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  1. Danny Washbrook according to League Weekly, good solid player and very experienced.
  2. Here now weather was a bit wet from Gerona, but brightened up a little. Spotted in Leeds Airport, Konrad Hurrell, Stevie Ward (who was on our flight) and one Mr Ellery Hanley.
  3. Still undecided whether to don my York shirt or Catalan shirt, I'm guessing I might not stand out in my Catalan one though . Might just go for a Lokos one to totally confuse any rugby fans!
  4. I don't think it would be good idea to have an unproven coach again. As good as Ellis is I wouldn't want to upset his standing with his club ala Cunningham. A proven quality coach is what's needed.
  5. I think it'll be a derby win, but that'll be the prevobial sticking plaster. I'm envisaging a 7-8th finish, which is not good enough in my opinion.
  6. Shaun Wane or Tony Smith would be a vast improvement. I doubt it'll happen though, I think Lee Radford will get until the end of his contract as rumoured.
  7. York Press saying Ottawa too. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/yorkcityknights/17515404.york-city-knights-chairman-hails-stunning-start-to-season-new-york-to-enter-league/
  8. Aye and me plus 3 more. We can't wait, and none of us even like Wigan. If there was a game like this every year in big cities around Europe I'd be there with bells on every time, so fingers crossed if Toronto go up they'll make good on thier promise of playing in Copenhagen, Belgrade et al.
  9. Jebus, if playing after the main event isn't bad enough. What the bl**dy h*ll is that? It's nearly as bad as the ball stuck on a stick they give London after the MPG. Do whoever is organising these things not understand image?
  10. Dragons miss out, but the Dragons don't ?
  11. York by 26 if it was dry, looks like it is going to be snowing over the hill on Sunday so Knights by 10. 784 attendance.
  12. A very interesting idea here in the round ball game. It would be very interesting if this forum replicated it, I'm sure between us we could lead them to the top and become SL champions within 5 years ?
  13. My joint top author. And a good story too, although not his best. The only thing that annoys me is, the main character is supposed to have a Yorkshire accent I believe but unfortunately he hasn't got it right, too much 't' for me. Unless that is actually how we sound????
  14. Really good that. Well it couldn't have nailed me any better. The York accent (not the pseudo posh one) has a twang from the North East, the East Riding, and the rest of Yorkshire, so that is bob on. Chuddy, Snicket, Croggy, Nithering etc never knew they were so Yorkshire centric. So no one else calls it a tipple tail?
  15. Just a heads up, there is a replacment bus service on from Leeds, until the first direct train at 13:17 getting you into Bradford at 14:29 which of course is too late.
  16. Does anyone have the details or know where to find the details of the supporters coach? Thanks
  17. Oh no, I know you aren't. Apologies it wasn't meant to be a derogatory term, just trying to put a point across. Yes I agree you brought up a lot of things to think about (like I've got any input at all) and there is nothing like a healthy debate to through up ideas, some may good, some bad and some indifferent. Anything that progresses the Knights is a good thing.
  18. I suppose it just goes to show you can't cater for all, what one finds an attractive proposition another may scoff at. It must be very difficult to run a club and please all but the Knights seem to do it well. I really don't think home advantage is that much of a thing, unless you have a quirk to your ground like you've mentioned. Other than that it's 13 v 13 on a rectangle pitch. Still if something like this ever came about (not likely I know) I would support it fully, but this wasn't really about crowds/supporters it was more about capturing North Yorkshire and help opening up a larger playing pool.
  19. Regarding Carnegie they seem to be taking a lot of home games away from their home ground even if they are cup games, not just one a year. Also they seem to be taking them to areas that already have fairly successful union set ups, and to be fair probably aren't far off Carnegie anyway, and also don't need a leg up. Yorkshire Cricket is the county wide team that's at a guess why they have so many members in North Yorkshire, I'm suggesting it may be benificial for Knights to explore been a team for North Yorkshire, or at least ways to go about that. The council point I agree is a massive one, yes I guess they won't be happy at all after the hole fiasco of the Stadium saga, but I'm sure they wouldn't be to averse to a one off game away from the city, if it helps build the club and most of all makes the wider area aware of the Knights. True, but as non of them are an event that can be built up on our behalf, and with all due respect other than Toronto, Toulouse and possibly Cumbrian teams not places you would likely ever want to go to. To lose one game a year from your season ticket because your club are trying to build their brand to a wider audience and get upset about it in my opinion is very selfish, but again that is my view and I believe I look at the wider picture, although I concede it may be entirely wrong. Although the way I see it the sporting landscape is changing rapidly and clubs have to operate differently to be relevant, which the Knights do well anyway. This was just an observation of Scarborough extending their ground and I had a little lightbulb moment on how it could benefit the York and enable us to expand our roots across the North of Yorkshire. I have enjoyed the discussion with Haxby and Deano as it definitely shows it's not necessarily the good idea I thought it was, but anything that gets us talking about RL and the Knights is good, isn't it? As an aside, we organised a North Yorkshire Cup last year with 5 sides in it which I felt was pretty successful, with the final held at Knaresborough between the Lokos and NEAB A and that attracted a fairly healthy crowd, maybe 100-150, now that could have been all families of the players but I'd be surprised if it was. It was a very entertaining game too so hopefully it inspired some Knaresboroughnians into the sport.
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