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  1. Mum got me a glenlivet 18 year old for Xmas Great memories of sharing with my dad. Lovely drink and special times
  2. Popped in sold out, or wishing they were lucky Temptation East of the river All wet wet wet
  3. Wigan fans have great memories and the REAL fans realise shocks can happen........ Sheffield Eagles in 98 and Catalans @ HJ 2007 ( yes Catalans had some great players, but Wigan massive favourites for the game IIRC)
  4. A true professional, was a pleasure to watch the NRL games he played in and wonderful to see him end his career in England. I'm gutted he's retiring, he still looked like a spring chicken chasing back on against Huddersfield
  5. In your world!! Salford will be laughing at you guys soon
  6. Money does help, money helped fergie set up the best academies with the best "local" lads Neville x2 scholes, giggs, butt .....all in the 90's when setting up his legacy..... There have been many other great young players, one went onto captain his country, wasn't local but the scouting group fergie paid for,got the right players and still continues to. Marquee players have come in, but remember when winning title after title I'm sure they are right to invest.
  7. Great win for Leeds u today, gutted yido but a fantastic effort from Leeds
  8. BREAKING: David Villa signs for Villa, Antonio Valencia signs for Valencia, Nile Ranger signs for Rangers & Danny Shittu signs for Liverpool
  9. Simple for me.... First rugby match aged 7 and played rugby league, no interest in football until high school.... Hoddle and Waddle, then gazza...... So spurs I decided on... Used to go late 90's but got too dear..... So ive never ever been a glory hunter.
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