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  1. If you come back with any rule alterations at all, then you’ve started a brand new and different competition, in my view.
  2. Thought we were decent, professional even. Don’t think we were great 2nd half. We should have won by 40.
  3. I think you get a drop off year to year after being successful. Leeds don't forget used to still win from 5th. You only have to make sure you're in the shake up at the end.
  4. Sorry forgot to mention you’re worse team we’ve played as well ??
  5. Sweet Caroline. Lot more to come from us. We were steady, but not ruthless. Saints just niggly. That’s not the coach, its the players and their attitudes.
  6. McShane has been as good a 9 as anyone over the last few seasons. Consistent, grafter and top quality.
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