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  1. The most worrying thing here is that we don't know the structure. I hope you're right. I'd love to see TO at York.
  2. That's not what I understood, though I'm happy to be proved wrong. Do you have an authoritative reference for this info. please?
  3. After my experience at Toulouse I'd be surprised if they had any idea how many were in the stadium, it was so amateurish.
  4. I agree. I accept that finishing higher in the league must be rewarded. TO's reward is a home tie and a second chance. Fair enough. However, should York win that then shouldn't Toulouse lose the home advantage?
  5. It specifically stated '2700 est.' which I took to mean estimated.
  6. A game I was at at Toulouse was reported as an estimated 2700. I'd be amazed if there was over 700. 15 minutes prior to kick off I could have counted them there were so few.
  7. You're entitled to your opinion, of course, but I disagree that this structure makes it more exciting than any other. In fact, with so little 'sudden death' arguably it's less exciting. I'm going to the Toulouse game on Saturday knowing that, even if York win (a big ask in itself) it doesn't really benefit York much. We'll have to repeat it again in 2 weeks, with a trip to Toronto in between. Arguably, then, winning in Toulouse becomes a handicap. In fact, some York fans a have suggested a defeat in Toulouse may be our best strategy. Doesn't seem right somehow.
  8. Ignore Toulouse's average. Their reported figures are pure fantasy.
  9. The odd thing is that even if York beat Toulouse away on Saturday, we will probably have to go there and do it again in 2 weeks. Also, if we beat Toronto away, we have to repeat that. The structure is very heavily loaded in favour of the top 2 sides, (which is fair enough I suppose). I think to be fairer if you win away then the least you should get is rewarded with a home tie in any possible 'rematch'. A simpler system would be 1st straight through to final. 2nd v 5th and 3rd v 4th and the 2 winners of those play off for the opportunity to play them.
  10. Every time a SL club appoint a new coach I breathe a sigh of relief. Today Leeds have gone with Agar. Previously KR and Tony Smith. That's 2 clubs who won't be poaching Fordy.
  11. Which game? I get all the recent York wins over Bradford mixed up.
  12. Only just and you should have seen how they celebrated at the final hooter. They acted like they had won the Grand Final. Toulouse went there expecting to lose (no pun intended).
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