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  1. I'll start by saying I think James Graham is a fantastic player,who has for the third year running been the forward who has gained most metres in SL. He would be a huge asset to any team he plays for, is not a dirty player and I'm pretty sure most fans on here wouldn't be too upset if he played for their own team. However this backchatting to the ref for every decision he disagrees with, is an element creeping into his game which is both costly for the team and ugly to watch. Opponents will have already taken notice that he's being rattled and will exploit it more often unless he can curb his temper. This is costing Saints in penalties conceded,and you could argue that whatever metres he makes going forward are nullified if he's giving metres away via the penalty count. I hope the new coach can bring James back "online", and next year we see more of the old James Graham than the current angry one.
  2. And now it's gonna be a Wigan v Saints WCC match, erf erf.
  3. You can't argue that the pies were the best team on the night andfully deserved to win. As a Saints fan though I've got to admit to my frustration that once again we didn't turn up for a GF. I agree with others on here that the acheivement this year was actually getting there. Only time will tell now if we are in for another period of Wigan domination,or if this was just a one off good season for them. All the same congrats to Wigan,enjoy your trophies,we'll see you in the GF again next year
  4. I think that if Saints are to win they have dominate in the forwards. With the pack we have I think we're well capable of doing so. The first twenty mins are not going to be for the faint-hearted. I want to see Soliola and Puluetua maximise their time on the pitch. Both have been immense in the last few games and I can see Saints benefitting not just on Saturday but into next season too,from their second row partnership. We can always rely on James Graham and Roby to play their usual solid games,and I'm sure KC will be looking to give us Saints fans one last performance to remember him for. I'm not over confident about winning on Saturday, but the bookies making Wigan favourites means nothing. The Saints/Wigan Murrayfield CC Final is proof enough of that. We managed to mess up the 2nd GF v Leeds when Brent Webb was injured, which made us hot favourites in that one too IIRC. As Saturday draws ever closer the old stomach is starting to tighten and tension is starting to build. From my seat up in the gods of the North Stand N440-something or other (I'm taking binoculars) I will be shouting for my team, whether anyone will hear me from up there is anyone's guess. Saints v Wigan the biggest derby in RL in a Grand Final. Pryceless !!
  5. It's quite a while since Wigan were favourites to beat Saints in a final. I look forward to see how their "brilliant" players cope with that kind of pressure on Saturday. Nonetheless I wish we had a fully fit Kyle and Leon at HB and that we didnt have Francis Meli playing on the wing.
  6. Don't underestimate the contribution made in all three GF victories by one Francis Meli. I'm dreading Saturday !!
  7. Whatever mistakes Terry Newton made in his life, the tragedy of his passing has shocked us all. None of us could ever imagine the torment that must have been going through the lads mind. Even more sadly his family as well as grieving for him , will probably be tormented at the manner of his passing for a long time to come. I have no doubt that the minutes silence will be observed (as it always is at these sad times) - impeccably. However when we pause and contemplate Terry Newton on Saturday lets all spare more than a passing thought for the family he's left behind as they are suffering intolerable anguish at this very sad time.
  8. I struggle to take most of your posts seriously. To me your becoming more like an "Exiled Wendaller". The only blemish on KC's character was the drugs issue several years ago. Now correct me if I'm wrong but dont RL players have to avail themselves for testing after every game. If KC is still benefitting from some drug enhancing substance that he was given years ago then it must have been pretty strong stuff, whilst still invisible to modern test methods. Sean Long who also "benefitted" from the same substance (As he admitted in his book) doesnt seem to benefit in the same way KC "does". Andy Farrell a great international player !!
  9. Wishful thinking ? Next year will no doubt be interesting without KC. As they were without Scully, as they were without Newlove,Joynt,Tommy Martin etc;etc; etc. Every season of late Saints have been written off before a ball has been kicked. . . . and yet here we are at the so- called business end of the season in another GF. As I only posted a couple of days ago I don't think we can win it without our first choice HB partnership, but in a one off game it's all up for grabs, at least we are there to give us a chance. Huddersfield were terrific opponents last night. Nathan Brown must be kept at The Galpharm at all costs. Posters harp on about Brett Hodgson,but if he keeps developing talent such as Larne Patrick and Shaun Lunt then they have a great future as a club. For once I witnessed a great away support from the Huddersfield fans and they were well rewarded by their teams performance. I honestly think that if the Giants had a strong home and away support we'd see their side competing ever more frequently and winning trophies.
  10. I dont mind biting at this !! The last "Brilliant" Wigan team I remember had players such as Offiah,Edwards,Connolly Platt, Gregory and Robinson in it. Prior to that it was Boston,Ashton,Sullivan and McTigue These days your hopes rest on Young Sam and his ASBO brother. Saturday night will be a huge test of character for these modern day "Brilliants". Best of luck,at least you won't have Phil Bentham reffing. I'm off up to KR now,ever so sad that I couldn't witness "Brilliance" for one last time.
  11. What a total hypocrite he is then. Nobody carried the ball in one hand as much as our Raymond did in his playing days
  12. This will be something to look forward to. An English team playing with a lot of Flare........coat ...gone !
  13. Why should either Saints or Leeds fear playing Wigan? You keep spouting on about the Good Friday game yet seem to conveniently forget that Saints turned you over at the DW stadium a couple of months later. Since then Wire,Huddersfield and Leeds have followed suit. Now I don't actually think that Saints can win the GF this year. To get there will be a massive acheivement by itself,given we are without our first and possibly second choice half backs. The kids have been great this year but one thing that really cheers me up is that Saints without Eastmond and Pryce have kept going and are only 80 mins from OT. Take Sam Tomkins and O'loughlin out of the Wigan side and your lot will struggle.
  14. Including "Big Jim - I've only been sent off 12 times in my playing career - Mills.
  15. How on earth Phil Clarke can make the said comment is completely unprofessional. I'll let others on here argue the toss about McGuires alleged cheating. But Clarke is meant to be impartial as a RL commentator. I'm pretty sure SKY don't pay him to be Wigans' highest profile cheerleader, but that is exactly what he's becoming these days. His Wigan bias when their games are televised is becoming too obvious. The other ridiculous remark re Joel Tomkins kick out in the first round play off is further proof that the bloke should be replaced by the SKY commentary team,if only for Wigans' televised matches. Let's face it he's getting so worked up as his team progresses, that if the pies actually win the GF, we might well see him running around Old Trafford with the Wigan team and the SL trophy
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