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  1. How many matches did the Egremont coach get for running on the field and punching? And didit happened again last weekend? If so something must be wrong with the set up they have around the technical are !!!
  2. They did contact him and he said if your pitch is playable you will play 1 of the other teams
  3. Is that not forced (sorry arrange) to play so why did the Cumbrian teams have to inspect the pitch and get a referee to call the game off ? if 1 pitch had been playable then they WOULD HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED (not forced) to play the game by the NCL
  4. They TRIED to force 2 Cumbrian sides play today!!! But the pitched where unplayable
  5. Would you say the same if the team that your were supposed to play on the televised match was changed to the 1st game of the season with less than 1 day notice ? And it was your biggest money making game of th season? The Cumbrian derby’s is worth a lot of money to the 3 clubs so 1 team would have lost all the sponsorship for that game and a lot of money on the gate. Is that what YOU WANTED TO DO NCL Administers ???? I have nothing wrong with the post they put on but tell the FULL truth
  6. What a load of ###### ? you have suggested Kells Wath Brow and Egremont were down to play other teams and would have trained all week on a game plan for that team so to change that on a Friday is wrong. If the Kells pitch had been playable which team would they have played and how would you have decided THAT ???? If the NCL is run by the RFL why hasn’t the same rule being used to ask Leeds play Wakefield tonight???
  7. The biggest game of the season surely there should be a program!!!
  8. Did the player go to the hearing?
  9. England World Cup winners 1966 next game against Scotland got beat so Scotland are the BEST team in the world !!! Please talk some sense
  10. Does that mean who ever wins the Challenge Cup is the best team in the Country ? Or is the winner of the Grand Final the best team in the country?
  11. That result must be wrong !!! Congratulations Hunslet Club Parkside on your win
  12. It's not a dedate clubs should just vote against a Sunday final
  13. All the clubs should vote a Sunday game out at the next AGM We play Saturday all season and but to keep the Big Wigs happy they move it to a Sunday it's not fair on the players as win or loose they will have to take the Monday off work.
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