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  1. Aylesbury claimed top spot, Bradford languishing in 10th place https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17225218/top-50-worst-places-live-england/
  2. Caldy RUFC (Level 3 - National League 1 currently in 4th place) and Wirral RUFC (Level 5 - North Premier) are both semi-professional and operate at a higher level than Waterloo who are currently Level 6 - North 1 West, so they tend to pick up the best local RU talent from either side of the Mersey at the moment. The demand seems to be well served with the clubs in existence at the moment and I think it would be tough for Rugby League to try and grow in this small market. Back on topic, it's good to see RL clubs developing facilities as this is one area that the Union clubs have an advantage.
  3. So to summarise this, they are staying at the AJ Bell for 2022 whilst various feasibility studies are carried out with Moor Lane option not being without complications
  4. Especially if he didn't like the Christmas jumper you were wearing !
  5. Probably, and if they can make a few quid then good luck to them. In the last few weeks I have decluttered a double mattress, 3 chairs, 2 old radios and a trench guard (all collected by different people). Contemplating putting some of my RL programmes on as I can't get rid of them on here
  6. I use Freecycle, there are groups all over the UK. People will collect, it's actually even easier than taking things to the skips
  7. Hi, Just found these at the back of a cupboard, both in excellent condition. If you want either or both PM me and I will post them to you FOC: Warrington v Leigh Miners Welfare, RL Challenge Cup 1st Round, Wilderspool, Sunday 15th February 1976 Ace Amateurs v Widnes, RL Challenge Cup 1st Round, Craven Park, Sunday 10th February 1980
  8. I have also seen reference to Synthetic and Hybrid pitches - where do these fit into the picture? We probably need a separate 'plastic pitch' thread to discuss
  9. To update Cloughie, We have a good team on paper, unfortunately the game is played on plastic
  10. One reason I stopped watching Widnes, aswell as them serving up garbage, was that the garbage was delivered on a plastic pitch. I know it offers other benefits to whoever owns the stadium but I like my rugby played on real mud. I am just old school I am afraid. Now my rugby fix is at grass roots level, union and league. I am non-discriminatory in my loathing of the round ball game
  11. Or Man v Food ? he could probably tackle a good Sunday dinner
  12. If they win a few games at the start of the season people will be crowing on here
  13. A better option and more achievable I think, would be to grass over the section of M62 from Rainhill to the Rocket. Job done.
  14. Updated list of freebies if anyone is interested. Just send me a PM to sort out collection / postal arrangements. I am based in Salford (week) & Widnes (most weekends) for collection purposes. All in excellent condition except 1. Widnes v New Zealand, Tour Match, 5th November 1989 St Helens v Auckland, Tour Match, 1st November 1987 Warrington v New Zealand, Tour Match, 29th October 1980 St Helens v New Zealand, Tour Match, 12th October 1980 Great Britain v. Australia, 2nd Test Odsal, 5th November 1978 Widnes v New Zealand, Tour Match, 12th September 1971 (front cover torn, some pages written on)
  15. surely they should say "Aye, that's five grand then"?
  16. This, to me, is a bigger problem rather than the actual crowd on Saturday, which it can be argued is low for understandable reasons. If people, and family groups in particular stop attending because of the anti-social behaviour they have to deal with, where does this leave the sport and trying to sell these show-case events? Basically it appears the grand final is an excuse to get on the ale / gin / whatever else just after breakfast, magic weekend is an opportunity to do the same the whole weekend and nobody can really be bothered with the Challenge Cup anymore. The thing that stands out that I read in these threads is die-hard fans saying never again! This is a problem...
  17. I would ask the same question about the Featherstone squad too as it is likely to have a bearing for both these teams. Are they both likely to be weakened and others strengthened?
  18. Got a programme for this game in excellent condition if anyone wants it FOC. Just PM me and we will find a way of getting it to you! Thanks
  19. Leaving Catalans to one side for a moment, are Saints likely to muster much of a crowd? Obviously they have their stalwart supporters and hardcore but always feels it is limited even for a final, maybe 8000-12000 max on a good day
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