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  1. Yes, by staring at the ref after every tackle rather than just playing the ball he is putting his team at a disadvantage
  2. This Saints team look like they're being coached by Mark Applegarth. Lomax, Dodds and Roby have a platform this half but don't look like creating anything.
  3. Blatant forward pass with the ref in line to judge, great attempt at a finish but a clear as day drop.
  4. Hull really giving it to Saints who look like they have no answer.
  5. They will be pointing right at it. Worst part of the going will be behind the cameras. Anyhow it's a start, hope the new guy can continue the ground improvements.
  6. Straight red, although from the other side of the ground I thought it was a Trinity player that got dumped as we had possession. Can only assume the ball was stripped and he got his technique all wrong.
  7. We average 6 points a game, no matter how bad Leeds may play, we'll undercut that and then some. Trinity 4 Leeds 42
  8. Not in isolation. The ###### we're dishing up right now will test patience of the most loyal of supporters. It will need a money man much like what yourselves have got to get us of the rut were in. Hopefully the below will be the start of that . https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/wakefield-trinity-takeover-talks-hit-27062796
  9. We aren't winning a game until the apparent takeover is completed current coach is relieved of his duties. Then we need to get rid of the under performers and build back. When that is is anyone's guess, but won't be this season.
  10. They got two competition points instead of one. Points difference is irrelevant in this case.
  11. Hate golden point, exciting finish though. Glad a drop goal didn't win it.
  12. Oh and Cats to win easily, however with Jowitt, Gale and Lino as the pivots we may score more than 2 tries.
  13. Maybe too late for this season, but hopefully he can build the club so it has a chance of coming back more than what we have been for the majority of the last 24 years.
  14. I'd imagine they won't bother putting us on again this season. Our own fans are bored watching us. The stats don't lie. Worst attack in SL history, I'd say its the worst in RL history. The defence holds out for so long but the utter failure with tye ball in hand builds pressure and cracks appear. If you can't score points the opposition know once they get 2 scores up it's job done.
  15. All within the rules, but doesn't sound like a team who are worrying about the lack of central funding.
  16. Who gives a XXXX about promotion?! All we'd end up seeing is what we're dishing up right now.
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