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  1. I once went on a distillery tour in Oban. The guide there went through the six classic malts and referred to Dalwhinnie as "a lady's drink"
  2. Ian rankin - set in darkness....half way through and I've read better rebus stories
  3. hurrah for mums!.....glad to hear that ones other than 14yr old (thus a tad cheaper) are also decent.....tempted to put a pre-xmas order in
  4. The mother-in-law brought back a bottle of this from her trip to Arran: It was a beauty.....real taste of Christmas about it
  5. "I don’t mind them singing ‘City till we die’. They can die as soon as they want." lol
  6. ordinary's perhaps a tad harsh.....the thing is with Brown, he doesn't set the world on fire.....and in some games he can be quite anonymous.....but then he can, at times, show a bit of class - either by a lovely pass, a great kick through, or even a dash for the line himself and when he does things like that you dare to believe he's a great player.....until you forget about him for the next 3 or 4 games ....it would be great if those special moments were more frequent but they aren't.....and they weren't that frequent when he was at Hudds
  7. WHat with all the hype about this I decided to give it a whirl this week...am 4 episodes through the first series and really enjoying it so far
  8. If you read the game thread, we put that one to bed......the footage shows that as Briers threw the punch Ablett was facing him....as he saw the punch coming, Ablett turns away cowering.......you can't blame Briers for that
  9. "dislocated his kneecap and tore ligaments and a section of his quad muscle that was attached to the kneecap." ouch sounds grim.....8 weeks sounds like a quick return considering
  10. Well I'll forward to yo-yo-ing between SL and Championship with Cas again ala 2006-2007........great..........
  11. Underwhelming really considering the impact he appeared to have in the NRL, can't see how it's just down to the foot injury.
  12. Nah I doubt that would have had any bearing on the outcome......
  13. Welcome to Widnes Danny, hope this works really well for all parties
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