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  1. Don't get paid for playing amateur do you
  2. Think it was just taking the mick out of a video that Bradford put in their page. It's been removed now though for some reason.
  3. No shame in losing by 1 point to leigh. Great effort again, starting to show what we can do with these performances against top teams.
  4. Raider94

    1895 Cup

    We can't fill out with the 19s as they arent technically barrows players. They'd have to sign contracts to be able to play.
  5. What a result. #crestaout
  6. Attendance was around 1100. Great performance today, hopefully gives the lads the boost they need to kick on and get a couple more points to stay up.
  7. I think that was just the way they did it last season, bottom 2 go straight down this season.
  8. I thought we recruited really well, didn't hear any complaints at the start of the season about who we'd signed. For whatever reason it hasn't the team just hasn't clicked yet, and we've been unlucky again with injuries. A new coach isn't going to change the fact we've got injuries and can't play the same team every week. Just got to get behind them and hope we can pull something out of the bag to stay up.
  9. I agree we need to start picking up some wins. Starting with Rochdale at home next week, after that we will struggle again. Widnes and Featherstone away, Toulouse and Halifax at home means were probably not going to pick up any points in June, maybe get something from halifax at home if we play well but id write off the others. Looking at the fixtures after that theres only 3 that id say are against teams around us that we need to be beating, and 2 of those are away . At what point do the BOD accept that we might have to start preparing for league one next season?
  10. Looking forward to it, enjoyed it the past couple of years always a good day. I think Sheffield will be too strong for us, they've shocked a few this year with how well they have done and fair play to them. Hopefully we have a some players coming back from injuries.
  11. Gone on loan to leigh
  12. I It will be on Facebook and Cando fm.
  13. I think our forwards should be too much for them today, 34-10. 1400+
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