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  1. They did @ Donny last season 50p a copy and at Fev club shop who asked for a donation
  2. The RAF play@ Cranwell The Army@ Aldershot The Navy is either Portsmouth or Plymouth cant remember which Police no idea
  3. Wed Apr 29 R2,Wed May 13 Q/F, Sun June 7 S/F
  4. Currently reading " The Battle of the Atlantic" by Jonathan Dimbleby
  5. I would guess when the Champ Fixtures are released on the 17th @ k/o Times confirmed
  6. Showed it to my partner she initially thought it was a 5 & had no idea who/what it represented probably paid a so called marketing guru a fortune as well
  7. Hope so I couldn't be bothered to register on the whinos website ticket office !!
  8. Well done to all @York you have been a breath of fresh air in the Championship
  9. Raycee I agree with you on the Fax Att inc the revised Fev figure could you clarify which game 4238 Refers too ? If it is Widnes then it should be 1668
  10. True but the "Watering Holes" are ###### as well !!
  11. Scrap it waste of time potentially distorts league placings & awful place as well
  12. How did Ben White go ?
  13. Thought it might be better to ask Brits who had been
  14. Looking fwd to my visit to Toronto 1st Week in July going on a Thurs coming back on Monday Any advice as to getting around & roughly amount of $ needed would be appreciated
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