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  1. No disgrace in a few tears. Shed some myself. You can see what he means to them all. Keep fighting Rob
  2. I dislike the 20/40 rule immensely. It negates what could be a very strong defensive set, and also adds more unwarranted kicking into the game. Be turning it into that other code.
  3. I do agree we don't help ourselves. We don't need the extra loop games after the regular season plus magic plus challenge cup. And those free weeks could be mid season for a mini break and for an International game.
  4. Few points I’d like to make. One of them from a biased point of view. The squad selection from the start was an absolute joke. For this particular game we needed to move the ball in the humidity. Watts with his ball handling and offloads would have been ideal. No creative loose forward takes out 1of your playmaker options, Graham playing there was a joke, and not a funny 1. No pace in the outside backs, and the fact Blake Austin was our best winger sums it up. just go Bennett.
  5. I was desperate for Truey to get a game today. I think he's been better off out of it. His kicking game in this humidity would have been what was required.
  6. The tactics seem to have been. Try to bore the Kiwis to death for 60 minutes then see what happens. What exactly have they been working on?
  7. Monumental history making result for our game. SKY cut it straight of after the final whistle to do a union 20 minute documentary. Sound
  8. Didn’t even bother watching it. No intention of watching highlights. Bennett has killed our International sides. So pragmatic, and negative. Let the players play for gods sake. Apparently Clark injected some life into the side. Well he would, hes not just a static bad passer of the ball. The thing is nothing will change for the next test. Will start with the same side.
  9. Trueman, but he's not going to get a game as hes not Australian.
  10. Hardaker is the best full back we have got full stop. Nonsense that he was picked at centre. Aussie coach picking as many of his mates as he can, and those that play NRL. Get shut of him. When was the last time you saw England actually play rugby instead of just driving the ball in. It’s garbage to watch.
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