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  1. What about when they were in the 2nd division on sub 2,000 crowds and barely sneaked promotion by very narrowly beating Fev in the grand final and the avoided relegation on the last day of the season for about four years in a row. Were they a big club then?
  2. The shirt answer is "Yes". The longer story is that our game is better, growing and I have no fear of RU. Someone on here was being condescending to me about being older than many. One of the pluses to that is that I can remember when the game in the UK was confined exclusively to Yorks, Lanc and Cumberland and that included all amateur or junior clubs. There was no game in Wales, no game in Scotland, Ireland or anywhere else in England. There were only 4 national teams in RL. Now there are professional clubs in London and Wales, Sheffield and Gateshead, Oxford and Gloucestershire with Coventry promised. There was no RL in the armed forces or the Universities. Now we are in both those places and one University Club is semi pro. There is amateur RL throughout the length and breadth of all four home nations. In Australia the game at a serious pro level was confined to Sydney with a minor competition in Brisbane. Now there are NRL teams in Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Penrith, Melbourne and Auckland and serious plans are afoot for expanding to Perth. In NZ there was a weak presence with the Kiwis generally ranked 4th out of four. Nowadays they have won the 4 nations, the World Cup and have just sold 100,000 tickets for a nines competition. Wales are a serious international team, despite their poor showing in the last WC. Their junior teams compete well with England. France, having almost sunk, have a strong team in SL and could fill two stadia for WC group matches. Their juniors also give a very good account of themselves. PNG is the national sport of the country and are to enter a team in the Queensland cup. Fiji have finished in the top four in consecutive World Cups and a trial match for their team in Fiji drew 10,000 and the club and school game is booming. At international level there were exactly four nations, Aus, GB, France and NZ. That was it, total. Now we can qualify 14 teams for the World Cup and there are teams throughout Europe, North America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands with an outpost in Lebanon and South Africa with other African nations interested. We can hold world cups for students, women and disabled people. At senior level the first WC final attracted 30,000. Last year we filled Old Trafford. 4,000 plus attended a Canada V USA game in Toronto. Rugby League players and coaches are in demand by RU. this is a tribute to the quality of our game There are more top class modern stadia in RL today than ever before. Men with money are attracted to invest in our game. So, whilst RU is a threat, I would say RL is the more progressive and is bigger than it has ever been. Whilst we need to watch them like a dangerous enemy, providing are careful, they are not a threat to RL. maybe, just maybe, RU should look over their shoulder at us.
  3. 1. Yes. It's boring. Time to give the game a proper p and system and let those clubs see if they can justify their claims. 2. In 25 years Huddersfield have gone from 1,000 to 6,000. In that 25 years London have gone from 700 to 1800. Bradford have gone from boom to bust (several times) and their gates have halved from their high point. Huddersfield are a top club with an investor, London are a bottom club with an investor. Bradford are a train wreck without an investor. Why pick on Huddersfield. 3. A good segment of the England team are Huddersfield produced players and those said players propelled Huddersfield to the top of the league. The Huddersfield player development system is obviously not a lost cause despite the ratings given to it. Looking at the state of Bradford vis a vis Huddersfield, yes he is doing the game a favour supplanting the Bulls. It's the Bulls fault that they are in the position they are and there is no blame to be attached to Huddersfield. The game would be better off with both clubs strong and successful but it's up to Bradford to regain that state. If Khoukash buys Wigan players and produces his own and get Salford to a top position playing before 10,000 crowds of course it's good for he game. It's alright for Wigan and Leeds to do the same for years but once someone from outside he cabal starts to emulate that behaviour it's bad If you or any other ambitious entrepreneur with a wad of cash wanted to build Hunslet a top class stadium and develop a top team in Leeds to rival the Rhinos of course it would be good. The more top level stable teams we have the better. It works in Hull, it works in Widnes/Warrington, it works in St.Helens/Wigan. It should work in Leeds. If London Broncos revive it would be great if Skolars could join them at the top level. Rivalry and competition in local areas creates rivalry and can benefit both teams.
  4. Union have been trying to wring the neck of the RL chicken since 1895. They have not succeeded yet. As Winston Churchill said "some chicken, some neck ". Despite all the known advantages of establishment support and top level aid and discriminatory practices, RL is still here. It has conquered Australia it is on the rise in New Zealand, it is spreading like the rising tide in the UK, it is rising like a Phoenix from the ashes in France and setting down increasingly strong and widespread roots in fertile soil from South Africa to continental Europe to the middle east and north America and the Pacific Islands. Top level union is all but dead in our English RL heartlands. Their game is as marginalised in this country as ours. Despite RU's successes it has serious problems of over spending by it's clubs and divisions at club level over Europe and the celtic nations are well upset with their treatment by England. Our recent World Cup was well received by the general public. I think Mr Murdoch, The Australian TV networks and the BBC are well pleased with the viewing figures for RL. As always our game is in various sorts of crisis but I am cautiously optimistic. I don't like the 3 x 8 format but yet I wish it well. It will be new and precedent setting.
