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  1. If that was an NRL game there would be loads of people on here mastabating themselves how good it was defence wise.
  2. If Wigan are to get any better next season they need to get shut of that Harry Smith, he's absolutely dog s**t. Not worth the money he's getting.
  3. They outclassed for 75 minutes against saints and thought they had a good side out last night against a Wigan team who find it hard to score. Who knows that's rugby league for you.
  4. For what it's worth I think the Catalans a**e has fallen out. Not so sure they will even make the GF.
  5. Would like to see Jacob Hookem get on. Didn't his dad Alf play for Hull as well
  6. 1 nil to you ha ha ha, I don't think we've had as many as Leigh this season.
  7. Maybe I was a bit harsh just disappointed with Hull expected more from them this season. I do hope they win as it happens.
  8. You are quite emotional aren't you, you have never got over all those Grand Final defeats. Get some therapy for your bitterness.
  9. Ha ha but I was at Wakefield on Monday, we were dreadful. As I said in an earlier post we are playing with 11 or 12 men for most of the game, discipline is terrible.
  10. You are correct a top 6 is ridiculous, I've always favoured top of the table goes straight into the final and the next 4 play off 2v5 3v4.
  11. Why would you say neither team deserves to be in the playoffs? If either team finishes 5th or 6th it's because they've played better than the teams below them. Who would you replace them with ?
  12. Absolutely no idea on this one. Old cliche but depends on which side turns up, if Rhinos can keep 13 men on the field for 80 minutes (debatable) then we might have a chance. Toss of a coin really.
  13. Maybe they can meet up with Makinson for a drink afterwards because that grub is bound to be back there PDQ.
  14. It's the only thing he's done so far. Bang average scrum half championship player at best.
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