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  1. It is only a democratic process if the clubs have the bottle to ignore threats and scare tactics and take on 'the management'.
  2. If clubs are happy in the NCL then no need for a season change, if clubs are unhappy in the NCL then the clubs have only themselves to blame if there is no change. "The NCL is run by the clubs" keeps cropping up.
  3. That's a perfect example of worst case scenario which assumes only one postponement in any one week and all to the same team, there is more chance of winning the lottery . It is more likely that there will be more than one team requesting an open date so that teams who have no game because of their opponents request can then play each other. Not perfect but better than no assistance to clubs which is the current system.
  4. The full fixture list should be issued and then clubs should be allowed to select two fixtures that can be postponed. One week can be left open at the end of the season for these postponements with the rest played midweek. There is no point having gap weeks because it still wouldn't suit all teams.
  5. The bird population is struggling at the moment, people are generally binning food which could help them survive. Think Winter....Think Birds.
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