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  1. Knowles to score winning try from a forward pass on the hooter. Hopefully.
  2. Never fancied us to win the game, we are busted. Always said anyone outside top 4 will get a tanking in play offs, but you never know. Radford has steadied the ship and got us to a half decent finish. Finally get shut of the loop fixtures. Absolutely flogging the players. At some point this season every club has had numerous players out at the same time, especially at this vital time. Good luck to the play off teams.
  3. Said at the start of the season i was kinda glad of the coach change. The club and Daryl needed a change, but Radford wasn’t my choice, but needed time. Needs to mould his own team. I never expected us to still be in with a shout of play offs, and if you look at pre season predictions most of you didn’t either.
  4. Fans all seem to be of the opinion that golden point is awful. Unfortunately the rule makers don’t seem to care what we think. If Aus do it, then we must too. Nobody can tell me Trin didn’t deserve a point.
  5. Was at races last night and not seen game. Judging by this thread I take it was all about how bad Hull were and nothing to do with the winning side.
  6. Pah. Watts gets 2 games just for putting his boots.
  7. Williams is a good player, but all this twisting and turning just slows Warrington down. Could just be me but he’s a hindrance to the team doing it.
  8. So how is it fixed? No salary cap? Only thing i can think of.
  9. Sorry but i worry slightly about where Super League is going. These are 2 of the biggest clubs in the league who are bang average at best. Saints are ahead of everyone, with Catalans just behind. Then have Wigan and Huddersfield who are just above par, with the rest of the league a much of nothingness. Don't know how many agree.
  10. Why is a point apiece after 80 minutes not deemed worthy? If scores are level after 70 mins teams are just playing 5 and drive and drop kick. Killing the game and makes it like union.
  11. Get in, but its nonsense. Should just be a draw after 80 minutes.
  12. Probably been payed a fortune as he used to go out with Michael Owen’s daughter who’s already on. Aaron Connelly who plays for Brighton has asked for paid leave to go in next week.
  13. You are refurbishing one stand, and keeping those horrendous boxes. Absolutely no room to talk.
  14. They are fantastic. Basing it on one live performance. Check them out properly.
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