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  1. Well done to all @York you have been a breath of fresh air in the Championship
  2. Raycee I agree with you on the Fax Att inc the revised Fev figure could you clarify which game 4238 Refers too ? If it is Widnes then it should be 1668
  3. True but the "Watering Holes" are ###### as well !!
  4. Scrap it waste of time potentially distorts league placings & awful place as well
  5. How did Ben White go ?
  6. Thought it might be better to ask Brits who had been
  7. Looking fwd to my visit to Toronto 1st Week in July going on a Thurs coming back on Monday Any advice as to getting around & roughly amount of $ needed would be appreciated
  8. Deserved win by Barrow we didn't look bothered which is really disappointing went to watch Hindpool U13s in the morning and was impressed with the skill level what do you feed them on up there !!
  9. That's impressive sales DOGFATHER good ploy to offer 2 quid off advance sales then say sold out !! By the way Fax Fan that spoke to you briefly at Blackpool in bar
  10. How do you order an advance Ticket on line ?
  11. And me awful place S/B total waste of time no value at all
  12. How about The Burton Stone Inn ?
  13. Do they sell "Real Ale" in the Pitchside Bar ?
  14. Probably quite a few but im an exiled supporter living in Doncaster
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