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  1. Crowd given as 12,000 - not too bad. Not sure of the Hull KR crowd but think Leeds is now a sell out. About 15,000 at Wigan,should be good at Catalans.
  2. Seems to be less and less involvement for Terry and Barrie,which has to be good news. Now just get rid of their attempt at analysis and I'll be happy. Titles are an improvement.
  3. Might finally encourage Castleford and Wakefield to do something about their grounds.
  4. Very good and accurate article by Dave Woods has just gone up on the BBC Sport rl site. Certainly worth a read and comment.
  5. I assume nothing came from the tentative proposal that Canberra Raiders would also vist. Shame,I think they would have been a big draw.
  6. Hope they have more consistency on the pitch. Time for excuses is well gone. Simply not acceptable for a professional team to regularly concede 40 +.
  7. The money was spent on the same players and coaches who were playing the game before the Sky money became available.Not a single penny was spent on ground improvements,which is why we still have hovells at Castleford,Wakefield and Bradford.
  8. Essentially,supporters dont trust those who run SL or the individual Club owners to do what is best for rugby league. Money from SKY Sports was completely wasted,numerous promises from both Castleford and Wakefield about ground development,club owners wanting their loans back etc,etc. There has to be absolute transparency,or in 5 yrs time we will find that SL is say,25%/year worse off and magically,all the money has disappeared. What are the fees for negotiating this 'deal',how many solicitors will be involved,what slice will the Chief Exec and other Directors claim they are due?
  9. It's worth remembering that a number of S L owners must be around 70 yo. I trust that this isn't just a way of them taking back what they have previously loaned to clubs,leaving the game with a future reduced income. Transparency - precisely what would the clubs be able to do with the money?
  10. Please,it will be a relatively minor percentage of what rugby union got. As previously stated,its then a matter of what rl clubs are allowed to do with any money - pay off debts,increase salary for the same players or actually invest in the clubs/game? On past performance,I wouldn't be hopeful. They have wasted capital before,this time,if they waste it,they've given away future income. What good would it do giving Huddersfield £5 mill? About the only club I can think of who might use it wisely,is Wakefield,as they now own their own ground. Paying off existing debt/owners isn't an investment! Paying the same players more money isn't an investment.
  11. What do rl supporters make of the attendance for Test cricket in SA and indeed in most parts of the world? If these attendances happened in rl people would be talking about crisis/shambles etc. Or is cricket all about 20/20 nowadays?
  12. I believe that any Club Chairman wanting to get their hands on any additional money,should have to write off any existing debt. That would show whether they are in this for the good of the game or merely to retrieve what they have already 'invested'. I fully accept that some well meaning owners may not be in a postion to write off existing debt,in which case,I'm afraid they shouldn't be entitled to any additional funds. Remember,Private Equities first priority is to make money,they are not a charity.
  13. There is no such thing as a free lunch ! I fear that certain owners believe they can gain a capital injection,without it costing them anything. If it happens,they will be proved wrong. I'm afraid it is yet more short termism/kicking the can down the road. RL has a history of wasting oppourtunities/investment. Incidentally,similar comments apply to rugby union.
  14. Just over 10,000 at Headingley. A very good effort for what is really an Xmas,pre season friendly.
  15. The more the better. Another example of some of the better work being done outside of the heartlands - Newcastle,London and now Gloucestershire.
  16. Absolutely,clubs need to be able to generate revenue 365 days a year,not just on 20 match days.
  17. Very positive news,lets hope it progresses to completion and isn't just more of a talking shop. Dare I ask if there is any similar news re the grounds at Castleford and Wakefield?
  18. Something similar is exceptionally successful in rugby union. It's amazing how much difference can be made to the appearance of a club,with a relatively small sum of money,some professional labour and a number of local volunteers. I would strongly recommend clubs to put themselves forward and perhaps try to match whatever financial contribution Ronseal propose to make.At my union club,we matched a £1000 grant and made a tremendous difference to the appearance of the club over a weekend.
  19. The vast majority area significant improvement on last year but this being rl,I appreciate that some people must criticise regardless.
  20. Looks a big improvement on standard red and white hoops.
  21. Absolutely,there would be a very short queue of broadcasters offering to replace the BBC. Thats partly why I constantly encourage people to visit the RL pages on BBC Sport and when possible post a brief comment.Use it or lose it.
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