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  1. I really can't see Saints spending much on the upkeep of KR specially with the knowledge that they were leaving in a year or two. Bit of point and the odd new turnstile and crash barrier sure but I would guess maintenance over and above the costs to maintain a new ground (groundsman's wages are often lumped in the cost element on accounts) are no more than 100 to 200k.

    The detailed accounts will spell it out in any case.

    Its more to do that sadly virtually every team in SL seems to make loses of on average over

  2. Are these fixtures confirmed for the BBC Mick or just speculation?

    Just speculation but with Sky having the final means the BBC get the first pick out of the group games so I think it's nailed on which game they will go for, Sky will then get the England games vs New Zealand and Papua New Guineaplus the New Zealand vs Australia game leaving the BBC Australia v Papua New Guinea.

    Sat 23rd Oct: New Zealand v England, kick-off 8:00am

    Sun 24th Oct: Australia v Papua New Guinea, kick-off 6:00am

    Sat 30th Oct: New Zealand v Papua New Guinea, kick-off 6:00am

    Sun 31st Oct, Australia v England, kick-off 8:00am

    Sat 6th Nov, England v Papua New Guinea, kick-off 4:45am

    Sat 6th Nov, New Zealand v Australia, kick-off 7:00am

    Sat 13th Nov, Four Nations Tournament Final, kick-off 9:00am

    I don't know about you but getting up at 4:00am for the England v Papua New Guinea game looks great doesn't it. :D

  3. I wonder how good the coverage is going to be with it going out at 6am in the morning over here.

    I hope they at least professional about their coverage and set up a studio down under and don't just take the easy option of having all the studio and guests/commentary team based here in the UK with their input pasted over the Channel Nine/Fox Sports coverage.

  4. Here is the order of play

    4.00pm - Wigan Warriors vs Jamaica

    4.20pm - Warrington Wolves vs Halifax

    4.4Opm - Castleford Tigers vs Scotland

    5.OOpm - Leeds Rhinos vs Wales

    5.2Opm - Jamaica vs Hull FC

    5.4Opm - Halifax vs St Helens


    6.2Opm - Scotland vs Bradford Bulls

    6.4Opm - Wales vs Wakefield Wildcats

    7.OOpm - Wigan Warriors vs Hull FC

    7.2Opm - Warrington Wolves vs St Helens

    7.4Opm - Castleford Tigers vs Bradford Bulls

    8.OOpm - Leeds Rhinos vs Wakefield Wildcats

    8.30pm - SEMI FINAL ONE

    9.00pm - SEMI FINAL TWO

    9.30pm - The Carnegie Floodlit 9s 2010 GRAND FINAL

  5. no offence mick but in a few years time if the bulls crowds dont improve i think fax could easily take the bulls SL spot

    the completion of the shay means its a very tidy ground and they are clearly the next cab off the rank after widnes

    potentially leigh are the other clubs with a good sl chance

    I can't see Halifax every replacing the Bulls in Super League.

    But I do see them taking over from Castleford/Wakefield now that the Shay is up to the required standard.

  6. Well done Halifax on getting an truly amazing crowd for your final home game of the season and a crowd that sees you now pass the 2500 average attendance benchmark set by the RFL, meaning you now hit the criteria for a Super League application in 2012.

    The marketing being done by the club in the run up to this game should be applauded and credit to the Batley supporters who had over 600 there (I wasn't at the game but my friend was and said there could have been more there as the East and South stands were packed with the Skircoat Road stand half full also).

    Nothing between the Widnes and Halifax applications in my eyes as they both have the crowds and the stadium required.

    I guess this does show the RFL that Halifax are still more than capable of getting the crowds in.

    It'll be interesting to see if those goal posts move between now and next year.

  7. Will do. ;)

    There'll be 4 of us, mind, which is why finding funds is a bit hard.

    Assuming we get there, we'll get a direct train to Wembley Stadium station from Duckville, like last year.

    Anyway, I'll text eta and you can direct us...

    No worries mate, although I think I can just about justify paying

  8. All pay, Thursday night, there will be 2,500 there tops. However, it should be a great game.

    I don't think it'll be that low mate.

    Halifax took over around 700 last year to the Sky live Thursday fixture and the crowd was 2,800 so you have to say that the crowd for this will be better.

    Anyhow here is to a truly great game of Rugby League, I'll wear my Bradford Northern top again so you can find me at the club bar.

  9. Gateshead got dumped on big time 10 yrs ago, and never recovered, but somehow never died.

    The fact they are still raising a team is a credit to them, though they need to get more fans, and more backing to become competitors again.

    Don't forget, they could have gone up and Leigh gone down last year, but for the (maybe half expected) financial issues.

    The point is, there's a small hard core of die hards flying the flag up there, maybe one day they will be rewarded again.

    It's a shame what happend to them over the Hull fiasco.

    But like you say Bill, it's good and very heart warming to see 300 loyal supporters still flying the flag for Rugby League in the North East and this where the RFL have missed a trick in not taking the Magic round to Newcastle.

  10. because like me you love your club and you love the game :D

    i'm sure that the next time Gateshead play at home people will go to watch then because they love the club and love the game.

    Like I said to a fellow Bulls supporter on Friday at Knowsley Road who was shouting abuse at the players, "I've seen much worse performances then the ones that we've seen this year and you can't expect to win everything in sight and sport is all about the ups and the downs"

  11. Is it just me who is looking forward to this play-off game on Thursday the 9th of September at Post Office Road after Halifax's win at the Shay today over Batley confirmed them to finish no lower than second?

    I think if this fixture is promoted to the hilt then there could very well be a crowd of around 4,500/5,000 at the game.

    The only problem I forsee is that both Featherstone and Halifax will not have played a game for nearly three weeks by the time this Grand Final Qualifier takes place under the Sky Sports cameras.

    So it's going to be key just how both sides keep their match fitness up to scratch with such a long layoff.

    I guess the positive is that it allows both sides to get the players that are out injured, back in time for this important fixtutre but the negative has to be that both sides could be pretty rusty.

    I won't make any predictions for this game other than that I see this as a Grand Final dress rehearsal.

  12. Since my move south, I've lost count of the number of times I said "I only asked for 1 pint" when they hand me a pint and say the price.... ;)

    So, anyone got a definitive answer as to how many tickets Wires have left?

    Really can't get anyone with money there before Thursday, my Dad's gone to research more family tree stuff up in the NE.

    Whyaye, I'm part geordie, like.

    And I thought that in a Brummie accent, which isn't good. :O

    If you go Bill, drop me a text/pm I'll have to meet you for a pint in a Weatherspoons ;)

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