  5. To be fair, we filled a lot of stadia for internationals only two months ago.
  6. E mail the RFL and ask them. There are 5 SL clubs in West Yorkshire whether you like it or not.
  7. Sydney has a population of 4.3 million and 9 NRL clubs which is 477,000 per club. West Yorkshire has a population of 2.1 million and 5 SL clubs which is 420,000 per club. Both places have lower level clubs. These population figures should enough to sustain the clubs. The population of Wigan is 317,000 and the Wigan club does OK.
  8. All very laudable BUT how many of these clubs are not supported by philanthropic owner/investors. ? Maybe 4. The reality is we have no options but to rely on the Davy and Khoukash segment of the game.
  9. The deck is more stacked in favour of the bottom four SL clubs who will fall into the middle 8. They will be playing with a full battle hardened SL squad on SL salary cap against teams who have played a championship season against such powers as Rochdale, Keighley and Crusaders on a much smaller budget although it is going to be sweetened a bit but not enough. Given these circumstances it is highly unlikely that a Championship team will able to mount a credible challenge for one of the promotion spots and I think it will be rare when there is a promotion from this group. A 2 x 12, straight p and r would have, subject to standards being met, guaranteed promotion.
  10. I think that comes under the hoisted on your own petard column. It will be interesting to see what shenanigans are rolled out to get round their written and voted protestations.
  11. In theory but don't bet your house on it. The deck is stacked in favour of the incumbents.
  12. Because it's sport and results on the field determine who wins. The finances and everything else often have a huge impact on who wins but sometimes not and this is the case with Sheffield.
  13. If they were excellent in the tougher league they wouldn't be in the bottom four in the first place and so would avoid th3 middle eight. You could argue that they have the lesser number of home games because they had a sub par season whereas the Championship teams are rewarded with more home games because they had a good season and qualified for the middle eight.
  14. Mark Aston, who has an unbeatable resume in RL, is stating exactly what myself and others without his authority and standing in the game, have been saying for weeks. The 3 x 8 does not guarantee that any team will be promoted and the probability, given as you day the disparite financial resources of the Championship clubs vis a vis SL clubs, is that nobe will be. A traditional p and r system with a guarantee of promotion for the winner, even if they have to meet minimums standards to clinch the deal, is a must, This 3 x 8 system almost guarantees the retention of the status quo. It is practically a retention of a closed shop.
  15. it's interesting that you would even countenance the thought of more than one TV broadcaster being interested in RL. When I have suggested such as a source of extra revenue on this forum in the past you have been adamant in your denials of any such possible sources of new revenue. Sky, you insisted, would never increase their investment in RL rather they would likely reduce it. Have uou been travelling on the road to Damascus by any chance ?
  16. They didn't need to replace them at all. They could have run the SL with 2 teams which is what they will now do anyway.
  17. That's exactly right. This system is designed to placate Championship clubs by seemingly offering them a straightforward shot at promotion but, in reality, a promotion will be rarer and more infrequent than getting to SL under licencing. Time will tell, but I think one team every four or so years might get promoted. Guaranteed promotion for the championship winners ( subject to minimum standards being met ) is better than a stacked playoff ###### shoot against higher financed and battle tested opponents. I am a staunch advocate of p and r but this hybrid heath robinson contraption with more questions than answers will be a disaster for Championship clubs.
  18. How do you explain Castleford and Bradford's stadia then and St Helens for 10 years until Langtree was built.?
  19. Completely wrong. It as p and r with standards and it just so happened that Dewsbury and Hunslet won the championships and both were denied promotion because of grounds or maybe financing I can't exactly remember but they didn't meet the standards so Huddersfield were saved from relegation. eventually some team were deemed fit for promotion and Huddersfield were relegated. I can't remember which team went up to replace the Giants.
  20. But the Crusaders were given a licence anyway. Says it all about the skulduggery involved in licence allocation.
  21. They were always bottom because they were spared relegation due to the Championship winners being denied promotion. Once they actually were relegated, they got their act together, won promotion and kicked on from there. On their promotion initially there was no three year exemption from promotion. The club could have been relegated the following season.
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