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  1. Gutted! I love that stuff. No - went to San Luca. I've not been for a while and it was fab as always. Oh no! Why? That sounds pants! There was me moaning to myself today that the car has been out of my hands a fortnight and he's filled it with those bloody annoying air freshners that make me want to be sick. I thought that was a woman's trick, but clearly not. The tracking is out too. I have nothing to moan about though really now you've put it in perspective.
  2. That was over for me on Monday, so all is calm again and I am approachable once more. Next weekend I will finish decorating my bedroom, which is only half finished.
  3. I had a very good night last night. Sexy, interesting, if not slightly bonkers company, great meal...
  4. Annie Lennox - this song is one that always makes me feel strong in times of weakness...
  5. I'm really looking forward to Friday. In the meantime I'm decorating my bedroom.
  6. Indeed, however I can no longer watch that film without getting academically excited by it. Tonight I'm doing the quiz thing on Channel 4. Tomorrow I begin redecorating my bedroom in an attempt to make my home feel like 'home' again.
  7. Despite what the front page says, today is neither Haloman's nor Sam's birthday.
  8. And lunch. And dinner. You'd be red raw by the time I'd finished with you.
  9. I don't blame her. As I too prefer bourbon to scotch I wouldn't be too happy either. Don't forget writing for publication, which is linked to research but is still a ball ache. *see how I stick up for you? You owe me one.
  10. I wouldn't remember if it was! Which doctors' surgery are you registered at? The best phrase in the English language applies in this situation. "F*** it."
  11. If only I'd done that on Saturday night! I must say I'm still recovering after going to bed at 5am Sunday morning and thinking that from now on I will make sure I'm in bed by 2am at the latest. I'm too old to spens two days recovering. On another note, I've been offered a job this morning.
  12. Last night I went to Spiders as an evil fairy and got more trolleyed than I've been in a long time. I did some odd things I can't remember doing.
  13. I'm going tomorrow too. Watching it at 23:10 on the Evo screen at Vue Hull.
  14. Tonight is the third night in a row I've had takeaway for tea. Friday was a pizza with the entire first series of The Munsters. Saturday I held an impromtu rugby sleepover party at my gaff, so more pizza to soak up the copious amounts of bourbon I drank. Tonight I refuse to have any more pots to wash having only just wiped away the stains of last night's debauchery, so I'm ordering in. Just don't know what to have. -_-
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