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  1. Don't forget there are one or two clubs bordering on administration, and there are very few monied people willing to take over a destitute Rugby League club. I think the present circumstances surrounding Bradford will be more than enough to put off prospective buyers. I quote a fellow club member depriving them of transfer monies, and the other clubs financing themselves from the fine put on Bradford. Quite logically the fine money could have been put into youth development, particularly after government cuts in this area. I suppose it would have been a first to repay some compensation to creditors, but perhaps too much of a dangerous precedent. I would hope common sense would prevail, and the monies being taken away from the Bulls is stopped, and we make it more equal for SL clubs.
  2. I feel so sorry for Luke, not only losing his mother, and starting the season with a long term injury. Now this months rugby magazine while writing about lack or potential good British scrum halves fails to give him even a mention. In my humble opinion once he gets into a settled run, and a settled half back partner he will be one of the best scrum halves in Super League.
  3. The salary cap was never brought in to affect just Wigan. Wigan's long period of dominance was mainly down to the fact that most sides were part time, and Wigan had the support to allow their players to play full time. It is a fact that if a club has extra money coming in they will break the rules to pay over the cap, it happens in all walks of life, that if we can get round the rules to get a better product then we will do it. To put it in its best light ,it is a system which leads to making the league more attractive by leveling the playing field, but we are always going to have clubs that will break the rules, by obtaining the best side they can get. If you are a supporter of a side that has made your club better, are you going to complain? I think not.
  4. It is a long time since the age when we could pop over the border into Wales, and pick up a world star for full back. Too many to name and boring, but who can forget Lewis Jones? Also a major star in Australia although getting on in age at that time. Incidentally they were all reared on the mud in Wales, which makes a nonsense of dry grounds being good for stardom.
  5. It appears your ban remains if not involved in a vital cup match, but now we have seen two recent removal of bans despite the fine standing. Not a very good message to send out, and I recall Sykes of the Bulls putting his hand up saying he was guilty of a 'spear' tackle earlier in the season and taking the fine and suspension without complaint. The disciplinary committee are sending out a poor message, and I cannot think of any cases particularly in SL, where the punishment has been increased following a unsuccessful appeal.
  6. According to the Guardian, Orford is seeking release from his current contract to play for Canberra. As yet the Bulls haven't signed any cover for half backs, and if the report is true, and usually The Guardian has got its facts right! Then the club will be really struggling. Presume the main hope will be obtaining an overseas coverage with the space left by Orford, I am sure the Bulls are well aware of the situation, and forcing Orford to honour his contract isn't going to help if he doesn't want to play for the Bulls anymore.
  7. Personally, I am pleased to see our game get some publicity, and this is probably more than we have had in the past. I am sure we are in for a classic, with two very exciting teams, and a final that will go down as an epic. Never mind criticising the Beeb, why not have a go at the Mail which in this part of the country constantly avoids league as does their internet site?
  8. Niether team can stste they are under pressure, so may give us all a shock by playing a decent game, we all need it,' never in the field of conflict have so many had to endure such rubbish'.
  9. Good to hear of the sell out, but where were the supporters for the cup ties? Terrible attendances, despite many give away inducements. We couldn't even get 20K attendancies for the semis, somehow we have to induce more support for the ties.
  10. Sarn roundabout on the M4 at Bridgend. Two cheap hotels there, one of them is advertised by Lenny Henry, and the other one at the motorway lodge advertises at
  11. It will be interesting to see which side manages to complete a set of six, Bulls missed out last week, but I do believe the Wildcats managed at least one. At least one set of supporters should manage to see a victory before the end of the season. I have never before been looking to the end of a season, but I am sure like everyone else it has been too much pain to bear.
  12. There werewo Flanagans at that time, and the one who went to Wigan and is now in Australia, followed Nobby to Wigan. His father had played internationally with Noble , why he came to Bulls in first place, everybody would like to have kept him , but no use having a disgruntled player. I believe Wigan may have paid a small fee for him.. The other Flanagan didn't make the grade. I know we can blame Mac for a lot, but certainly a youngster we couldn't keep.
  13. There werewo Flanagans at that time, and the one who went to Wigan and is now in Australia, followed Nobby to Wigan. His father had played internationally with Noble , why he came to Bulls in first place, everybody would like to have kept him , but no use having a disgruntled player. I believe Wigan may have paid a small fee for him.. The other Flanagan didn't make the grade. I know we can blame Mac for a lot, but certainly a youngster we couldn't keep.
