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  1. George Williams v Jackson Hastings. And one has got a NRL contract. Most overrated player for years. Flat track bully.
  2. Salford are a good team. Outplayed us last week. Same this week. It's a bigger achievement away from home. Wigan need to bring Williams and Hardacre on
  3. Aaron Bower just tweeted, if Fev beat Toronto all other 11 SL clubs lose a payment of £110k that Toronto would have to forgive. So all Toronto next week for the money men then.
  4. Can’t wait to get abused outside PO road again next season, like its still the 1980’s. All seriousness they’ve been superb so far.
  5. He means he's a Wakey fan and begrudges Cas any praise
  6. Best team this season by a mile, but so were we couple of seasons ago. Got to finish the job.
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