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  1. Again though, this highlights the fact that the international game and lack of European club competition holds RL back. Can't see Wales even beating the Cook Islands now.
  2. Not for us there isn't, a great talent and a bad loss. Again, the weakness of the sports' leadership and financial clout of the game means it loses out.
  3. Pretty devastating for Welsh RL unfortunately.
  4. No double today then. I think it will stay at the one win for the season, still an improvement on last two years.
  5. Well I must admit I was hoping for a little more when they were 16-12 up v Skolars yesterday, only to be 0-26 in the 2nd half. I guess we now know where we're all at now: Cernyw rock bottom, West Wales then London in bottom 3, Rochdale, Oldham and Midlands in the middle then Keighley and The Gogs fighting it out for the title
  6. If we don't play regular international rugby league, then the scene will suffer, victory for our u16s v England last week and a competitive outing today shows that progress is being made, but we can't be going 3-4 years without an international match, covid or otherwise. It needs a meaningful, regular calendar, regardless of women/u16s/wheelchair/men/whatever
  7. Should be about 50 in the end but it's definitely progress. We've fronted up well against a bigger, more incisive English forward line, we just sitting too deep and lack penetrating runs from deep to create that space. The good thing as Well from a Welsh perspective is most of our women are playing for Cardiff Demons who have shown they can beat WSL opposition already and should progress to playing that level regularly soon. There's players like Burnell with plenty of WRU experience as well as multiple women's RL clubs across South and North Wales.
  8. YYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Win no. 2 is in the books!
  9. The slightly better than expected result may have been down a full competent Welsh contingent of match officials for what I think must be the first time. Great to see Christopher get an opportunity, certainly better than many of the people who have come down over the years here.
  10. Doesn't get any easier today v Keighley but it's a another chance to take a tentative step forward. Again completing the sets and cutting out the simple errors to keep it respectable. *edit 4-46 - considering they put 96 on Skolars last week it sounds like they took on some of that 'advice'... On a brighter note, Just like to big up the Demons ladies who performed so admirably in the Nines tournament last week, beating Bradford Bulls and stuffing Leigh Miners before running a top York City Knights WSL side close!!
  11. Absolutely. This is something the Southern Conference can aspire to given time and the resources mentioned previously, places like Bath, Worcester, Torfaen, Swindon, Bristol all currently involved. 84-4 in the Welsh derby. Better than expected to be fair, was easily expecting the ton the way Crusaders have started the season.
  12. They definitely had a side for Doncaster, frustrating thing is it was the one game last year they should have won and they could have had a chance if they'd turned up. No excuses for this one really, should always have a back up doctor. I vaguely remember Scorpions needed one for a game at Maesteg and they turned up a bit late but the game still went ahead as confirmed.
  13. Llanelli is still the 8th largest population here, twice that of Whitehaven for example. They are still very much the economic and culturak centre of the West.
  14. More a case I think of the ones you mentioned start off in the South Wales WRL academy then get selected/picked off by the super league partners (Made me laugh someone from St. Helens saying they 'produced' Regan... ) . It would need a local semi pro club like Raiders/Scorpions/Blue Dragons with a good balance of local players and experienced 'foreigners' underpinning a local Super League side in the South (e.g Celtic Crusaders etc. so there's a continuous local pathway so they can stay local and progress in the sport without uprooting their life like many of our players have had to in order to forge a career in RL. For all the Elliot Kears, Gil Dudson's etc, there's those at a lower level like 'Dolly' at Broncos, Rhodri at Swinton, Cobi Green playing at Rochdale etc.
  15. Which would be great if we were traveling as the crow flies, and if you do travel regularly through Wales to Northern England, you would know how much slower the roads are this side of the border. Kernow certainly made a good coach signing and some experience in McInally, but they are still shipping 40-60 in their first two games. I don't see them being much better off than Raiders come the end of the season. SW Scorpions made the playoffs in their first season in 2010, benefitting from local player loans from the Crusaders SL side. Hasn't come close since.
  16. Absolutely, I'm not from Llanelli or West Wales, but I know I would never choose to set up a semi pro rugby league club there. Their amateur side was one of the weaker and smaller Welsh Conference clubs. Additionally, they've consistently made poor decisions regards personnel recruitment on and off the field, lack financial resources and not looked competitive in League 1 since the start.
  17. No it's not (3h 9 mins Widnes- Newcastle v 3h 48 at a push, and only Cornwall will travel more miles than West Wales in League 1 this year. Somebody else who doesn't know their Geography South of Sheffield.
  18. Rangi Chase getting £25k and players getting £500 a game in Llanelli? Sorry, you're just not serious or credible. Samuel barely paid that at SL level in Bridgend
  19. Whilst I would question the management of the club (ever since the appointment of its first head coach), to say they pay more than other clubs above them and turn down loans or DR players is just not true. They have one of the smallest budgets in the semi-pro game and receive next to no assistance from the RFL. They don't have the benefit of relying on heartlands players like North Wales do, so have to develop locals from scratch. They are in a largely rural area with one of the poorest economies in the UK, at about the furthest point from the North of England on this island. The club's main financial asset, a social club it owns on site in a largely residential area away from the town centre that they share with a 2nd tier Welsh football league side is hardly going to be a 'cash cow' for the club either, and the ground is owned by the town council. What people in the North of England need to understand is that if you keep limiting the sport's geographical spread, it will become irrelevant and die out, not make the core any more secure. Cumbria have had over a century, yet none of their sides have been at the top level regularly for over 35 years
  20. Great news, loved our trip to Albi last time, but this is far too long overdue. We need to be building momentum and having a couple of home games here to make the local media take some notice.
  21. I support Welsh Rugby League, and been involved in the sport in various capacities for well over a decade. So yes, I'm very familiar with the failings of the sport on many levels, especially as we can all see with WWR. Flogging a maimed horse isn't going to help it get back up and work again.
  22. Certainly will if they don't improve, but atleast it could actually be a competitive game
  23. Again though Oldham would be one of the favourites to go back to the Championship, so psychologically actually conceding the 'ton' for the first time this season is highly deflating, putting it in context is less damaging. The quality isn't there to compete with any of the top 8 sides, you just have to target the likes of Cernyw and Midlands to get any result this year and build from there.
  24. 12-52, slightly dissappointed as Rochdale were one of the weaker sides last year, the corresponding 2021 fixture the Hornets only winning by 12 points and 40-16 away, but as previously mentioned injuries and fitness will take a toll. On to the next one. I see North Wales beat Cornwall by 40 in their first game, yet the Choughs still managed 4 tries..
  25. I think we all expected that result. Realistically that's the hardest game of the season out of the way for WW, they can use the lessons from it and build from there. Defensive line needs to move up consistently and cut out the silly errors. Cornwall or Midlands aren't going to play that well so let's target those games.
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