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  1. Sad day. This will result in the further contraction of the league game in Widnes. As the game contracts in the heartlands, Widnes have been squeezed out by richer & more successful neighbours, as well as disastrously poor management in the last decade. We messed up at the wrong time. Professional rugby league in Widnes is coming to an end. Anyone interested can go and play in St Helens, Warrington or Salford so its OK, apparently
  2. maybe I will be able to update the all time Super League points deduction table if there are any amendments to be made, or create one for fines
  3. anyway, all this talk about how many Bronco's would get at Plough Lane in Super league v. Salford, Saints or Wakefield is moot as they will be in the Championship for the next 12 months at least, so it's just another ground for the hoppers to add to their lists for now
  4. yes, it certainly sets up an intriguing looking championship next year which could deliver expansion through on-field activities anyway if they keep P+R, with the added bonus that leigh in SL could stiffen up the challenge at the lower end of SL. Each division is more competitive so a winner all round for me
  5. thought this was the announcement of the location of a new railway station by the department of transport
  6. the fixture planners will obviously be looking at maximising gate potential on the night and also weekend crowds too
  7. wonder who will get the Friday night magic game? Bradford / Leigh / Widnes
  8. when the independent panel make their decision the politics and justice of that decision will be debated by all (except Leigh fans and others who are not remotely interested in the outcome)
  9. yes, but when the SL decision is made the politics and justice of that decision will also be debated ad infinitum too
  10. Confused now, surely they should have been be the Halifax OrangeSox ?
  11. Time is important, persistence and longevity. If you keep changing the name it ain't gonna happen
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