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  1. Due to personal circumstances i have to dispose of my collection FREE to any interested party i havnt the inclination/time to sort individual issues and they would have to be collected or transport arranged as a job lot. Open Rugby issues 16+17,27+28 then 30 to 215 inc Rugby League World Issues 216 to 464 Apr 2020 inc Rugby League Journal Issues 8,9,10.14.15,16,17 then 19 to 74 current issue spring 2021. 40-20 Magazine every Issue no 1 July 2011 to current one Apr 2021 Also Rugby League Reviews 21 issues from 1976 onwards. and i dread starting on my Programmes !!
  2. I always turn the commentary down as low as i can and never bother with any pre/pst match analysis the NRL is far superior
  3. I rcvd the same e mail replied i would not be buying tickets discounted or not till the situation came clearer
  4. Lady Ga Ga dogs stolen glad that the dog walker is reported to be ok
  5. You play 4 Teams once therefore 22 Rounds
  6. As a big fan of the " Chase" i was looking forward to watching Paul Sinhas TV Showdown what a load of rubbish it turned out to be complete waste of time
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