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  1. Enjoyed the game, with the playmakers we had missing. I think if we get top 6 plus the challenge cup final, then its been a decent season.
  2. Not had the rub of the green by the officials, but it’s been a great game. Well done Saints. Great game management seeing the game out.
  3. We look like Bradford Northen in the early 80’s running in mud at the moment.
  4. Been a fabulous 40 minutes in intense heat. Can we please not call whoever loses chokers. Hate that term and takes 2 teams for a game.
  5. Good news for a change. Probably could have chased the cash at a so called big club.
  6. Nonsense, should be re arranged. Id wait until the morning of the cup final and pull the team out. RFL is not fit for purpose.
  7. If the ineffective Richardson could kick it wouldn’t have been close
  8. My favourite player Holmes. Absolute quality. Should be a regular at international, and would have been at a so called glamour club.
  9. Just gonna enjoy each game until the final. Obviously given up on the league.
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