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  1. I think rugby league is entertaining at all levels. Even if the standard was way way lower than the men's wouldn't mean it's any less entertaining or enjoyable to watch
  2. Hi All, Our latest episode covers the start of the Women's Super League. I make some errors which I put down to age and memory hope you don't spot them or gloss over them if you do my apologies Anyway, hope you enjoy as I think the ladies game is great to watch and needs more exposure, we hope to bring more throughout the season as we move into a brand new studio next week Any ladies players want to join us sometime please get in touch
  3. I'm fully behind this league. Yes we will have some blow out scores as the teams and players develop. The structure allows for splitting at half way point to break into a top 4. Therefore it mitigates the risk of continual one sided games whilst also allowing those newer teams the exposure to highest levels to help inspire to improve. Yes there will be issues, barriers and problems but very very worth persevering to allow for growth. We cover this subject in one of this week's shows
  4. There are lots of different types of racism and discrimination. I've seen examples on this thread, I think most of us agree that any type of racism and discrimination should be stamped out. This is an opportunity for the Rugby community to show it's against any type of racism regardless of the type or level. We need to stop normalising of casual comments if that's what people believe this is (alleged) We discuss normalising on the short show.
  5. It's an interesting topic. We need to show the sport is going to take racism serious whilst also understanding humans make mistakes. We felt education was key. We also understand that mental health in society is paramount and rugby, being a confrontational sport with egos it may be a bigger issue for players and those involved we need to pick up these stories again soon, please share some comments on here or on YouTube for us to consider and build upon
  6. We discussed this over the weekend, short episode below.
  7. I'm not a fan of different rules, some good points around interpretations, and subtle changes don't really matter but the worry is it's the thin end of the wedge, small rule today, bigger rules tomorrow and the gap widens
  8. Why do we have two sets of rules and will it ever change?
  9. Top guy Ian Smith For me there are 2 questions. 1. Should the VR check for these incidents. 2. Was it offisde by the rules? Not whether it appears offisde (like a lock on by a defender in a tackle) https://youtu.be/y8ehMZZVBNg
  10. We are creating a few shorts from some extra content so please subscribe to get reminders to these shorts. https://youtu.be/Vm3Z69NeHKs https://youtu.be/m8q0VwCxDr More will come out every couple of days
  11. And now to finish this trilogy here's the final episode on the ruck.......for now A referees perspective
  12. Apologies for another promotion post, I don't intend to do this for every video just the specials or ones I feel are of particular interest to posters. But I felt this is an important topic and one posters may wish to support. Ian Smith talks about mental health and his work with the State of Mind charity. It touches on the male ego, vunrable people, signs and important work, please give it a like and leave a comment on YouTube to support this
  13. Thanks Chris, really appreciate your support and these comments Just watched sections back and is forgotten Ian talks through how to process decisions quickly and looking for key indicators, an insight I didn't previously have
  14. Ian worked for the RFL for 20 yrs from 1996 to 2016 both part time and full time. I refereed over 400 first grade matches of which nearly 300 were in SL, I also video ref’d over 400 matches including 2 Chall Cup Finals, 2 GF’s and a 4 Nations Final. He was one of the first six referees to go full time in 2006 and enjoyed five years as a full time referee and then five years as a referee’s coach. Ian joined the State of Mind Sport Charity in 2017 and as part of a team we go around and deliver mental fitness sessions to hopefully, raise awareness around the importance of improving our mental fitness. In this feature length episode Ian talks about why he stopped being a ref, some of the rules, fans abusing him, THAT Ben Flower incident when Ian was the video ref in the Grand Final amongst many other things. We hope you enjoy
  15. Even got a pop up!! Only just seen this Ian Smith ref episode was delayed but due out tonight at 6pm
  16. As promised we did a follow up and quoted posts from this thread, find the follow up ruck episode here.
  17. Full episode now available our full length episode with former SL ref will be out tomorrow at 6pm, look out for that, lots of interesting conversation on the ruck, kicking, past players and video reffing a GF
  18. We pay respect in a short discussion to the late great Clive Sullivan. Such a hero of Rugby League it was a pleasure to spend time remembering him and highlighting his achievements. Please give it a thumbs up and leave a comment on YouTube and support our efforts to bring some exposure to our great sport and the hero's who have played and continue to entertain us.
  19. Tonight's show we discuss numbers. Including stats on Jake Bibby big Mose, Zak Hardaker, Michel Shenton, the championship and more
  20. It's as if this thread was set up for me to plug our new podcast and video episodes We are new so please be kind we both played albeit not at the top level, reserve grade was our top experience, we have our coaching badges and have various experiences. We have completed some specials and some follow ups, we don't want to be a review show but will do some reviews occasionally, we prefer to discuss topics that interest us such as tactics, changes, International, spread of the game and guests. We have recorded one special with ex SL referee Ian Smith, due out next week, a special on Clive Sullivan due out this Friday and tonight's episode is 'this week in numbers' with discussions around Michael Shentons career amongst other key numbers. Please give us a like or/subscribe, more support we get the more guests we can encourage and access to expertise, we have 2 more guests confirmed next month and more who have agreed to join us when available, current SL players and female players will be joining us. This link should work to show our new show on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon music and various other platforms. Helpful constructive feedback welcome https://www.google.com/search?q=dockhouse+rugby&oq=&aqs=chrome.3.69i59i450l5.-1j0j7&client=ms-android-oppo-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 Thanks for the support of the RL community in the UK and beyond
  21. This point was picked up on our episode due out later this week I believe
  22. A brief review of games and predictions for the next round We've recorded an episode on Clive Sullivan due out this week. Also a special longer episode with ex SL referee Ian Smith, also due out later this week.
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