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  1. 2 minutes ago, Manxmanc said:

    Congratulations to Leigh - I'm sure they deserve to be awarded a place as much as any other team. There's natural disappointment on here concerning a missed expansion opportunity, but it actually sends a message that heartland clubs will receive a fair crack of the whip. 

    And the other side of the coin is the setting up of a cracking Championship season. The RFL should relaunch the 'Atlantic' Championship right away ,and invite Toronto be a part of it. Marvellous.

    yes, it certainly sets up an intriguing looking championship next year which could deliver expansion through on-field activities anyway if they keep P+R, with the added bonus that leigh in SL could stiffen up the challenge at the lower end of SL. Each division is more competitive so a winner all round for me

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  2. 17 minutes ago, DI Keith Fowler said:

    Every day at 5pm they're posting another page like it's a ransom situation. 

    Each evening until demands are met we're going to be treated to another snippet from the weighty tome that is Leigh's Super League application.

    The paperback of Plato's Republic comes in at a mere 416 pages and established notions of politics and justice that are debated to this day. Leigh Centurion's Super League application takes 430 pages to describe HD floodlights and a half time tribute singer. 

    yes, but when the SL decision is made the politics and justice of that decision will also be debated ad infinitum too

  3. 8 hours ago, Celt said:

    I am a bit of a traditionalist, so they will always be the BlueSox for me.

    I always loved the name, and the traditional kit with the famous orange socks.

    None of this new-fangled 'RLFC' or 'Panthers' for me. No thank you. The original BlueSox name should be brought back asap.


    Confused now, surely they should have been be the Halifax OrangeSox ?

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  4. 39 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    The yellow looks slightly more pale on this one compared to 1990?

    Wire are on an odd one in that they could generally have any combination of primrose/blue/white and it still be recognisable as one of their shirts. A quality not to be underestimated tbf.

    especially the socks !

  5. Hoghton Road, Sutton, St Helens had a dog track when Highfield played there.

    From wikipedia

    A short lived greyhound racing track was opened by the St Helens Greyhound Company. The first meeting was on 2 July 1993 and the increased income helped the club make a profit. The racing was independent (not affiliated to the sports governing body the National Greyhound Racing Club) and was known as a flapping track, which was the nickname given to independent tracks. Despite the rugby team leaving in 2000 the last greyhound meeting was held on 9 October 2001.

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