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  1. You'll likely get stepped if you're looking down, or get your head in the wrong position whilst effecting the tackle. Fundamentally I think it's trying to stop a defender launching themselves off the ground superman style and clattering in the lower limbs of the opponents. Kind of like the two footed tackle in football. As soon as you've left the ground you have no control over it.
  2. Wouldn't have thought anything about it without the comment making the point the investment has come in time to be considered in the 2025 accounts, which would subsequently increase the relevant score. Just seems an odd thing to highlight.
  3. So is that genuine investment or was it purely to deposit a 7 figure sum of money to get a better score on that parameter? Will he be doing the same for 2026? If not, whatever points are attained fot 2025 will be lost again, unless I am reading it wrong. Seems to be a fair bit of work aaround going on. Still, that's the way the sport has decide to go so clubs will naturally look at ways to take advatage of loop holes.
  4. I don't see the runaway team, to me it looks a pretty competitive league, I'm certainly not taking it for granted that Trinity will finish top, let alone winning the competition.
  5. It wouldn't be a view I'd take, but as with the London fiasco with the academy, clubs will prioritise, and anything that could discourage progression and betterment should be avoided when looking to improve the image of of the game.
  6. Surely population with a 50 mile radius would be a better metric to go with rather than administrative boundaries. Some clubs could take the view why push for new support outside of the local district if they're not going to count, the idea seems counter intuitive. We should be encouraging club to push boundaries.
  7. Furthermore, the guy who's just taken over the club is from Barnsley, becoming a fan after that one game at Oakwell in 1999. The catchment should be based on a defined radius, that way I feel its purpose, i.e. giving a bit of a leg up to expansion clubs in the absence of a strong local grounding in the game, doesn't have unintended consequences of unfairly benefiting one traditional club against another.
  8. 1-Jowitt 2-McGillvary 3-Thornley 4-Croft 5-Walmsley 6-Lino 7-Gale 8-Bowden 9-Hood 10-Shaw 11-Ashurst 12-Griffin 13-Pitts 14-Doyle 15-Atoni 16-Uele 17-Bain 18-Kay 19-Boothroyd 20-Pratt 21-Lawford 22-Cozza 23-Franco 24-Law 25-Smith
  9. Was gunna say, by getting relegated Trinity will score more than they did on this matrix. Plus with the stand expect. Trinity will be pushing circa 14.5 for 2025.
  10. So if Salford are on the same deal as previously, have no more long term contracted players to sell and may struggle to get another £300k from supporters, will they finish the season?
  11. As soon as YC paid up, it was only a matter of time. It never was a con trick.
  12. The ###### takes I get, its the prophetic posts that knew categorically that the new stand would never happen and it was all just a ploy that make me smile.
  13. Pretty decent sponor for the North Stand. ASUS retained as training kit sponsor. Two recognisable brands.
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