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  1. Both of these posts miss the point. The question shouldn't be 'Is this player the best available to us at the present time?' but rather, 'Of all the players that are available to us, which do we think will be the better in 2, 3 or 5 years time?'. Sometimes a player can be a revelation when they take the step up.
  2. Constant negativity? Many of the comments on here are very positive, probably more of them than the negative ones. However, some, including me, have doubts. But it is a forum for expressing different opinions, after all, isn't it?
  3. Again, I can't see the relevance of the comparison. Why pick these players out? What do these players have in common with Inglis? Their ages? As far as I'm aware none of them were away from the game for 2 years.
  4. Oh and I forgot to add, was a founder member and player in the establishment of 2 new amateur clubs in development areas of the U.K., both of which have produced professional players and at least one full England International. You may not agree with something I've said, but please try to be a bit more careful with your judgements of who people are and what their motivations might be.
  5. I can't see the relevance of the comparison. Miles was 32 not 34. 2 years isn't much when you're 24, but at 34 it makes a big difference, particularly in the backs. Secondly, Miles was coming straight off the back of playing 16 games as club captain in a team that finished 7th in the Winfield Cup, having lead them to win it the year before. He hadn't had 2 years away from the game. Or are Warrington planning on bringing back Offiah too?
  6. What, someone who desperately wants us to beat Australia? Or someone who wants positive publicity for the right reasons? Or is it just because I don't happen to agree with you that the signing of 34 year old Australian who is many years past his best and who has been retired for 2 years isn't a very progressive signing for one of our biggest clubs? For your information, I follow both my club and my country both home and away, whether that's in France, Australia or New Zealand. How are they the actions of someone who is "exactly what's wrong with RL"? Or do I do that just to spite myself?
  7. That's exactly my point. It is a gimmick signing that might sell some merchandise. When we start taking ourselves seriously, RL in the UK might move forward. Until then, we're a professional sport relying on a series of gimmicks for any attention from a wider audience, then salivating when we get a bit of publicity. I just can't see an upside to this. He's either a relative failure, in which case it's been a short term waste of money or he is a great success, in which case we look like no better than Queensland Cup standard. In either case, I'd rather have seen the playing spot in Warrington's roster going to a promising young British centre from the Championship or League 1. Someone who might blossom into the kind of player who could cause the Aussies problems for the next 10 years. Beating the Aussies gets you the right kind of attention.
  8. What's even sadder is there are also a lot of people on here getting excited because a 34 year old who won't have played for 2 years (and was well past his best even then) has signed for a Super League club. And we wonder why the Aussies look down at our competition as being little better than Queensland Cup.
  9. Dave Barends. For those of you too young to remember, he scored tries similar to Ellery's v Fev all the time. Touchline hugging runs a speciality. The whole crowd got excited whenever the ball was moved towards his wing.
  10. Obviously very strange watching without any fan noise but, once you get used to it, it's very enjoyable. Difficult to get past the feeling that it's just a full contact training session but if you can, curiously, in some way it feels more absorbing somehow. Odd.
  11. Probably true. I was simply pointing out what they had said.
  12. They didn't say until April. They said "initially until.. April". Very different. This is a very fluid situation. It is impossible to plan for the unknown.
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