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  1. Re survival, I think this the year the ###### will finally flush. We are in a hole and we don't seem to know how to get out of it. Things may change but it's hard to see Trinity getting enough wins to not finish last. Miller is as described, can be brilliant one week, frustrating the next, he's an off the cuff player who needs a steady Eddie running the game next to him. His commitment can not be faulted though.
  2. I read this as once the restructure to 10 teams has been implemented then there will be no relegation. No idea whether there will be chances to be apply to join top flight.
  3. Indeed, it allows clubs who were not good enough throughout the season a chance to win the competition.
  4. Been dealt with by a court of law, I see no reason why the RFL need to go over and above this.
  5. Trinity have in the past, this was a design competition on twitter, I think, pre covid, the pattern is very much south sea Islander and is homage to the Trinity imports from that region past and present (hence why Arona, Lino and Tanginoa are facing it up of the current players.
  6. Well well again not expecting that. Ironic we couldn't buy a win when Powell was the Cas coach and we do him twice in a week. Very pleased and a home tie next up.
  7. Trinity's record in the CC for the last 40/50years had been poor, even worse over the past 20. We just don't turn up for these games. The result last week will have been a kick up the backside for Warrington, and the 2 points last week were far more important to Trinity so maybe the edge might not be there. I can't see a win for us this time, but then I thought that last week
  8. Whilst I understand the reluctance of Trinity fans to see AFC at Belle Vue, it certainly would open up funding streams to sort the rest of the ground out. Anyhow they seem quite happy and Featherstone and vice versa.
  9. So section 106 signed by all parties, funding in place, demo to start 4th July, bit later than planned but looks like it's all systems go.
  10. Pretty good player for me, wouldn't have been unhappy had Trinity retained him. Think he's an anti vax so no chance Toulouse would take a punt, he'll do well at Cas.
  11. Indeed, I'd much rather Trinity have Warrington's recent record and have not won the grand final than the one we've had.
  12. Well that was unexpected. Lino shows what we have been missing, also noticeable it's the first time we've had Lino and Miller on the pitch for more than 3 minutes.
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