  14. Atkins was let go by Macnamara, shortly after taking over, he reckoned we had a number of young players coming through in the backs, and Atkins would get more opportunity with Wakefield to develop, he has haunted us ever since. I know another player was also let go at the same time cannot remember who it was. Not to be hard on Mac, but it was the time when big debts had to be settled and Leeds were pushing us for compensation, I am sure in normal circumstances a prospect like Atkins wouldn't have been allowed to leave but Mac was under pressure to make savings and if we had adequate cover then players could be let go, and of course Atkins may not have developed.. Our downward path was just beginning.
  15. There will be a small tournament going on at the same time called the 6 Nations which will kill local spectators, plus no hope of much local coverage. Last time was almost nill, and when I went to work in Cardiff I only passed one poster in the railway station, non existent in the city. I recall on this board they had a superb one of Deacon on the Taff beside the stadium, but never saw it round here. Personally I am more than pleased to see it return to the MM but there could be a major drop in attendance.
  16. It reminds me of the conspiracory theories, you can make out a case to support the wildest theory's and it is hard to disprove them. The system works well, and the only ones who complain are the supporters who are directly effected. However we may criticise the management of RL I certainly don't believe that bias is given to individual supporters, and despite one or two weird decisions lately by some referees, the placing on report soon ensures justice is done
  17. Sadly crowd figures are not very good, certainly at Wrexham, if the results they have reached this season had been in S Wales then the crowds would have been doubled. Un fortunately around Bridgend there is a feeling of being let down following the move to N Wales, and I regularly meet former loyal supporters who now don't go to RL games.
  18. The Guardian are indicating that Nero is going to Salford, and the Bulls state that Orford will be back at the club ready for next season, and his operation is healing successfully. Although Nero never played with the Bulls anywhere near his Giants form, he is as good as the majority of SL centres. Wardle looked good on his debut but sadly been injured since, and I really don't think Crookes is going to make it. I would dearly love to be wrong on this. Defensivel,y Platt has been good, but his passing leaves a lot to be desired, once again we look like struggling with our backs next season.
  19. Forget referees, it is the team itself which is to blame! No pride or passion, a complete lack of determination, and sadly lack of team spirit. I was one of the few supporters when the club disappeared in '63, and following reformation I never thought we could outdo that losing run. The first time round it was lack of money, and very poor playing staff, but this time there are talented players, and I know injuries have been plentiful, but this does not excuse so much lack of endeavour. Every week we see silly mistakes, so numerous it is unbelievable, and these are mainly from the players who are experienced. It is time somebody stood up and said enough is enough, and please get rid of the players who do not perform, and I see little point in waiting for the end of the season to carry this out.
  20. Both Orford himself and the chairman of the Bulls indicated that he would be back for next season. Apart from some unconfirmed Aussie press reports there is no confirmation of any change. I can't see that continual denials of Orford leaving are needed, because some press reporter in Australia wants to make up a story. Unless there is a statement by either Orford or the Bulls, I see it as a complete waste of time to report these Aussie press stories.
  21. I can't really see a Bulls win, we have lost the games when we should, or had a good chance of winning. It would be worthwhile if we could put in some good tackling and a tighter defence, and maybe, just maybe, we could beat the Catalans the following week. I hate sounding so defeatist, but having seen my hopes dashed so many times, this game looks like another defeat.
  22. I was also brought up by Bradford schooling and we lived in a back to back, didn't qualify for a council house. My schooling was done in the forces, and my life is now in uni's, but I love my League always have, and hate to be put down by anyone. Stevo gets one thing right and that is we have the greatest game, and we sadly let ourselves down by not promotong our game. Soccer has done a great job of marketing theirs which actually can very often be very poor entertainment. Sadly, we apper to be stuck in our northern roots, and we really should be ensuring that we have solid sides in London and Wales.
  23. I fail to recognise all this clap trap that League is solely for thickies and thugs. I recall my daughter being at uni with a certain Joe Lydon, and Lewis Jones and many others of that ilk would be horrified to be classed as roughs. When I came to Wales I recall a professor at Cardiff Uni asking me if I recalled WHT- Willie Davies of Bradford. I answered yes and had a friend for life. I have known a number of skilled soccer players whose brains remained in their boots. We all love our League whatever our supposed class, and please stop trying to put ourselves down
  24. 'The End is Nigh' The problem is that too many players are not performing, and there is a constant stream of schoolboy errors, and they apparently cannnot get out of it. This constant throwing away of matches is destroying the faithful supporters who have supported them through thick and thin. It reminds me of those terrible days of the early sixties, when the club went down that slippery slope to oblivion. Someone fresh has to come into the club, and provide an uplift, and none of that continuous excuses which appear in the local paper every week for the constant mistakes, and poor play which the supporters tolerate every match..
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