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  1. Can anyone enlighten me on these posts m? I don’t know who he is never mind what he’s said
  2. Can I ask what your relationship is with the club to have some kind of inside track on knowledge.
  3. I can’t begin to explain what a circus that was. They did interview for coaches but once they found out how much it would roughly cost to get promoted (I believe 150k was the figure given at the time) the then Football club chairman just said no. That same chairmen was arrested for a “missing” 10 million of council Money showing Mr Rimmer once again did his due diligence.
  4. Doesn’t everyone go “for the money” (unless it was Bradford as I’d rather set my feet on fire.)
  5. It’s not writing them off but a player on X amount of money (a lot more than most RL players) in the union 2nd division would get torn a new one by a battle hardened kid from Dudley Hill, I’ve seen it happen numerous times with my own eyes. The games are so different, the mentality of the players are a million miles apart, the fitness levels are off the scale, how many “union” converts did Coventry use last year? It’s possible to develop players but as I mentioned 5 union players in a 17 at L1 level and that team gets beat every week except for maybe against WWR.
  6. A very good union player gets hammered by an average league player when both play RL. Being fitter / faster / stronger does not make up for the lack of experience. You put 5 union guys in a 17 at L1 level and they’ll get thrashed every week.
  7. There was genuinely no substance in that interview, not one question was directly answered. Rebellions are built on hope, not RL clubs.
  8. Personally I think the time has been and gone for Currie. If Knowles went to the NRL now I've no doubt he'd have at least the success of Bateman. I'd worry about Lomax, he's never done it in Internationals, Dodd / Price might be more suited in 12 months time.
  9. If they’d have had a squad then I believe the location would have been leaked a long time ago. Therefore I can only surmise that the RFL are insane. Don’t be surprised if somehow Brian Noble becomes involved as we’ll truly know it’s a circus. I hope they do make a go of it, really looking forward to a weekend watching Keighley down there.
  10. So has Gale gone on a 1 year or two year deal? It makes you think that Leeds have some other player (probably a prop) lined up as a replacement.
  11. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it’s some grumpy old bar stool from Barrow
  12. It's quite simple, don't turn up lose the points and get a fine. I'm looking forward to watching Keighley down there.
  13. He was a gobby so and so but I really liked him - until he joined Bradford
  14. I think the Steam Pigs is an excellent name, it could have had some brilliant marketing around it in today’s world
  15. A bit left field but imagine if Perez teamed with a club from Elite 1! that’d throw the cat amongst the pigeons
  16. How does Farrell keep doing things like that, he turns up every week, plays at least a 7/10 yet For some reason I just don’t like him.
  17. teletext = awesome I struggled to explain what a video tape was to my 9 year old, that would just blow her mind!
  18. 67 miles - the lad should grow up, i doubt he travels in rush hr traffic either. This shows the small minds of some players, "closer to his family" 67 miles is hardly the other end of the country.
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