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  1. Probably not a good analogy. Covid cases are threatening the Olympics. The organisers are still talking about cancelling them even at this late stage and 55% of Japanese population don't want them to go ahead. Seeing this unfolding it wouldn't surprise me if it influenced the NRL's decision.
  2. True. Countries that have adopted a strategy of complete suppression and elimination, though applauded initially, have painted themselves into a corner now because they don't have a clear way out. But that's a decision for them. If the situation were reversed, what do you think the SL would have done?
  3. Some sports were very heavily affected and the overall medal table was heavily skewed. So, if your definition of a credible tournament is one where the best in the World compete and the better participant wins, then yes, the 1980 Olympics were not credible. But really, the 2 aren't comparable. If the tournament went ahead without Aus and NZ, and England or Tonga won it, it the result would forever have an asterisk next to it.
  4. It was increasingly clear that there was little chance of this even happening. It can be no surprise to anyone. How it was handled is a different issue.
  5. I hope you enjoy it. Genuinely. But it is not a credible World Cup.
  6. By applying that reasoning if all 16 teams dropped out and it went ahead and the USA won then that would be a credible outcome?
  7. This would remove any credibility that the competition, or the sport, might have and should not be contemplated under any circumstances.
  8. I could go on, but you can see why they might have arrived at the decision they did.
  9. Covid effectively out of control. Hospital admissions threatening NHS again. Deaths rising. Increasing numbers of Super League games postponed or cancelled due to increasing cases. 6 hour queues at Heathrow. Euro 2020 spoiled by crowds storming the venue. Then 2 weeks staring at 4 walls in a hotel room when you get home. Who wouldn't want to come here? Postpone it or play it in Australia.
  10. Early 20th century, I would think, though late 19th wouldn't be unreasonable. The idea of 'winning' pay and 'losing' pay is an old and well established one in our game.
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