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  1. Yes. It was Sport+ (part of Canal+ group and previously Pathe Sport) that had rights 2006 to 2009 and they showed all home games, using Skys pictures for the opening game v Wigan but then their own coverage for the rest. Sky used to show about 30 minutes highlights of these (from 2008) in repeat airings of their then own Saturday Live game. Then Orange Sports (linked to the mobile phone company) took over in 2010 & 2011 and early 2012 before the Channel closed mid season. beIN Sports immediately took up the games from June 2012 showing Catalan v Wigan 9 days after launch. They've been there for the most part since with Sky rebroadcasting their games here from 2013, partly because they moved away from what was then their own Live Saturday matches but also bein had better production standards (HD) then those before. Sport+ wasn't even widescreen.
  2. Channel 4 matches are always second choice picks from that particular round.
  3. I think they have games from November but not 100% sure. They are currently showing the test matches Live from Perpignan.
  4. This is a nutshell sums up Rugby League's problem. No global body means no coordination to create a TV rights cycle. We should be selling a four year cycle of rights ending with World Cups. But that needs a proper schedule of fixtures, if your just ad hoc arranging games it's difficult to profitise.
  5. I think they'd benefit from shorter matches maybe 30 minutes each way. Though I think they've come on fitness wise since 2019, being a fitter side is or will be an increasing big advantage in a part time game.
  6. If your not getting Mix in HD, that's actually because you are NOT paying for HD. Sky (rather outdatedly) still charge a fee, as it has done since HD launched in 2006, for its HD content stretching beyond sport to its entertainment and on demand content. However a couple of years ago they decided to give away the Sky Sports HD channels away for free so that the HD charge is now just covering the likes of ITV 2/3/4,E4,More 4,Sky One, Sky Atlantic etc etc. Sky Sports Mix is in the entertainment package rather than sports package hence why your not getting it in HD because your don't pay for entertainment channels in HD. Yes I know that's mad but that's how they ado it. If you pay the £10 HD charge you can ring sky tell them to scrap it and you'd still get Sky Sports (except Mix) channels in HD but lose ITV 2/3/4,E4,More 4,Sky One, Sky Atlantic etc in HD.
  7. That said the amount of people left watching just the Standard Definition version on BBC ONE nowadays will be pretty negligible.
  8. It fits whatever slot length the national programme it replaces is (in this instance a programme called "Eating with my ex". Earlier time worth the slimmer show but we'll see how long it lasts. It's on 10.55pm next week.
  9. There was an Under 19s league (or at least fixtures) pre pandemic but covid has presumably halted its restart.
  10. A cameo for Sheffield Eagles is one thing but he's nearly 79. Give me strength.
  11. Oldham also had a remarkable 36-6 victory away at St Helens in the previous round also. It ended a run of 18 consecutive Lancashire Cup victories for Wigan going back to the 1984 Final v St Helens.
  12. Another Old Sky Intro - They should bring that music back to their try replays. The modern version is rubbish!
  13. I know that but part of cup final day used to be loads of build up and pre match entertainment. We'd didn't get that last year. It was on air, straight into anthems and kick off.
  14. BBC to show Two Four Nations games as well - http://www.rugbyleagueontv.co.uk I'm pleased they are starting the coverage on the Red Button. I appreciate they have Formula 1 to cover but it was a bit poor last year when they came on about 2:15 because the F1 had been delayed a bit.
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