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  1. I think your right david, its going to be tough, but its what we both aimed for,
  2. I think sorting and .signing existing squad members, first, is the right way. We will just have to be patient.
  3. Couldn't agree more, he never has a bad game, his second half display against Doncaster at home was brilliant, with a great offload for a try under the sticks.
  4. At least we'll see how town get on in London Saturday, at the moment the two of them playing pass the parcel for who will be champions/
  5. I think your both right, the number of away games we played well in the first half, completion rates high, penalties low, and brilliant defence, then in the second half it's as if we have put on a complete new set of players, who drop the ball, tackle high.and somehow wreck all the good work. The good thing is, if we win our home games we will finish second, if we win the three remaining matches we could still finish top. One last big push.
  6. The only excuse i can think of is we may be underestimating how covid can affect stamina, although we have had poor performances away to many times before.
  7. Good luck Connor, you millom lads have been our backbone during the last month, and you were all brilliant in our match against Hunslet, hope it goes well at Coventry,they are lucky to get you.
  8. Coach can rotate the players, first time this year, He still has Ben Harrison to come into the mix, good squad for some tough away games to come.
  9. great win today,very few errors, no silly penalties, and some brilliant tries. crestas main problem will be who to leave out. Well done lads
  10. You couldn't make it up, all the injuries, then when they are fit to play, this happens, if we are promoted we will certainly have earned it.
  11. our priority is promotion, at least we would be in the mix whatever is decided.
  12. If thats how brothers play bring on the others two sets, i think the barrow pack is immense
  13. me too, should be a cracker.
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