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  1. I can't see Sky dropping RL anytime soon, given the viewing figures and subscription income generated by the sport. I'd like Sky to freshen up the commentary team and have people who've played 1, 6, 7 and 9 giving their input. C4 coverage has the edge for me at present, in that they're not constantly showing replays when the ball is in play. I find myself shouting 'Get on the f*****g game!' a lot more than 'Gerrem onside' when viewing a game on Sky.
  2. Entirely coincidental that ITV (who normally ignore rugby league) broadcast what can best be described as a sensationalist junk journalism piece 2 days after C4's record viewing figures for the Leeds v Wire game are released. You can almost imagine the phone call instructing ITN to dig some dirt on RL once the figures for the terrestrial match were known.
  3. Great news, only hoping that genuine prospects don't get poached by the WRU.
  4. Totally disproportionate action by the authorities. The same authorities that allow TFW trains to be packed like sardines and people indoors restaurants/pubs. How can it be a danger for 400 people in a 6000 capacity outdoor stadium? Utter madness.
  5. The most egregious act of sportsmanship I've ever seen. Contrast what Fages did with Makinson's reaction. Fages should be utterly ashamed of himself.
  6. Any other season ticket holder experiencing problems streaming live League 1 match?
  7. Brilliant news for the club and well done Conwy County Council giving their support. Facilities at Eirias Park are first class and the move will help the club grow its fan base. Me and the family will definitely be watching the Cru once we're allowed back in.
  8. No, sounds too much like common sense. I can't see the RFL going along with it, the packed stadiums, the higher UK wide media profile, the passion of an Ashes battle would give the game too high a profile.
  9. James Graham is one of the best forwards in the world. It
  10. Something wrong with my sky box, Shaun Lunt scored for Huddersfield and Paul Wellens didn
  11. I was really looking forward to watching the Super League tries from the weekend at 2200 hrs. Unfortunately, it
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