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  1. I thought the statement from Saints lacked a little something. But given the information that has come out since, legally if they said more it could have been an issue. Sad end.
  2. Wow some Saints fans really love to give it to our own team.
  3. Is London not in the UK? You can't merge those who choose not to. Maybe getting them to merge stadia would have been an easier first step. Once monetary ties start, it can be a simpler idea to merge other aspects, like junior academies etc... I have nothing against Mergers, but a Wigan Saints Merger, or any club and Saints Merger I would not watch. Sure 10 - 20 years down the line when traditions have died kids may start following. But in those 10 - 20 years the clubs could re-emerge like the Sheffield Phoenix. You can use carrot and stick all you like but you cannot force someone to change their own minds. The other option is that they compete until one comes out on top.
  4. Man there are some depressive Hull fans about. You are 2 games off 3rd place, yet some were looking to the middle 8's. Get a grip it's a long season, we are not even a quarter of the way through it yet and 2 points (1 win) covers 4th to 12th. People say they want a competitive league until they get it.
  5. That increase in funding will come from where? If you say the RFL, then you mean SL, which means SL clubs will have to vote for a smaller cut. Not going to happen. The season is not even halfway through, we are no were near the split and yet people are ready to pronounce their verdicts so early. It's not so much a verdict, just the same dogma they were pronouncing prior to the new structure. I'll wait for the evidence to settle. How long did licencing get? 6 years, so lets see if the new structure in 6 years equates to an improvement, reduction or nugatory effect. No doubt those dogmatically opposed will say we can't afford to wait to see if it works, well that's just the argument of anyone who does not want to see any evidence. We can't wait to see if the world is round, it will be too late my then, therefore it must be flat.
  6. From what I understand if a Widnes player had not tripped over his own feet he would have scored. I watched the Leeds game, whilst listening to the Saints game. Leeds did not really test the Warrington defence, can't really recall them being stretched at any point. I think we are capable of matching that defence. When we started the year we were really tight, but seem to have lost some of that in recent weeks. I think with Burns we will always offer something in attack, certainly more than Leeds did.
  7. What happened to Makinson? Glad there will be Amor back next week
  8. For those who said that Mose would never make it as a winger. http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/match_day/match_preview/11065
  9. I'd be surprised if Roby was fit, he was carrying that arm last week. I think it's a case of play him as we have not got even a reserve hooker.
  10. It does not count because the last time SOuth's played in a competitive Austrailain match they only beat their opponents by ermmmmmm oh 30 points. But then it was only errmmm oh yeh a GF. Maybe, just maybe the South's are a good side.
  11. He's not. Walsh just ain't ready yet. I get why you would play Wilkin there, he has been tried and tested and does bring a stability to halfback. But with Burns in the side I would hope we let Lance or Hewitt have a few games against those who will not test us as much as Cas.
  12. I would not say a hinderance, but he is operating beyond his capabilities. He said as much himself at the end of the game. You can't fault the man for putting his hand up to do a job. Lance could play 6 and Burns 7, but that is up to the coach. Lance could also spell Roby, but for some reason a fresh pair of legs were not deemed as required. In the end we won and that's the bottom line.
  13. Att: 13,474 Att: 5353 Att: 66164 (double header at twickers) Att: 66164 (double header at twickers) Att: 22639 Att: 2,776 Att: 13,102 Att: 12,755 Att: 9,721 Att: 6,374 Att: 5,888 As you can see they are hardly flying ahead of SL as a competition. The massive difference is their european competition and reach goes beyond our own. And their international game is far more high profile and well organised. Taking Football, RL and RU league attendances. In terms of people attending I'd rank them as Premier League Football Championship Football RL and RU League 1 Football We focus too much on the attendances, we need to focus elsewhere to grow the game. That maybe a 9's competition to bring in new viewers like 20/20 has for cricket. But the international games and growth into France and Wales should be our real focus. If we could get Wales and France off the ground we could have a tri-nations in the northern hemisphere on a yearly basis that would draw in the causal viewer like our league cannot. My point is that the club competition looks fairly healthy and micro inspection of the figures does not really help. Does Union start beating itself up over figures like 2k and 5k turning up for an opening game???
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