are a young team, they played in last years NRLGF into October and then an Origin series they look like going into the NRLGF this year also then would be off to England 2 weeks later. Also alot played Origin this year also. This is the club that Gould thinks he is the great guru of. With the Covid situation and bubbles etc. they have been through he comes to V'landys and says they can't go it will wreck them. Nothing like self interest to ruin rugby league.
  6. I think they do, they just don't want to ive it air as it is against their interests.
  7. I do recall that meeting with Lachlan Murdoch in the USA, the agenda has been at play all the way since then, which was more about getting control of the Aussie game again. Getting back on international football I was listening to the RL Digest Podcast on the SL War and they mention how SL wanted an Oceania Cup. Seeing as they have implemented alot of what SL wanted could this be what they want international football to be in the future? They own it and profit from it?
  8. "His" side is aligning with News Corp interests as they head into sports betting. He has no idea about the game. He was given credit for getting it going again, he was the public figure which News Corp then promoted to win over the public. There was no way the heavy hitters at Fox were not involved in the background.
  9. V'landys is hiding behind all his mouthpieces Gould, Paul Kent and all the news Corp hacks. They are all on the same page. No media outlet has interviewed him. Where is he?
  10. He is an idiot, they have done nothing for the game in the Pacific never have because they couldn't make a dollar. It is only these players parents moving to Australia or NZ where league is played that Tonga have come up.
  11. Agreed, once the tournament kicks off the focus will switch to the game.
  12. I hope everyone in the UK who buy NRL coverage or merchandise stop doing so. This will hurt them.
  13. Hopefully once the British government gets in their ear of the Australian government this will bring some pressure onto the rogue that is V'landys. The Australian government provide alot of funding into PNG and the Pacific that involve rugby league and education. The NRL don't do these things for free.
  14. James Graham was a guest on Sydney radio today. He had some strong opinions on the current situation with the World Cup: https://omny.fm/shows/triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl/saturday-scrum-hour-1-james-graham-blasts-the-nrl?in_playlist=triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl!podcast also Peter Sterling: https://omny.fm/shows/triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl/saturday-scrum-hour-3-sterlos-take-on-the-world-cu?in_playlist=triple-m-rocks-footy-nrl!podcast
  15. The Australians for some time have talked about playing their beloved Origin in the UK. Maybe a little negotiation on this could see them do a U-turn if not they can kiss goodbye playing it in the UK in the future.
  16. And V'landys needs a good middle finger. Overrated muppet.
  17. Players were starting to come out in the media and say they wanted to play in the World Cup, Tedesco (possible next Australian captain) and Cook were two.
  18. Mentioned by News Corp journalists during the week a potential tournament between Australia, Nz and Pacific Islands teams at the end of the year. I wonder if this is on the cards? I feel for John Dutton and his team they have done such a great job and deserve better.
  19. Two of the best and most memorable games I have seen were the semi final in the 2013 WC between NZ and England and the 2017 semi with England and Tonga. Guess what Australia weren't in either game.
  20. They have been trained to think like that. Why can't they just enjoy both aspects of the sport instead of this constant comparing and belittling. What other sports do this?
  21. I think you will find the agenda of News Corp has to do with betting. The company is going in a new direction ie. sports betting. They are using rugby league to support this just as they did in 1997 with pay TV. With betting man V'landys in their pocket and a nice 7 year TV deal they have plenty of time to set it up and bed it in. This was the reason why News Corp were so aggressive against the previous 'independent' leaders of the NRL.
  22. Back in the 70's Australia looked towards GB as the leaders in the way the game was played this started to change towards the end of the decade. It would have been interesting to see GB play with all their star players who were playing club football in Australia.
  23. Where was big Jim Mills?
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