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  1. To be fair two acl's are the season enders, that's just bad luck. He's played nearly 100 games (78 trys) in 5/6 years, take out the season enders and its circa 90 or so in 4 years, not so bad.
  2. Don't like it, but if it is to remain I'd prefer the game to continue rather than stop for a short break after 80 minutes what follows is generally a waste of time and often an anticlimax. At least if there is no break it still feels like a natural part of the match rather than enforced 'drama' that follows the main event.
  3. I don't think the person making the comment is in Super League?
  4. As distasteful as the comment was, from what I have read it wasn't a death threat. There are a few cynics amongst the fans that it's being used to deflect the poor win/loss ratio over the past year or so. Doesn't alter the fact that social media, for all the good that it can do, is really in the gutter, and ultimately if it ceased to exist, I really wouldn't miss it, and I guess the countries work force might just be a little more productive
  5. Don't know the agreed sale price, but it will certainly be a boost to the council's (not the RFL's) coffers.
  6. The surroundings (owned by LCC) have already been sold, about to be sold to a developer. The RFL building itself will likely be listed so not worth much to said developer if it came to market.
  7. Only one answer for me, buy Trinity and make them into what I feel they could be resourced sufficiently. After that setting up a new club and watch it grow. I see little gratification in making a successful club more successful, and reality it doesn't help the sport either.
  8. I suppose that's a deflated supporter after witnessing 3 successive, relatively poor defeats after a season or two of under performance, had it been three successive defeats but the performances were a little more encouraging they might have felt different.
  9. If you're that bothered then do your own research on it. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
  10. Facilties A new stand in the offing improving facilities. Coaching Two new assistants and strength and conditioning to improve on the coaching set up. Academy Producing a good chunk of talent that will hopefully become the main stays of the squad. Infrastructure, by this, do you mean back room staff, community foundations?
  11. I'm gunna stick my neck out and say Trinity are going to score 2 tries. St Helens will score a minimum of 10, with the final number dependent upon how ruthless they want to be.
  12. He's lost his spark somewhat recently but Fifita is a character. The 2018 and early 2019 version, the big bopper, eats pies scores tries version, the one who gave it to the Cas fans when he scored but then had to take some back when they replied shortly after, the guy who took on the Wigan wingers, swatting them out of his way as he set up a play straight from a kick off. More often then not you get the negative side od a maverick, such as the ridiculousness od last season where he refused to wear a GPS. With more coaches looking for percentages, the mavericks are losing out to the reliable b
  13. 6 years of licensing, so that's 19 years of promotion and relegation.
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