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  1. Paul and David March, Josh, George and Darrell Griffin I know they have all played for Trinity, but maybe not in the same team, although I believe the may have for Salford.
  2. There's nothing to do in life anymore so you might as well let those who think they're funny make the same old tired jokes/snide comments. It will help the time pass.
  3. John Minards. Michael Carter isn't the chairman anymore. Time will tell, we've been waiting since October for this submission, the current situation wont exactly be over anytime soon.
  4. Bit pointless having an blue band across the chest/midriff if your going to stick massive red logo covering 99% of it.
  5. It's the type of images that Rugby League need to get going viral, fortunately theres not too much of Belle Vue in the picture to detract from the quality finish and potential impact.
  6. Do i complain about refs decisions in the heat of the moment, yes, do I get exasperated and yell my displeasure, yes. Does it get personal no. I was embarrassed with the standard "the referee's a ######" chant when the mob feels their team have been unjustly penalised. One because its idiotic and two their not going to suddenly realise turn round and say 'you know what? You're right, I better give your team the next 50/50.'
  7. The golden point period is an artificial farcical way to decide a game. That's as much about the toss of a coin more than anything else. Granted had Trinity won the toss it wouldn't have been such a sure thing given we dont have anyone in the calibre of Sneyd to drop goals.
  8. ... and people dont think ref's influence games? First half Hull got everything, second half Trinity did. Both teams won the respective half comfortably.
  9. I guess the refs are conscious of making it a penalty feast and maybe lack the bottle to properly punish it. Maybe as a halfway house if the ball isnt played with the foot then play is stopped and the PTB is redone. The attack loses the advatage of a quick play but aren't punished with a penalty against them.
  10. Great no, but two stalwarts of the modern era as fresh faced teenagers.
  11. As a Rugby League fan I liked it. Although I would like to see it as one part of a series of promotions. Will it intice newbies to take a look, perhaps not.
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