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  1. I have been having a lock-down spring clean and I have Trevor Delaney's Grounds of Rugby league and International Grounds of Rugby league if anyone wants them, in excellent condition.

    They can be collected free from Widnes or the from the Salford / Manchester area otherwise we would have to sort out postage.

    PM if interested



  2. 41 minutes ago, The Art of Hand and Foot said:

    To reinforce what 'sheddings was us' and 'rldoeswhatskysays' , have said, should a rich sheikh ever decide to divest some of his money into RL, then he could do a lot worse than 'invest' in Oldham. We have a good amateur set up, we have a history , but more than that we have belief.  Build it and they will come. Will have to see how my numbers do I  tonight's euro's. 

    where would they play given this rich sheikh's millions? Is a redeveloped Boundary Park the only option? What are the barriers to that happening? Just asking, interested in these things...

  3. 49 minutes ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    Has anyone seen any stats for % infection of population per country? That's something I'd be interested to see. Am wondering which are the highest infected countries by % after I saw Denmark have over 500 cases now, so around same as here but they have a population of only 6,000,000 people. 






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  4. 1 hour ago, Private Baldrick said:

    I suppose the same could be said for virtually every non super league club in the Challenge Cup proper, are you suggesting that clubs shouldn't bother entering that competition?

    but in the challenge cup the teams get losers money from the sponsors.

    take that away and there's no point in teams entering the CC, so you would be correct in your assertion above

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    2. It was a withdrawal of the SKY money that stuffed them. You very conveniently forget the SL clubs kept £1,200,000 of Bradfords SKY share for themselves. How would Fartown do if they had that taken off them? I suppose Davey would resign on principle maybe or just write a cheque?




    I thought they received an advance of sky moneys to help them through financial difficulties and it was this that was subsequently with-held. So they got the same money as every one else but just at different times I am remembering incorrectly?

  6. Let's look at Leigh. 2005 bottom four of Superleague with Salford, Wakefield and Widnes. Average SL crowd 4,750. Average league crowd against those three clubs they were trying to overtake to stay up was 4,289.


    They went down, but stayed competitive and scrapped to return to superleague with HKR, Widnes, Whitehaven and Rochdale. They held second spot for most of the season.


    Just add the league crowds they had over the period they were fighting to stay in SL and then fighting to get back, against those seven clubs who would have been their "Middle 8" and the average is 3,328.


    KPMG appear to say that this middle 8 will bring the crowds in, the figures say otherwise.


    What the figures say to me is the top 8 Superleague clubs is where the crowds will go right up. It's only my opinion and I respect others opinions but the choice is whether we believe that the top eight clubs are voting for this because it will be great for the game as a whole, OR whether it will be great for the top 8 clubs crowds???


    Finally pushing clubs down a division historically does them a lot of damage. Anyone care to have a thought for the  Championship clubs already struggling badly who will be downgraded to third and fourth grade??


    I'd guess not, not after 2761 posts of them being ignored.


    This figure of 3328 (in an outdated facility) would probably represent nearly a 100% improvement in attendances for leigh compared to their 2013 CC average (don't have exact figure at my finger-tips) so I am sure they would be pleased if they got that again or even topped it

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