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  1. saw something tweeted during week that it has been widened but also shortened. Now bigger than minimum size allowed. Can't find tweet with new dimensions on though.
  2. Think its only the games in France that are affected. Part time teams aren't asked to travel due to the requirement to quarantine on their return. Toulouse are fulltime so they can travel to UK then quarantine when they return to France. Until France are on 'green' list for travel can't see Toulouse having any home games.
  3. Bulls are a hybrid environment. About 10 full-timers and rest are part-time. So Robson will train fulltime as part of the fulltime group. Game is cancelled not postponed and wont count towards either teams stats.
  4. Bradford beat Swinton 23-22 leading 23-10 and looking comfortable but late Swinton comeback made last 5 minutes interesting.
  5. Bradford council won't license horsfall for more than 5K attendances, even if extra stands were added. Problems with parking and access. It would struggle with some of our current attendances and not allow for future growth so not really an option.
  6. Last time we were at oddal cost £5 to upgrade on the day. Think difference is less if you pay for seating in first place. It isnt a cost thing, majority of bulls fans just prefer standing. Even when its raining very few upgrade. When we had stupidly cheap season tickets around 2011 there wasn't a marked increase in numbers going in seating as opposed to terrace.
  7. Tbf weve got over 5k covered seats which are never even close to full so cant see us spending money putting cover on terrace of a ground we dont own. Only costs a small amount to uograde to seating and very few people take it up.
  8. so funding to lower leagues is really 7 million a year not 10. The 3m RFL funding is for administering the entire game not just lower leagues.
  9. something doesnt add up with idea lower leagues have been getting 10 million a year. If league one was getting 1 million then championship should have been getting 9 million. Assume Top team got around 750k mark then a 50k drop for each position ( although from memory i seem to think after the top four the drop off was a lot steeper). gives you 1 750 2 700 3 650 4 600 5 550 6 500 7 450 8 400 9 350 10 300 11 250 12 200 13 150 14 100 5950 so total funding of just under 6 million to championship per year. Where's the other 3 million gone each year? Over the 7 years of deal that 21 million unnacounted for.
  10. As others have said, its a mainly residential area with very limited parking and very few pubs. Majority of City's support is on that side of city so a lot walk to games meaning parking isn't an issue, conversely bulk of Bulls support is southside of city near Odsal so would walk there but need to park at VP. Bigger issues are cost, not just rental but fact City wanted to keep all income from bars as well and the small pitch. We were allowed to play their previously on strict understanding it was a short term deal whilst Odal was rebuilt ( another deal that fell through) but RFL wont allow us to play there long term without extending pitch which would mean major surgery to stands which is uneconomical
  11. Cost is main issue. Figures banded around when we were looking at alternatives to Odsal were more than double cost of Odsal and a lot of fans refuse to travel to Valley Parade due to surrounding area. i'd imagine RFL would insist on us playing at Odsal anyway to get their rental income back.
  12. suspect reason some clubs are considering entering is to avoid paying refunds on season tickets. Give season ticket holders a few matches to attend and hope they wont ask for refunds on tickets. most diehard fans will probably write off their season tickets this year anyway but if clubs put on a tournament of some kind it might help with minority who would want a refund.
  13. if I'm reading rules for oval trial correctly then if applied to Rugby grounds in same way will mean standing terraces totally closed. Seating will have every alternate row closed completely and 2 vacant seats between occupied ones. Worst case is every occupied seat is a single supporter from a household meaning seating capacity will be 1/8th of normal. gets a bit better if a few people from a household/social bubble attend together as then they can sit in a block without the 2 seat gaps between them increasing capacity bit. Would imagine seating capacity at most championship ground is between 2k-5k so allowed attendances between 250 and 625ish worst case. At those sort of levels suspect it getting close to point where cost of stewarding would outweigh financial benefits of allowing crowds in. Suspect most clubs will restrict it to season ticket holders as a way to give them some value for their season tickets, in hopes they wont as for a refund for the year.
  14. Didnt RFL put a block on contracts where there were vastly different payments for different years of the contract after Wigan tried something similar to avoid relegation year they signed Fielden. Thought they took average value over full contract length now rather than individual years.
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