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  1. Wigan Warriors 30-0 Bradford Bulls after 65:00 minutes. Try: Goulding Goal: Richards 3/6 Richards is level on points on Farrell, how he'll rue those three missed conversions.
  2. Wigan Warriors 24-0 Bradford Bulls after 63:00 minutes. Still only the one score in this second half as the game descends into a scrap of errors and penalties.
  3. Wigan should be 50-0 up the way there throwing the ball around. It's amazing to watch, sad that we just can't stop it/no answer to the Wigan bag of tricks. Still 24-0 with 28:00 minutes left on the stadium clock.
  4. There goes the chance of the 22-20 comeback as Richards gets try number two.
  5. Wigan Warriors 20-0 Bradford Bulls after 40:00 minutes. Try: J Tomkins I called it, the defence was all at sea as they didn't recover from the speed of the Wigan attack following the penalty given away by Worrincy who has had a shocker and I would rip up the year extension right now if I was Mick Potter. It's the same old, same old here as the half-time hooter goes in the background.
  6. Wigan Warriors 16-0 Bradford Bulls after 36:00 minutes. Does that play show our season? Deacon knocks on from the kick-off and with the overlap available out wide, first Platt takes the tackle rather then pass and secondly we then give the penalty away with the open for crossing. I don't think we'll score tonight, as Worrincy gives another penalty away, Wigan will score here.
  7. Wigan Warriors 16-0 Bradford Bulls after 34:00 minutes. Try: Richards Super try down the touchline after a wonder pass from O'Loughlin to feed Richards for his 29th try of the season as he counts down on the Super League points record.
  8. Wigan Warriors 120 Bradford Bulls after 28:00 minutes. Try: Paliasena Goal: Richards 2/2 No way that we could stop that charge by big Fekka, following the error by Worrincy and then the soft penalty. Wigan are now in party mood.
  9. Wigan Warriors 6-0 Bradford Bulls after 24:00 minutes. Bradford are amazing, putting in a performance of old that the supporters can relate to with the passion and pride. Finigan is having a blinder out on the wing, stopping the Wigan over lap. But this Wigan defence is strong and I can only see it giving 12 points at most.
  10. Wigan Warriors 6-0 Bradford Bulls after 15:00 minutes. Try: Carmont Goal: Richards
  11. We are underway as Wigan kick off and Bradford will have first use of the football. It's an absolutely electric atmosphere tonight with some 15,000 in the three stands.
  12. The teams line up as follows: Wigan: S Tomkins, Goulding, Marsh, Carmont, Richards, Deacon, Leuluai, Fielden, Riddell, Coley, Farrell, J Tomkins, O'Loughin. Bradford: Platt, Sheriffe, Sykes, Menzies, Finigan, Kearney, L'Estrange, Scruton, Godwin, Lynch, Worrincy, Whitehead and Langley Crowd building well here and Wigan want a big win and Richards needs just 14 points from tonights game to smash the Super League points in a season record, held by Andy Farrell. Kick-Off in 30:00 minutes.
  13. Wigan have been using the 22-20 game as a motivational tool in the lead up to this match See you all in the Billy Boston stand.
  14. But James Child is Will he make it out of the stadium alive?
  15. Stuart Reardon for Dave Halley is the only change to the Bulls Squad for their game at Wigan on Friday. Halley is awaiting the results of a scan, scheduled for next Monday, on the knee he injured in Carnegie 9's at Headingley last week. I kind of suspected that Dave Halley wouldn't be fit after the injury last Wednesday at Headingley in the 9's in the game against Scotland (it was a really brutal hit up if I'm honest and the Scotland forwards showed no mercy). The 19 - man squad in full is: Kearney, Reardon, L'Estrange, Hall, Lynch, Sheriffe, Scruton, Finigan, Kopczak, Olbison, Menzies, Addy, Godwin, Crookes, Sykes, Whitehead, Worrincy, Langley, Platt. MASSIVE GAME for the club because a repeat of the St Helens scoreline could un-due some of the feel good atmosphere that's around the club at the minute with the pledge 10k going well and all these new players being announced for 2011. So it's important that we give 110% tomorrow in what will be Steve Menzies last ever game in a the famous Red, Amber and Black. Bradford are the only team to beat Wigan in an away Super League game this year, having won 22-20 at Odsal way back in March, when Glenn Hall crashed over the black dot with a 78th minute try. That was an amazing night to see the popular side errupt like we had just won the Grand Final, and even more amazing in that Wigan somehow threw away a 20-0 lead. So we travel to the DW Stadium tomorrow looking to record a historic double over the Wigan Warriors. It'll be tough as the statistics show that out of the twenty visits to Wigan since 1996, we have won only four and drawn one (12-12 in 2000). But we'll all travel in good faith and aim to finish the 2010 on a even higher note than the one we last sang at Odsal a week ago after beating Wakefield by 38 points to 28. I'll call a Wigan 38-18 Bradford game with 16,000 there to see Wigan lift the League leaders shield. COME ON YOU BULLS!!!!!!!!!
  16. Amen to that mate and a good find, I can just about remember the 93/94 intro, oh the days of fighting off my mum to keep control of the remote just so I could watch the live Rugby League games on Sky.
  17. Just got back from town this morning when on entering PC World for a look around, I ended up being convinced by the beautiful sales woman that I should get a new PC. Hey at least they threw in a free printer/scanner (which means I can now scan hundreds of old photo's that I have up in the loft which I used to take every week when my dad used to take me to the Rugby League. Here are just a few from my collection, but please anyone feel free to add your own special memories. Hull FC 25-12 Bradford from September 2000. Bradford vs Leeds from September 2000. St Helens 16-11 Bradford September 22nd 2000. I'll put some up from my visit to the Watersheddings from 1996 and Central Park from 1997, when I find them.
  18. Ellis had a cracker at Knowsley Road Friday gone, scored a try and was instrumental in a few of the key plays helping St Helens to a 60-16 victory.
  19. Just having a quick bite to eat before I jump on the 670 to Kirkstall (isn't that where NE lives?) Weather here at the moment is superb, around 18 degrees with a nice breeze, so fingers crossed the rain doesn't come.
  20. So the ones in bold are the ones I'll be watching score all the points Paul? p.s that signature is way too big
  21. Good job I'm not a spectator tomorrow tonight mate p.s Have your phone on if you want the St Helens vs Warrington updates.
  22. Bradford have added young Joe Sheriffe into the Rugby League's fatest man sprint. I'll post the result on my Twitter http://twitter.com/MICKtheGLED
  23. I won't have be able to post updates on here due to commentary duty, but I will put updates on my Twitter/Facebook. What I will do, is text Rob the half-time, full-time scores and final placings etc so he can keep you all up to date with events at Headingley for those who can't make it.
  24. I agree and the whole thing needs to be organised better, you just can't change the date of a game 11 days before it's due to be played. P.S if it was the last ever game at Odsal or my brothers birthday in Liverpool, I'm afraid it would be the Rugby League for me. I couldn't live with myself for missing the last ever game.
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