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  1. Generally, I would say Leeds and Huddersfield have a larger black population which would derive black players of the game. Bradford, Halifax, Dewsbury and to a lesser extent Wakefield have a larger Asian population which should derive players from such backgrounds. Belle Vue itself is in the centre of a very multicultural area of the city but I suspect we have very little engagement with these communities. Whether it's a lack of effort from the club or lack of interest from the population or maybe a bit of both. Cas and Featherstone are youre typical ex mining towns which are very white.
  2. Senior for Jones-Bishop, Croft for Tupou, Jowitt/Walker for Miller, Bailey for Kyle Wood, plus there is also Pitts to factor in. Not saying that's want I think should happen but its likely that it will
  3. Still feel the better way forward is putting all the effort/money into setting up a Canadian/NA league and looking to bring in imports from Australia/UK/France. Surely that would capture the imagination of the supporters more by playing against names they recognise as opposed to places they likely never heard of. Toronto vs Ottowa is surely more enticing than Toronto vs Trinity/Farts/Salford or even some of the big boys from small northern towns.
  4. How much better a shirt looks without the barrage of sponsors.
  5. Whilst I agree they should have had the sky money, they chose to pay 1 player twice as much as the entire cap so citing that as a reason for their struggles is a bit rich, particularly as the noises at the time of the initial entry was that they would not take any money from the sky deal as they were to keep all of the money from TV that they were going to negotiate over the pond.
  6. Point to make, had Beaumont said something similar, how much stick would he get?
  7. I don't want to scrap them, Toronto are irrelevant to Trinity's future. That is their own destiny. Continue as we are and we will be in the championship regardless0. In time, a big spending Toronto is more of a threat to the status quo at the top end of the table.
  8. If he doesn't own them he doesn't pay the players. His choice. if he wants to own them then he should accept the liabilities, I dont believe Toronto have gone into admin as such where the where the debt disappeared with the old company. Put us in SL or the players dont get paid is quite frankly appalling behaviour so SLE should tell him to ###### off. We're not that desperate for a pseudo Canadian club based in Manchester.
  9. Not how it should work. Pay the players full stop regardless of whether they blackmail themselves back in SL. If he won't then he does not have the funds to make Toronto a viable entity and will run into trouble in future.
  10. Too little too late, better overall performance. Happy with the younger players stepping in for the senior pro's. Hopefully they keep their spots.
  11. Ultimately Trinity are not going to sack their most destructive forward, even if he's been half the player since the Wigan grubs did a job on him.
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