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  1. If the players are mainly associated withn the RU club then they probably prefer to play under their own colours.
  2. Bold Miners are listed in the Division 5 table for the North West and in the fixtures. I noticed because I was surprised to see them reappear. But you have vastly more local knowledge on this than me
  3. Since Cardiff struggled last year to finish the season that seems to make sense. The Welsh league seems a better fit for them
  4. All I ask is that the team with the smallest number of points gets relegated and replaced by the best team in the Championship. Pretty basic for any sport - but ours has managed to fail that simple test of its credentials too often in the past.
  5. These are the reults I have in my records - taken from the old BARLA side, The Vault and the old International Scores site. I have no connection to official statistics or BARLA so you should take official publications or the memories of those directly connected to tours as more reliable. Anyway for what they are worth BARLA.doc
  6. A remarkable resource Celtic Rooster - thanks for sharing them because I can tell just how much work went into them.
  7. I believe that's the case Kev - though there are also the non-heartland leagues of course.
  8. Aren't they playing in the London League. Looking at the RFL site they are shown beating Newham on Saturday
  9. I still don't understand why they wouldn't fit into the South West League - if Cornwall were then why weren't the Sharks. If its personalities then some heads need to be knocked together!
  10. TBH it looked to me that Serbia just dropped the ball too much in Russia - just as Russia had in Spain. I'm inclined to praise Serbia for not making too big a deal of the visa problems. The Russian RL have struggled on through a lot of tough times and I don't begrudge them having something to celebrate.
  11. Celtic Rooster is the man when it comes to rugby league history. Great to see these tables
  12. You don't need to look at pictures to judge crowd sizes for RL. Plenty of stats out there if you dig for them. The Super League has done much better, the rest rather less well. There are exceptions in both camps. In general the figures steadily rose after the change to Summer until the last couple of years when they have held steady or slightly declined. To me it seems clear that the season is too long and that interest in the Super 8s is low when most of the issues have already been settled.
  13. Did Saltash finish third - I'm not sure about that. There were some 24-0s there or teams demoted for failing to pay all their fixtures. Someone on the scene can probably enlighten us. The last 2 scores on the rugby-league website (28 July) weren't league games they were the Grand and Plate Finals (as club twitter feeds confirm)
  14. Had some pictures on the RLEF twitter and a statement that the crowd was over 500. By the looks of it I would say that's right but 1000 might be pushing it. Over 500 would be excellent anyway and a great day for Czech RL
  15. Don't forget Wales Kev - they always took an interest in the competition when some others didn't
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