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  1. Im not saying there are not potential benefits of a move but it isn't as promising as first thought. No toilets - yes these can be added, I do wonder why the whole stadium has been redeveloped yet they didn't add toilets? Drains, space, regs etc. Sure it can be done but may not be as simple as we imagine. Space, looking at maps and Google earth I cannot see any space to increase and expand. Point taken about the amount of supporters but what about corporate, pitch size being too small, parking etc. Headingly is much larger Stadiums are important, not the be all I agree but important. Sponsorships are attracted to a more professional looking product, TV looks better, the overall image of the game etc. There are terrible local transport links, no local pubs, part of a day out is a few beers in local pubs and walk down. If you cannot park how do people get there if they don't live local? I quite like the look of Moor Lane but it isn't without improvement a great long term option.
  2. Interesting read. Seems that there's no toilets, no pubs, no parking and poor links to public transport. Not the promising move I initially thought it was
  3. I've read people posting that but no direct quote, so I believe it's speculation. I'm sure they said they want RL to sort out their future, meaning structure of leagues etc.
  4. 68 by 112 is the minimum size, could the pitch be adjusted to meet minimum requirements?
  5. Your original post suggested an investor is only interested in a team that can get promotion in one year. I questioned whether that's the sort of investment that would add value and sustainability to the sport.
  6. If an investor is only interested in gaining promotion in year one or walking away are they a good investee anyway? Don't we want longer term investors?
  7. The thought had crossed my mind before, but for some reason I thought if 3 years not 4 and 1 team not 3. Maybe 2 teams on application as they rely do need to have financial stability and a decent stadium. Or Championship teams will continue to neglect that side of things and put money into players that if they don't go up would have been wasted
  8. And that's the problem. When it was last re launched they said anyone who didn't ay wouldn't be considered for GB/England selection. Year one was great, year two loads cried off and the Yorkshire loose forward had a stoner and didn't get selected, I think it was the Lancashire loose forward who didn't play who for selected. This was the death nail as all the top players then cried off making it anon event. This is my recollection anyway. I've often thought an England knights version of fringe internationals would be more determined, or an u23s but clubs have to support it. Maybe played as a curtain raiser to the Autumn Internationals
  9. The risk is you devalue your product. Makes it difficult to ever increase as you've set the value. Often lower prices is the suggested method to increase sales but it isn't quite that simple, some ticket prices are extortionate, football can have boring games yet people pay lots of money as it's perceived value.
  10. I'd prefer to see an interview than just read through a link, would be great to get him on our show Martyn joined us last week in case you missed it.
  11. Walmsley was off the scale tonight. Leeds had a decent side out, yes some young guns but still Walmsley was outstanding. Leeds kids will learn from that. Unsure as to the tactic from Agar? Not enough effort in defence and overplayed with the ball
  12. Toronto never asked for any money from the start and they entered knowing that.
  13. Little different though, the cameras for the tour de France are all set up and paid for, for RL they would have that cost
  14. I'm meeting with the producers at weekend and the Dockhouse Rugby Show are considering a closed bid. News to follow .........
  15. So why do the panel make different decisions for players who play for Saints? Do you have evidence I can take forward that all Saints players are treated differently ? If so drop it on the YouTube video
  16. I don't believe its simply their name or who they are. It may be based on previous which does impact the ban. Otherwise your suggesting the panel all think, just a minutes we don't like this person let's give them a lot more than others for no other reason.
  17. It depends how you see it, many complaints the game is too sanitised. People try to compare when in reality there's rarely any two situations the same, discussed in the videos about it
  18. Anyone know on what minute the Maloney alleged shoulder charge was, I'd like to view it again
  19. Some interesting comments on the video about Martyns conference idea. Please have a look at the comments and let us know if you agree
  20. Thank you so much, it's very much appreciated If you could leave a comment in YouTube our producers will see this feedback which will help us get more studio time Thanks again Dave
  21. It's here, our latest Rugby episode with leading journalist Martyn Sadler discussing many things, including Rugby League Restructures, world cup debacle and RL participation
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