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  1. Absolutely correct - you sum up the situation perfectly
  2. Gambling is vital to the racing industry - noone has ever doubted that. How much RL or soccer or RU sponsorship is now from betting companies - so racing isn't the only one perhaps? My point - as you have accepted - was that in the long-term racing could not survive on betting alone. Its all moot now anyway - what will survive the shut-down will depend on many factors. That's as true for racing as it is for Rugby League
  3. Wrong - the racecourses absolutely need crowds in the longer term. As I said, however, due to the gambling connection we do have a little more wriggle room than sports like Rugby League.
  4. Horse Racing will operate behind closed doors because it is uniquely equipped to do so. However, even we are hoping for a June resumption because even we will struggle beyond that point. Sports crowds soon will not be permitted and a guess of resumption in June - because it is only a guess - should not be relied on. The virus will hopefully abate in the Summer but the expectation currently - the guess currently, the assumption of our government currently - is that there will be a second wave epidemic in the autumn and then through next winter. Plans need to be put in place - by governments, companies, sports, individuals. Sorry to be a downer - but muddling through is rapidly ceasing to be an option
  5. That - and that alone - should see Mr Rimmer sacked immediately. How can you misread a situation so badly.
  6. Unfortunately even if the government pledges to support businesses and clubs I wouldn't bet on the money being forthcoming immediately - which is of course the only time that it would be any damned use. Governments of all shades love to announce spending - several times if possible - but tend to be rather slower in producing the goods
  7. Horse Racing is still operating - but it is close to going behind closed doors (already the case in Scotland, Ireland and France).
  8. If you are folowing a delay strategy then it makes sense to prohibit gatherings above a certain size. It is imminent - the sport has to be putting plans in place for an emergency season once the period of quarantine concludes. If we get very lucky and such plans don't have to be implemented then that is great.
  9. Fife didn't finish the season last year. The other two did - which was progress! If Fife can complete this season then that would be progress again this year. Baby steps...
  10. Cornish didn't finish last season but if Saltash has gone too then that is a great shame.
  11. I'm happy to defer to local knowledge. Is it the RU club wanting a RL presence (and poaching players) or is it RL players unhappy with their clubs and getting together at a good facility?
  12. If the players are mainly associated withn the RU club then they probably prefer to play under their own colours.
  13. Bold Miners are listed in the Division 5 table for the North West and in the fixtures. I noticed because I was surprised to see them reappear. But you have vastly more local knowledge on this than me
  14. Since Cardiff struggled last year to finish the season that seems to make sense. The Welsh league seems a better fit for them
  15. All I ask is that the team with the smallest number of points gets relegated and replaced by the best team in the Championship. Pretty basic for any sport - but ours has managed to fail that simple test of its credentials too often in the past.
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