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  1. My joint top author. And a good story too, although not his best. The only thing that annoys me is, the main character is supposed to have a Yorkshire accent I believe but unfortunately he hasn't got it right, too much 't' for me. Unless that is actually how we sound????
  2. I totally agree there, fantastic at telling a tale and as I advocated before Giles Kristian is quickly catching him up.
  3. David I'll have a look into it, my favourite Bernard Cornwell standalone book is Gallows Thief (fantastic book) which is set just after the Napoleonic Wars about a sort of Private Detective so much in the same vein. I'll probably jump on to them when I've finished Lancelot.
  4. I've not no, not read much Greek / Roman stuff to be fair. Although I've just read Geraint Jones' debut novel Blood Forest (Based on Rome's ill-fated war against the Germanic tribes) which I enjoyed so I'll probably give it a go. Anything that is Sharpe / Hornblower esq. will definitely interest me, so I may give it a go. The early Police Force could be an entertaining setting.
  5. Just found this thread as I seldom visit this section of the forum. I am a fairly big historical fiction fan, so waiting in anticipation for Bernard Cornwell's new Saxon Chronicles book to see what Uhtred is up to now he has finally reclaimed Bebbanburg (Bamburgh), I have a feeling that he will play a pivotal role in Aethelstan's battle at Brunanburh where he becomes Englaland's first king. Pretty miffed I've had to wait an extra year while he released a vanity project in Fools & Mortals, which was the only book of his I couldn't finish. While I wait though I'm reading Giles Kristian's (fastly becoming as good as Bernard) new one Lancelot. It's certainly one of those books you can't put down, and an interesting interpretation of the Arthurian legend, again up there with The Warlord Chronicles. If you're into this genre I'd certainly recommend his Raven saga and the Rise of Sigurd too, which way round you read them will give you a different perspective of the characters. Another fantastic series is Angus Donald's Outlaw series, very sad at the end though. Something completely different (still fiction) is Frank Tayell's, Surviving the Evacuation series. It is set after a zombie apocalypse but it is not farfetched and written in a very real way, of how things would actually happen (within reason) it's more about how the human race would survive a disaster like this, with some political thriller in the back ground, tis very good. Also the wonderful Sir Terry Pratchett, nothing else to add there.
  6. Not for free, to pay for, I'm not a criminal
  7. While where on this subject, does anyone know where to download any of the previous games?
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