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  1. Perry Singleton signs. Great news, plenty of experience at this level.
  2. Raider94

    RLWC 9's

    Nice to see we have a representative (or 2 ) in the World Cup 9's tournament. The PNG Kumuls 9s (in alphabetical order) is: 1. Stargroth Amean - Barrow Raiders 2. Watson Boas - Barrow Raiders 3. Edwin Epape - Wynnum Manly 4. Edene Gabbie - Wynnum Manly 5. Lachlan Lam - Sydney Roosters 6. Kyle Laybutt - Townsville Blackhawks 7. Bernard Lewis - Sydney Roosters 8. Garry Lo - PNG Hunters 9. Rhys Martin - Leeds Rhino 10. Justin Olam - Melbourne Storm 11. Nixon Putt - North Devils 12. Daniel Russell - Nth Qld Cowboys 13. James Segeyaro - Brisbane Broncos 14. Jedudiah Simbiken - Redcliffe Dolphins 15. Stanford Talita - Hela Wigmen 16. Terry Wapi - PNG Hunters
  3. It's alright saying we will get this player and that player. We could have got some of these players first but didn't bother, they were given their chance by teams up the coast, what makes you think they'd be jumping at the chance to sign for barrow? Especially the lads who've just been promoted with whitehaven.
  4. Walne signed. Excellent signing i was expecting him to leave to be honest.
  5. That's his personal account and he's clearly just having a laugh?
  6. Thought that myself. Real shame for the BOD who seemed to be taking the club in the right direction. Be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  7. Shame cross has gone but hopefully Shane toal will be fully recovered for next season and carry on the form he was in when he went off.
  8. And taking a wage to do it! The cheek of it.
  9. Don't get paid for playing amateur do you
  10. Think it was just taking the mick out of a video that Bradford put in their page. It's been removed now though for some reason.
  11. No shame in losing by 1 point to leigh. Great effort again, starting to show what we can do with these performances against top teams.
  12. Raider94

    1895 Cup

    We can't fill out with the 19s as they arent technically barrows players. They'd have to sign contracts to be able to play.
  13. What a result. #crestaout
  14. Attendance was around 1100. Great performance today, hopefully gives the lads the boost they need to kick on and get a couple more points to stay up.
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