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  1. Toronto kit does look better then the CGI, lack sponsors certainly help.
  2. Alternatively it could have been a preseason friendly the day after christmas which in reality means very little.
  3. From a Trinity point of view, if they are in a position to benefit from a cash windfall then it should go straight into the stadium development fund rather than playing talent.
  4. This is assuming other channels want it? If they did they would bid for it. I've certainly not heard of interest from anyone but the bbc. Whether that's because the RFL are stick in the mud's who dont bother asking further afield or whether they do but get nothing back.
  5. The opportunity is there now, what's stopping clubs generating that income now? Absolutely nothing. Effectively increasing the cap is giving the same players more money, whilst there is an argument that they deserve it, it's all going to be relative, resulting in no discernable change. You're average journeyman currently earns say 60-70k now, he warns £140k instead, your superstars earn £200k now, they earn £400k. More than likely still not enough to compete with Union or NRL.
  6. Multi-millionaires invest in their business from what it generates, or from selling parts of it off, not from their own bank accounts. As soon as they are doing that the business is in trouble.
  7. So are Wigan sat on loads of unspent money, generated from avenues other than sealing the television rights for the game? If they are then fair enough, but as I see it only Leeds have a decent wedge in the bank, which would soon vanish if they were forking out £5m a year on player salaries.
  8. I dont recall seeing or hearing about clubs with millions sat in the bank just waiting to be spent on giving the same players more money. The game can only spend what it generates which in the grand scheme of things is not very much, certainly nothing close to justify a £5m cap. The only way an increase would be on is if a TV deal gives more money to pay for it, anything else would not cover it (sponsorship/gates) pr would be unsustainable (rich benefactor).
  9. What a bizarre circumstance of events. Wood's involvement would seriously concern me if I was a Bulls supporter. It all just stinks of keeping the club going so the RFL do not end up with an expensive hole in the ground with no body to pay them for the 'privilege' of playing in it. Additionally, there still doesn't seem to be any serious cash required to get them out of the financial pickle they are in. How this will play out is anyone's guess.
  10. Injuries primarily, but after initially coping relatively well, we quickly fell off the edge of the cliff. When the injured players returned they struggled to get up to speed and performed well below par, Chester didnt seem to know how to get the players out of the whole they were in until the squad got a freshen up with about 6 games to go.
  11. The predicament they find themselves in now probably began with the team they had back then. All that success was on the bubble.
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