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  1. Whatever anyone thinks of Zak or Wigan and I have mine. Another club or club owner would give him a chance. The issue we all have is morals, being ethical or status in the area..... what Wigan are TRYING to do shows support and education IMHO if Zak doesn’t respond to this support then and only then should (again IMHO) the RFL should then be involved and ask all clubs not to engage with him....... but I think this will be his wake up call and I wish him well, he’s a talent and at a fab age when you look at the rest.
  2. Well done to the Wigan fans ?????? We were in the game until the last 4 minutes and had our own chances but just didn’t take them....... that’s life (hard to take but it’s tough luck) We’ve got to both major finals with this team and for that reason I’m not going to slate anyone. After last season just winning games again is nice. Proud to to be a wire and extremely happy to be dinning at the top table and challenging for trophies.
  3. ......... warrington have nilled the pies this year. 23 nil. i respect your opinion but would it be a massive shock.......... anything can happen in a one off game. didnt saints beat us 3 times in the rounds but when it really mattered wires took the hounors ? Now that was massive (but not unexpected as we’ve previous against you )
  4. Some good debate on this thread and enjoyable to read. Wire have had had their chances to win the GF and put up a great effort. A new name on the trophy would be good but that said in reality what good did it do Leicester so does it matter...... not really I guess. what would be better is for SKY to give better coverage of our game, in past years they had preview shows for an hour or so the night before the GF, tonight I can only see a tribute to Wane (rightly so IMHO) Sky Sports News doing a token 30 secs...... sky really needs competition to show live Super League..... union exposure is now on Channel 4 and their advertising is interesting and appealing to others (my wife wasn’t really watching but said is that league on normally TV) I’m now sad our game has sold out to Sky and IMHO they don’t give a flying poop ? anyway warrington haven’t beaten Wigan in a final since 1980 and I’ve seen us lose every single final against them. lancs cup , JPS cup, Challenge Cup and the Premiership Final in 87 at Old Trafford and they nilled us with Wane in the team so I really do believe in probability and I hope tomorrow is finally ours. One win would be amazing and a dream come true for me. may the best team win, no talk of the ref and enjoy our wonderful game of rugby league. PS - I’ve got to say winning from 4th would be okay (slightly tainted imho) I’d love to win from 1st place ??wins a win (I pray it happens) ????
  5. 80 mins away from dream land for me. well done to all saints fans on here, last night was just one of those games. But what a game. Credit to both teams. no bottlers tag for saints, warrington were just smarter and dare I say it just stronger. they say you build for a GF. I’m just glad It’s Steve Price chance to lead us out, maybe he’s the difference for us to finally win the biggest prize in Rugby League. 63 years and waiting - who’d have thought we’re now 80 mins away. transisition season and two final. Thank you Warrington Wolves management
  6. I get you. But come on. Let’s have fairness. And this pen.... how many times is it given
  7. Wire have given their all tonight. Shame the bottle of the linesman and ref has let us down. high tackle on BMM.
  8. Even in the 80’s it was wigan lancashire cup x a few john player, challenge cup and don’t forget the 88 premiership final 8-0 at Old Trafford. So always been the pies. well I was born in 76 so definitely for me. ive been on and off the forum for a while laughing at the posts. Same old I see. great game tonight shame about the commentary. good luck tomorrow I’d love a wire Wigan final ???
  9. I would love a win however Wires have lost far too many big games in recent semi finals and finals. I fear heads may go down quickly and saints will then blast us away. Hope I’m wrong. atkins has been dropped
  10. Record speaks for itself, he’s been great for the game and also never feared in giving youngsters a go. Shame other coaches haven’t done the same. Didnt like his foul mouth on TV but very respectful of his desire and trophies he’s won in the past 6 years.
  11. I’d like a road trip to Barcelona Olympic Stadium and give the French fans a game closer to home. The one off game against Warrington got 20k and if we moved back to the bank holiday weekend I sure the fans would vote with their feet.
  12. I'm very grateful for the achievements under smith and I hope we find someone else who can take us to finals and be consistently challenging the Wigan's Leeds and Saints of the super league. Winners with big game mentality. That's been the difference between us and them..... plus a few inches
  13. I'm sure the draw was fixed I don't know how(e) he won it. i thought of you as soon as I saw the winner enjoy the weekend
  14. Thank you kindly, my wife is doing well and concentrates her efforts on helping others, we will never understand why, but we can make a difference Heart breaking and soul destroying, thank you for the kind words. putting our efforts on the charity gives my wife great comfort and gets her through the 13.1 miles thanks again johnocco and Griff
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