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  1. If when the league splits, they run the Challenge cup for a number of weeks, this would also allow for some international fixtures mid season. Whether that be the exiles format or France v England. Also the point about championship clubs not being able to compete with SL1 clubs. The bottom SL1 clubs don't currently spend the full cap, so it's not like the top SL2 clubs will be playing clubs maxed out on the salary cap. Also as points are carried forwards, there is an evening effect in that although the SL1 clubs will be ahead in player strength, the SL2 clubs will be ahead on points. There is only a maximum of 28 points that can be recovered during the 2nd phase. Also the championship clubs will be playing each other as well as the SL1 clubs, so they will pick up points. Mathematically it's going to be very difficult for more than one SL1 club to pull ahead of the top SL2 club. I do find the assumption that this system is complex, very insulting. We are not thick northerners with no education, no training, no prospects. We are fully educated people who can understand complex situations, some of us can do simultaneous equations, some of us can understand more than the reporters give us credit for. It took about 2 reads to understand the system. The question is money, but that is also the current question. I think there are elements of the option 3 system that can be exploited that the current system can't. but it will still take effort and a better marketing team than the current one at the RFL to exploit. The suggestion of a new league structure does not worry me. Giving the title sponsorship away to Stobart for free last year, leaving us with no one prepared to pay this year worries me. But then the SL chairmen endorsed that last year, as did the outgoing Richard Lewis who put his neck on the line, to stop a gambling company getting the gig, but then left some months later.
  2. The points do get carried forward to the new competition. Also saying that the top 8 would sort itself out is not true. Yes there are always the usual suspects, but last year Bradford (the mutli superleague champions) would have not made the cut, this year Saints would not have made the cut, only 5 or so years ago, Wigan would not have made the cut. Warrington would not have made the cut. Whilst some teams are %wise in the top 8 a lot, no one is a dead cert to be at the top of the league.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up parksider, I thought it would only be SL chairmen who got a vote. If it's down to all clubs to get a vote, then I think option 3 will certainly carry the day.
  4. If I had to guess their choices. Yes Wigan, Warrington, , Saints, Huddersfield, Bradford, London, Salford No Wakefield, Widnes, Leeds, Catalan, Castleford, Not sure Hull KR, Hull I think Wigan, Warrington and Saints would all like more games against each other as these provide pretty much sell outs, therefore more cash in the coffers. I think Bradford, Salford and Huddersfield are all aspiring to be top 8 clubs wanting to be winners so securing that top 8 will be good for them. London I think would vote yes as it would take some pressure off them in terms of competiting against clubs with 10 times the amount of fans, but would not lead to them dropping out of the top flight. I think Wakey and Cas who have put a lot into staying in SL, would not welcome the possibility of Yo-yo ing. Same for Widnes. I think Leeds probably don't care one way or the other. Catalans might fear a bad run axing them from SL all together. Hull FC and Hull KR, I could not even speculate as to what they may think, it could end up taking their derby away or at least the possiblity of the return fixture. So it could be a tight vote. But it's all speculation until a chairman comes out for or against the idea.
  5. In the end would it not like all decisions come down to SL chairmen. So surely only their opinion matters. That being the case which way would they vote???
  6. Well it's fair to say the article certainly shows which camp Martyn sits in, and that is fine, everyone is allowed an opinion. I would argue that some of the assumptions made in the article are flawed or not very well explained. For example the effect on the challenge cup, it maybe that Martyn knows more about the set up of the competition, but I can't see why it should be effected by the option 3 structure. In fact I would say option 3 allows for a revamp of the CC into a more condensed competition. Currently the CC is spread over a huge chunk of the season, meaning that our national TV coverage free to air has no consistency and does not allow for a period of concentrated coverage. If you place the CC between the split period, you allow it week to week coverage so something for the Beeb to sink their teeth into, like they can with the 6 nations. But also clubs knocked out, will get that recovery period, which will be helpful to the players, and clubs to recuperate. There is a good point about the playoffs lacking meaning for the middle 8, however it does not cover the fact that it should provide a boost to the middle 8 clubs for the other 14 games as they jostle for position.
  7. Our go forward was poor, but had we held strong in defence for 20 minutes that would not have mattered too much. Maybe it's too soon for analysis, but we had no impact from the forwards or backs.
  8. I'd be more depressed, but we did'nt look in it from 20 minutes. So the pain was eased early on. A small mercy from Wigan.
  9. I'm a Saints fan, and I'm here. Don't forget most Saints will still be at the match, but I think when they do comeback they will say that Wigan where the bette team. The only reason I'm here is because I'm with my wife whose having contractions on our 2nd child otherwise I'd be stuck in Manchester dissapointed instead of at home disappointed but with bigger issues to deal with.
  10. I would agree but Anderson has the CC finals in his favour, so I would get shouted down by Saints fans on that. Don't get me wrong I don't think Anderson or Potter are bad coaches. I think they are very good, but I just don't get that feeling of passion from them that other coaches seam to give to their teams and it's that passion and motivation that I think you need from coaches to motivate you for a final. I know people will say players should already be motivated for a final , but if the coach does not mirror that I imagine teams talks may leave you feeling pretty flat before kick off. Even if you look at dressing rooms before the walk onto the pitch, Saints were all wandering about Wigan where a group. Again before kick off after the minutes silence Wigan where a group. Years ago, Saints used to build up as a group in the dressing room psychicing themselves up now it's hands in the middle at best usually with a few people still wandering around. Wigan where focused and motivated, and deserved winners. You have no idea how hard it is for me to say that.
  11. Potter will transform Bradford, as a club builder he is probably 2nd to none. That is what bradford need. He will turn Bradford into a top 4 club IMHO no problem. I just think Saints when we play at our best have attacking ideas and off the cuff play all over the field. We are now an efficient team that can make a top 4 spot. But this season and last when it has come to important games where something is on the line that invention has gone.. Bradfords needs and SAints needs are 2 entirely different things. I just hope the new man enjoys open attacking rugby and is not 100% drill oriantated.
  12. Well done Wigan. I'm gutted that yet again Saints have come to a final not ready to start. It's as though anything off the cuff has been coached out of the side. I know there has been alot of talk that Saints where without our half back combination. But those 16 points that Wigan ran in at the start had nothing to do with missing half backs purely Wigan where at a final and knew it. Saints just looked like they where trotting out for yet another game. The only inventive stuff we did was once the game was already gone. It did not look like the coach had any special plays or combinations lined up. For Wigan every player went out there not expecting to win but with the understanding that it's a final and you have to play the whole game with intensity if you want to win. Saints for 20 minutes where just trotting around with no intensity in the tackles. Wigan have been consistently the best all year and are truely worthy champions. Gutted. Again.
  13. I understand the hesitation to put pressure on your own side at the start. But for me when it's 0 - 0 with 80 minutes to go you can take a bit of pressure. When you're 2 tries down and chasing the game, that when you're already under pressure and taking risks just looks like desparation. I'd much rather take a risk in their half than have to throw it about in our own. Besides, makes it a little more interesting.
  14. Looks like they have shelved the 9:30 showing in favour of a football preview.
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