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  1. One of my favourite memories was the day we had a game at Clarence Street. Pryce was on the team sheet, but didn't run out, much to everyone's disappointment. About 15-20 minutes in he came on as a sub. Spent most of the game standing out in the centres burping (louder than strictly biologically necessary). Apparently he'd thought kick off was 15 minutes later and has been in the Oval Ball. Still played as well as anyone out there. P.S. Doesn't matter to me if this isn't true. Please leave me with my fond memories.
  2. Awful. Another of my childhood heroes gone. Biggest hand off in the game and stopped many a flowing move with a crunching tackle. Rest In Peace.
  3. The 'Halifax' bomber had as little to do with the town of Halifax as a black panther does.
  4. Certainly beats clubs introducing military training into rugby league.
  5. York's new shirt for 2021. Have they already been told then? (Look at the right sleeve)
  6. Well it certainly looks like the whole thing could have been conceived and executed in one week.
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