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  1. 1 St Helens - Best team in the comp and strengthened further. 2 Warrington - Powell will have them up there 3 Catalans - Not as good as last year. 4 - Leeds - Good squad bit still have Agar at the helm. 5 - Huddersfield - Good squad decent coach, should be better then last season The rest you could throw a blanket over with Wigan/Hull towards the top and Toulouse/Salford to the bottom.
  2. East is the partially seated, partially standing that is visible to the TV camera, North is the largish terrace behind the sticks, although this is a refurb than actual redevelopment. Western terrace is the exposed shallow terrace runing the full touchline that really needs some attention, but that will have to come down the line if the club can gather enough funding from God knows where to redevelop it.
  3. Would agree. Very meh for one of the bigger clubs in the game. The team may be greater than the sum of its parts but that is usually something the smaller clubs console themselves with. I would be surprised if it inspired much season ticket uptake as quite clearly they're not going to be competing with St Helens for the title.
  4. Not very, we are the only reason, well maybe along with Salford, why SL does not dominate the sporting landscape.
  5. .. and a legal challenge can only be upheld if due process wasn't followed, not just because someone objects to the approval.
  6. No contractor worth their salt would devise a programme that was on the button and didn't allow for some slack. Of course there could be delays which are not anticipated, but you have to a a target date for budgeting purposes none the less
  7. IF it gets started in February, I see no reason why 16 months later it will not have been finished.
  8. Great stuff, hopefully they get enough of an audience to encourage them to take more in the next tv package.
  9. Good job he did when he did, otherwise it would've got rather complicated!
  10. Like I said before, this is the premier club of Northern hemisphere RL and it just looks so cheap. It sets the tone for the rest of the game.
  11. Indeed, I'm sure he did really well out of shafting of his hometown club.
  12. Not doubting the money behind it, there is a lot revenue to be made in the pound shop business, but that's not what's is instantly visable to the wider populace. It just cements the mushy peas eating, bingo playing, bargin hunting northern look we have.
  13. Money is money at the end of the day, but when the SL champions for the last three years has Home Bargins as their principle sponsor, it pretty much says everything about the perception of the sport.
  14. On the planning portal, probably a link earlier in the thread.
  15. So funding in place (apparently), planning due to be heard next month, if approved, there will be a period of review where the secretary of state could call the enabling development in and as long as it gets past that construction begins in February. Getting to the point where we we see if this sinks or swims.
  16. Daft thing is, I don't buy replica's even if I like the design as the material is awful, if they made it out of better quality, I'd actually pay more for it.
  17. Oxen as a company just exude a sense of cheapness, the fact they have so many clubs and the national team just gives the game such a tin pot feel. The only way clubs will take note is if supporter's don't buy the tat, while ever we do the quality is going to get pushed and pushed until the knock off football shirts you find in souvenir shops on holiday will look and feel luxurious in comparison.
  18. Great shirt, shows hummel can priduce something interesting instead of the drab two kits Trinity have.
  19. Because at the time, without the benfit of hindsight, why wouldn't they have. The fact it's not work out is not a reason to have stayed at the Willows in the first place. That would've brought its own issues.
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