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  1. Oh, OK. Fair enough. York have been poor since losing at home to Halifax 4 or 5 weeks ago. It really seemed to dent their confidence. Last night they looked beaten before it really started. Plus people don't really appreciate how much value Matty Marsh adds. His absence was crucial. However, we are 5th and have, as I see it, 6 winnable games left, though we may well not win all 6. Not the worst season ever (yet).
  2. I have been saying for quite a while that Ford has possibly taken the club as far as he can (which is a long way). He needs to get some experience elsewhere now.
  3. Err.. where are you looking? York have 8 games left. Only 2 are against teams in the top half of the table (Fev and Leigh, both away). The remaining 6 games are against teams 8th or lower, 3 at home, 2 away plus Newcastle in the Bash.
  4. Live it may have looked like a clash of heads. TV clearly showed that it was Fairbank's left shoulder that made initial contact.
  5. “It was a blatant red card," lamented Knights head coach Ford. "I’m absolutely astounded that it wasn’t picked up. “It’s a 30-metre run-up to a one-on-one collision, where he’s tackled him in the head. “He’s almost knocked his head out of Halifax into Huddersfield. He’s not good. He’s not allowed to drive, he’s heavily concussed and we’re going to have to send him to see a neurologist. “That tackle was up there with what I’ve seen Adrian Morley come up with. There’s been some bad ones in his time.
  6. Jacob Fairbank’s assault on Ronan Michael should have been a straight red card and long ban. Instead it wasn’t even a penalty. This was up there with the worst shots I can ever recall seeing. Outrageous. The tip tackle on Pauli should also have been red. The others were relatively minor by comparison. Pushing the ref out of the way = long ban Homophobic name calling = long ban Potentially ending someone’s career (and worse) with a ferocious head shot = no action taken.
  7. Nor Pyke nor Brown. We have had at least 3 versions already. It is enormously disrespectful to not get it right.
  8. Worst I have eve witnessed was at Whitehaven. Really unpleasant personal abuse aimed at the ref and both touch judges from a family group in particular but also a significant number of other spectators. They had 4 or 5 young children with them too. Stewards were there and tactically ignored it. Even a Haven fan standing near me was apologetic about it. Said it happened every week.
  9. Don't be too sure about York. We are in a very poor run and Widnes were always going to have a reaction to last week, plus have Owens back and need to impress a new coach.
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