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  1. Warrington penalties conceded per season will half, when Westwood finally goes.
  2. Only caught 2nd half just in from football. Looks to have been a very good game.
  3. And yet not even a sin bin for the attack on Pete's legs long after a kick was got away.
  4. Someone posted that Saints deserved to play a weakened side in a nothing game. no Super League game should be a nothing game in July. The structure must be terribly wrong.
  5. Full strength wire side outplayed you mean. Only legs ups were from Scott Mikalauasausasuais who forgot his cards, but not his own interpretations of the rules.
  6. Young English half outplays plastic Australian/England half.
  7. 12-8 Cas. Wire should have lost a man to at least the sin bin after a late hit on Pete.
  8. Phil Clarke creaming himself about Wigan as if its their 90s team. It’s some of the worst defending I’ve seen in Super League by Wakefield.
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