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  1. Phil and Andy Stephenson for Keighley (around 93/94)
  2. Complete balls - some clubs have literally no running costs compared to others (stadium costs etc) this is very circumstantial.
  3. Genuinely think Pearson doing this on TV 5 minutes after shows the low level of the man.
  4. Dumbest post award goes to myself “Toronto would be good if they didn’t keep making mistakes,”
  5. I’d have personally paid the fine if a Saints player had taken JWH’s head off - such a grub
  6. Is Tuopo naturally a winger? He seems to jam in a lot leaving space for the opposite winger
  7. It defies belief that Ellis is A) that size B) a professional sportsman C) a half back - the guy looks like an out of shape stunted prop.
  8. That was a horrendous clip to watch. I genuinely believe Rob Burrows doesn’t know how respected and how well liked he really is. I know there’s no cure but I really hope he somehow kicks MND in the nuts.
  9. Toronto have just done SL a massive favour, how many more fans will he pull to everyone's home games? It nullifies the terrible "away fan" argument.
  10. I’d genuinely like to see a game next year if anyone has any info I can keep tabs on?
  11. Some of these players mentioned will have no Australian bloodline, Hastings does. By constantly excusing the Aussies recruitment of non Australians (Carroll had played for NZ previously) smacks of hypocrisy especially as Aus RL has the largest player pool in the world to source from. I think it’s best to accept that if a player decides to play for a country and they qualify then that’s the way the world is and get on with it.
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