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  1. I know teams are needed in the West but surely it has to make sense that Worcester prove they can actually complete a season at the lower level first! Is there any reason to believe they can either compete in the 2022 season or complete it. Don't get me wrong I hope I'm wrong on this.
  2. Oh this could be very good with a bit of imagination. But please everyone remember that the aim is to get the game before people who don't already know all the rules or nuances. Its still perhaps too sporadic but definitely a good step forward. Echo everyone's comments on the need to plug these games. Two for one deals or even free bloody tickets. We need those stadiums as full as possible.
  3. If you go to Match Centre (not Competitions) and then down to the bottom of the list of leagues you will find Cumberland and that has a 1D table - hope that helps
  4. I seem to recall 'West Papua ' playing a game in the past but that it was made up of exiles. Checking wikipedia it seems they were PNG-based. It might be similar to RL's brush with Catalonia. People would play RL if they could play as West Papua but their inclination to play as representatives of Indonesia might be very limited indeed.
  5. It is excellent. But we're missing the Eastern Rhinos?
  6. Noumea is New Caledonia I believe - a French dependency that has a little RL history. French Polynesia and Wallis/Futuna are also French territories. Vanuatu is independent but before c1979 was ruled by the Britsh and French as a joint colony. It has a francophone tradition and has a current RL presence
  7. I'm happy to defer to local knowledge. Is it the RU club wanting a RL presence (and poaching players) or is it RL players unhappy with their clubs and getting together at a good facility?
  8. If the players are mainly associated withn the RU club then they probably prefer to play under their own colours.
  9. Bold Miners are listed in the Division 5 table for the North West and in the fixtures. I noticed because I was surprised to see them reappear. But you have vastly more local knowledge on this than me
  10. Celtic Rooster is the man when it comes to rugby league history. Great to see these tables
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