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  1. Didn't realise we had that much power, no one else involved in that decision? Also Toronto were paying SBW more than the salary cap limit so that's a red herring. I can't recall a season where we've relied on being just better than the promoted team to stay in SL. Not happened in the last 5 or 6 years anyway.
  2. Cool story, but not true. Doesn't change the fact how poor we are this year and will be rightly demoted.
  3. Only one winner, meanwhile... https://twitter.com/WarringtonRLFC/status/1653424728416067585/mediaviewer?currentTweet=1653424728416067585&currentTweetUser=WarringtonRLFC
  4. Gets some key coaching early on in his development so he'll get something out of this move even if he doesn't feature in the first team.
  5. They wanted clarification on something, obviously liked the answer.
  6. Salford, given a new stadium for free, left their crumbling dump, Hull FC, given a new stadium for free, left their crumbling dump, Widnes, still play at their original home, renovated by the council, Wire, benefited from the Tesco mega store period which no longer exists. Let's not rewrite history that these clubs were dragged kicking and screaming from their crumbling dumps, many were absolutely delighted with the fact, and both Trinity and Cas would've changed places with those clubs for the good fortune that found themselves in a heartbeat.
  7. Leigh put 32 past us at home, Wigan will top the 60 they put on us earlier in the season. The question is, can we score a try.
  8. Nailed it in one, if you don't have the player's you need to ensure the team is a well oiled machine with everyone knowing their role in attack and defence. As it is we don't have the players nor the structure. The result is 0 points in five games and an overall average of five points per game for the season.
  9. Fundamentally I think it's because, despite having a great squad of players, a very astute coach, a multimillionaire backing them to the hilt and a Premier League stadium, they are kind of a dull club all round. Would I swop places? Of course I would.
  10. Sadly I've come to accept relegation and are quite looking forward to watching a team in a different set of circumstances than trying to compete in the top tier.
  11. We had momentum in that first half, we didn't know what to do with it. Trust me it's not coming, we don't have the players, we don't have the structure, we don't have the revenue and the support will wane as this absolute horror show continues.
  12. Mate we're awful, we have a team full of grafters but only Lino with any spark and he spends his time running round like a headless chicken. The only time we broke your line was a a biazare last tackle play that ended up with Ashurst kicking the ball over to the right, a complete fluke. If we were still playing now I doubt we'd have scored, and your guys left the stadium 2 hours ago.
  13. As weird as it is, we absolutely battered Leigh in the forwards first half making yards for fun a limiting Leigh to their 30. Trouble is with the excellent field position we had absolutely no idea what to do with it and were incredibly easy to defend against. Leigh soaked it up comfortably then went down the other end, scored two tries and it was game over.
  14. As it happens, Huddersfield are the only team who has scored less then two tries against us.
  15. Told you Leythers not to worry, now you've seen how awful we are. Well and truly down.
  16. Who knows, the ground redevelopment gives us potential non match day income, however without a rich benefactor ala Beaumont we won't be head and shoulders above the other clubs, also I don't think a parachute payment is applicable anymore. I reckon we will end up a Halifax standard club. I have no issues with that.
  17. Been unusually quiet on this. I miss the hysteria. What's wrong with you Leythers? Do you not care about the wellbeing of your players?!
  18. We are the divisions pariah, there is no agenda to give us a win through dodgy calls.
  19. He's Mark Applegarth with a better squad of players to pick from.
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