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  1. I don't want to see Salford fail. The last few years have been awful to watch Trinity, so I have found myself rooting for Salford in their push against the big boys, I love the way they play the game.


    Needless to say, they have been flying by the seat of theor pants financially which was always going to catch up with them. The latest play is another to get them over the next six months or so before all the upfront sky money is used up and some other avenue will have to be found, but they have pretty much exhausted most options now.

  2. So Salford get the deal they want (bar takings, car park etc) will they then pay full rent, and if so, doesn't the extra income get cancelled out, therefore leaving them in precisely the same perilous state they are now in? 

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  3. Ultimately unless the club publish the breakdown, no one on here knows. 

    Eitherway it's only actual attendees that count so this isn't a way of artifically supplementing match day attendees with non-attending season tickets 'sales' and counting them in official crowd number, ala Bradford last year.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    I doubt they will finish bottom Mr P but there are categories they won't improve on, and another thing which I don't quite understand if points are allotted on a 3 year rolling average why crop the points for winning comps and only have them for the season just gone, you Wakey may well get points next year for winning the Championship GF and 1895 which will go towards your SL status, but Leigh won't get anything for winnng both those in '22 and also winning the CC '23 which are within the 3 years that points can be won and lost.

     Can one of the pro IMG lobby explain that please?

    It's seems counter productive, but I guess the idea is to have strong clubs irrespective of on field success. 

  5. The upturn in interest has nothing to do with relegation, and everything to do with the new owner. After years of been told 'if you want a good team to support then you will have to pay for it' to 'I'll put in funding to create a good team that people want to watch' is an massive about turn. Also we have gone from a reluctancy to do the bare minimum in terms of promotion to really pushing to get the clubs name out there. 

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