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  1. Ta'ai is a very good signing for you. Can't see you being relegation candidates with your squad now. Really hope that you continue to progress and build on the links with the ever expanding community clubs in the north east. World Cup should be a big boost for everyone up there.
  2. Fev seems to be going all out for promotion next year and are building a very strong squad. Hope they can afford it.
  3. Hope that they can keep a team together in Toronto. Covid has affected everybody all round the world. If it means stepping back to championship, league one or even USARL it will be a massive help when Ottawa commence in 2022. I still think there is mileage in North America and would love Toronto to be the phoenix that rises from the ashes. Good luck to all you Canadian fans out there.
  4. More good news imminent. A certain you back ex Leeds and Halifax was seen training yesterday. Will score plenty of tries off Liam Finn and Paul Sykes passes. You lucky Rams.
  5. I think that Robert Elstone has a lot to answer for and am still waiting to hear of any impact that he has yet made.
  6. Is there no possibility of the Wolfgang re entering the championship or even league one. They did after all build up a fan base which many clubs can only envy. Surely there has to be a plan B. Folding completely ignores the work that has been done already and with the arrival of Ottawa the retention of Toronto below super league would not be a disaster at all.
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