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  1. Jake Connor who played opposite Joseph Manu in the winning 2018 test series? Had a very good series also. Not suggesting he should necessarily be in the starting 13 but don't understand the claim that he has no pedigree at this level? Lack of pace would rule him out of the full back role imo but at centre or half he will create chances against anybody.
  2. Wakey win with a bit to spare - the fight has disappeared from the black and whites. Hope we give debuts to the 3 youngsters in the 21. There's always next year should be our club motto..
  3. Hull limping to the season end and Wigan probably upbeat after last two performances although not scoring many points. Wigan by a score or two.
  4. Finding it hard to be positive for a good Hull FC performance. All the noises coming out of the club are around season ending injuries and last minute fitness tests to key players, that never seems to end well. Opening couple of sets will show if Hodgson can get a response. Aggressive defence and a keen kick chase were missing against Cas and Salford and the early exchanges will show if they are back! Expecting a bit of a dour game between two sides under par but kind of desperate. Leeds to win.
  5. Now even the defensive resolve has disappeared. What a disgraceful performance when we still had something to play for. Other then a huge player cull I have no ideas how to get a consistent tune out of these players - good luck Hodgson cos you are going to need it!
  6. Without question in my opinion. Attitude to defend the most noticeable improvement. Remember the squad is no different with the exception of Josh Reynolds so I think its fair to say that whatever style Hodgson wants to play is limited and will take a couple of years to change fully. A number of players have improved under his coaching = Satae and Lane the most obvious. A couple are still plodders and this is what we need to change. Its about getting the most out of the squad until he can bring his own players in. Didn't watch the Cas game live but caught up with it last night and not as down as a lot of FC fans. We lost the energy battle big time, fair play to Cas who were a lot sharper in all facets of the game.
  7. Great news for Hull and well done breaking the news on Sky Sports News, giving the game some positive publicity. Disappointed and maybe over protective but some of the RL media have really given this signing a negative angle! Who else wanted him is one example. World class at putting ourselves down as a sport. Rant over.
  8. Will be a real test for the younger players making their debut - hope Hodgson gives them all game time and doesn't continue with non playing subs. Not expecting a result by any stretch and can only think the positives are that the game is played and ticked off. Haven't trained properly all week and a visit to the South of France does not bode well! Nope, really struggling for any FC positives - maybe game time for Taylor!
  9. Disappointing and frustrating but it is what it is. Hull will follow the rules and that is that, any garbage around using it as an excuse to avoid teams is just that - garbage. Some players have felt quite ill and lost a bit of weight over the last couple of instances so we need to follow procedures more than ever and player welfare is paramount. We wont be the last this season...
  10. Going to look at the positives from a Hull perspective. At 16-0 down after 20 minutes I am expecting a 60 point hiding in years gone by, to come back into the game and be a bounce of the ball away from potentially levelling the scores shows the effort is there - although our lack of quality is shouting out. Thought Cam Scott look lively with the ball in hand and maybe deserves a run in the centre in front of more illustrious team mates? Mitch on the wing looks a natural - he could be our future lets keep him there for the rest of the season. No better prop than Satae in super league at the minute. Add Connor, Carlos, Taylor, Savelio and Shaul over the next 2 to 3 weeks will improve that lack of quality.
  11. Really disappointing performance, particularly second half, but must give full credit to Leeds who defended superbly. Attack all over the place with our last tackle kicks just not anywhere near accurate enough. Satae in particular and Soa are now getting flogged with a real drop off when Bowden and Fash replace them. Lane, Mau and Cator all need to look at their involvement last night. The stats are poor. Baffled by only using 2 of his bench - although Johnson came on for last 10? We are basically playing with 15 players and I cannot understand why. Brown is fit and must be a better option from the bench. What I would give for a Dwyer type hooker to come off the bench when teams are tiring...
  12. No real spark in attack has he? Very strong defender who can pass a ball with the occasional kick. Modern day Tommy Lee who may end up at hooker?
  13. No drama for Hull. Looked like a side that hasn't taken the field in a month and were defensively very soft. Poor discipline also. Giants deserved winners and after a couple of close games against Wigan that will come as a huge relief. They looked more battle hardened and very determined. Thought the final shot by Savelio was fair on the young kid? Surely didn't get penalised? Thought Jones put more effort into the altercation then he did in his entire Hull career!
  14. Yes, deffo postponed until Thursday 15th July. Covid outbreak at Rovers.
  15. Ferriera is fit and played for the U19s at the weekend but now we have signed Logan I suspect is down the pecking order. As you say I biggest issue is in the forwards and a lack of props. Was hoping that we might bring one in on loan this week but not so. Big minutes from Sao, Brown and Fash needed!
  16. Could he follow his dad to union just like the Farrells? Great kicking game by all accounts.
  17. I would also suggest that this is also meant for the attention of the Allams who currently run the stadium (SMC) - very badly! Its a bad situation made worse by the putting back of the lockdown. Back in February I suspect Pearson took the govts word and expected normality to be back and full houses available by now but its not. I guess plenty of other club chairmen could have had the same rant. It also looks like he is narked by the point blank refusal to accept a major investment into the sport by our leaders.. Just a whinge I would say.
  18. Yep, the international weekend should be a free weekend for all pro and maybe even amateur clubs. This should be the pinnacle of our sport watching the national team play. It certainly will be the pinnacle for the players selected to represent their country. Club driven no doubt - cram the games in and scrape every last penny out of the paying punter. Player welfare? Give over cash is king...
  19. Not sure which way Hodgson will go with replacing the injured centres. Going to guess at Faraimo to centre with Vulikijapani making his debut on the wing. Wynne on the bench if this partnership doesnt work, he can slot into fullback and Connor to centre. Jack Brown to replace Bowden on the bench. Still a pretty strong 17.
  20. Is everyone OK with how Scott received his injury? Seemed a pretty unnecessary and late tackle\throw well after he had passed the ball. Hope its not as serious as it looks and scans are favourable.
  21. Not sure Scott will get an extended run at centre. Think Faraimo will play tonight and Fonua to the centre.
  22. I guess I was amazed as only a couple of years earlier Chico was a very good barnstorming prop during the Des Hasler era alongside Tim Street! To go back to the wing shows the guys versatility and commitment to the cause. I often wonder if Colin Best regrets leaving Hull when he did. A challenge cup win and Grand Final appearance were literally around the corner! Quality winger. Also remember a young Marcus Bai getting a run out at Hull and scoring 60 yarder against Widnes in the early 90s.
  23. Made his debut on the wing against Salford at the Boulevard, the highlights were shown on scrumdown. Seem to remember him scoring a try as well playing opposite Tex Evans? Proper club legend who put everything into playing for the shirt!
  24. Chico Jackson. Amazing that he was ever picked on the wing but has at least one 90 yarder to his name!
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