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  1. Trinity seem to be doing a few things right. I suspect a lot comes from Carter. There is a long way to go but I genuinely hope it all works out for them. Wakefield is a fairly major city and growing, with relatively little competition, other than Leeds Utd. I believe its still the Administrative centre for West Yorks. If they could get the ground right, bring in some much needed non match day income, improve things a little on the pitch, then I suspect they could attract some strong local and national sponsors. I believe they have more potential than a number of the bottom six.
  2. Another important step, hope its a big success. The venues look good too.
  3. For me, a segment covering the history of the two clubs playing. If I'm a neutral and I know little or nothing about the clubs playing, I'd have little interest. This happensto me when I occassionally watch American basketball or NFL. If I dont know much about either team, I'm not really bothered who wins. So some type of history about the club and the town would help me chose who I wanted to support. Do I want the under dog, do I want the little man, do I want to support a team improving,do I recognise any of the old players. Also would much prefer pre game interviews with celebrity fans or the owner/Chief Exec, as opposed to the usual questions to the coach. Just improve on the garbage which SS produce.
  4. A site broadly equivelent to totalrl in ru is called, rolling-maul.com . Its amazing how similar many of the threads are on there, to those on here. Their supporters are desperately keen for their Championship to be screened on free to air, or indeed anywhere, from Premier Sports, Amazon etc,yet it seems there is no current interest in anyone showing any of their Championship games. They were also very disappointed when they lost their free to air coverage of their Premiership on Channel 4. I can only repeat, that this seems a very good oppourtunity for SL, congratulations to Ken Davy and I hope the various clubs make the most of the oppourtunity available.
  5. Details on BBC Sport, rugby league web site.
  6. A 'leader' tends to emerge and its done by a simple vote, there aren't usually too many offering to be the foreperson. Make sure there are no conflicts - I had to stand down from a jury, when a barrister merely recognised me from a couple of sportsman dinners, where he had spoken. Done it twice, once in London, once in Leeds, I actually found it interesting but depressing. A nasty individual pleaded not guilty to rape,couldn't really understand why, as the evidence was overwhelming, turned out he had previous, so apparently was on an automatic life sentence if guilty,so he just tried it on. Found guilty, previous read out, sentenced to life, people happy, then Judge added that he could seek parole after 7 yrs. Headline in Yorks Post, Rapist sentenced to life, actually available for parole after 7 yrs, albeit not automatic. You could find yourself on 2 or 3 short cases or equally, just sat around for 2 weeks if not selected.
  7. Some of the suggested names would be great, just keep the clowns from SS out of it. Balding, Rea and Tullet would do it for me but some of the other suggestions I'd be quite happy with. The comments reflect how useless the current lot from SS are.
  8. Hopefully people will support the PS Channel. Anything to get away from the amateur half wits on Sky Sports.
  9. Well done Sir, please try and make 2 points ; 1) To Channel 4 impress on them not to follow Sky Sports but to be innovative in their presentation. Please, please dont suggest that any of the various clowns from Sky could be involved in their presentation. A new,fresh, professional approach is so important. 2) To the various home clubs involved in the matches, please try and ensure they dont just sit back and hope the fans turn up. Please try and point out the oppourtunity they have to show piece the game, the owners really should be aiming for at least a 50% increase on their average attendance. Best of luck.
  10. Delighted, looks a good deal, well done Ken Davy. Should be good news for our main Sponsor Bet Fred and our other leading sponsors and for the various local sponsors. The home Clubs absolutely MUST make an event out of each and every home game. Anyone who sits back and hopes people come to the 10 gamesshould be shot. BBC, Channel 4, Sky Sports - impressive and I have to say, a surprise to me.
  11. Unfortunately, that is not the view of broadcasters or sponsors, they simply dont want to be associated with the place in 2021. It's not fit for third rate ferret racing.
  12. Contact with the head has now been virtually stopped in rugby union. No sorrys, no I slipped, no, sorry I was off balance, it has been virtually stopped or is followed by a red card. In the community ru game, there was a radid increase in dismissals for the first month of the season but already it has been accepted and the game is much safer for it. Most high tackles are down to poor technique or thugs playing the sport.
  13. I for one am delighted for Trinity and rugby league. Clearly it is desperately needed but I have faith that it will actually materialise. As for Castleford, there is no way they should receive a single penny of any cash injection, they will merely waste it on paint and glue. I'm afraid Castleford should be sent to the Championship and replaced by Newcastle, York or similar for the good of the overall game. They have been an embarrassment to the game for all of the21 century. Equally, I suspect that if they were kicked out, they would very quickly develope a new ground and perhaps return to SL.
  14. Delighted with the progress.A solid base in Sheffield,with modern facilities. Have Wakefield been able to take steps forward? I wont even bother asking about Castleford.
  15. I'd be happy just to get Newcastle and York into SL and get rid of some of the dead wood.
  16. Perhaps the two clowns on Sky will stop coming out with comments such as: nothing wrong with that, just a bit of bish bash,all good for the game,a slap wont hurt him,I'm sure he didn't mean it,it was much worse in my day,he'll be ok after a short rest etc,etc. In Union now,contact with the head is a minimum of a penalty,usually a yellow and often a red. No ifs, no buts, the defending player has a duty of care to the opponent, so no excuses of being off balance,slipped,he dipped down etc,etc. Union is miles ahead of league on this aspect. Same applies to tackling a player in the air,the attacker has a duty of care,if he gets in wrong,for whatever reason,it is a minimum yellow and nowadays,usually red. Again,no excuses.
  17. Sheffield deserve vastly more praise than Castleford. Castleford have wasted millions on merely surviving another year and have nothing to show for it. If SL had accepted PE money,Castleford would have been the first to be kicked out. Their ground was not fit for purpose in 1970 and effectively nothing has been done to improve it since. Shameful.
  18. I try to be balanced - except when it comes to Sky's commentry and production - so for what it's worth, next years Championship will be better,stronger and more competitive than next years ru Championship. Ealing are likely to be promoted to their Premiership to make up 14 clubs (no relegation) and as yet the precise number,make up and financial terms for their Championship are still unknown. Many RU Championship clubs now rely on dual registered players,whilst only one or two will be full time. I believe the RFU are also further reducing financial payments,which in view of the size of squads and travelling,makesa number of clubs unviable - other than via a generous benefactor.
  19. In principle I'd like to see a 14 team SL,if the money,players were there,in reality,a number of existing SL clubs are not worth their place due to inadequate facilities,crowds or non matchday revenue.
  20. I wish Thunder well, they are certainly a Club one should encourage.
  21. Bernard Guasch deserve success but well done to KR on getting this far. Hope for a good enjoyable game,with a narrow win for Catalan.
  22. It's no good being the TEAM of the year,if you dont have a CLUB to build around. There are numerous examples of a TEAM of the year,being in total disarray the following season. CLUBS like york and Newcastle seem to me,to be going about things correctly.TEAMS that barely exist the next year are of no use to anybody.
  23. The usual negativity one expects on here. Premier Sports now show both the newly revamped United Rugby Championship and the French Top 14. Both of these used to be on Sky Sports and/or BT Sport.
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