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  1. Tell you what, just about every club is doing it tough. Every single club deserves big raps for keeping going.
  2. I’m on about the 2 strips that the bloke in charge and his Lino cant see even though its in front of them.
  3. Interest in Watson from Hull. Not surprised. He reminds me of Powell 5 years ago. Hungry to succeed. If it happens they will be in the Grand Final at least in the next couple of years.
  4. https://www.totalrl.com/elstone-explains-toronto-apprehension/
  5. Can’t fault them. Players are being flogged to death.
  6. It was said on TV at the time I posted. Can’t remember who said it. I wouldnt have posted if I hadn’t heard it. Back in your box.
  7. The bid to rejoin and financial forecast fell well short.
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