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  1. 119. Expected as ive so many working lunches and beers after with all the new year events.
  2. The family was ill in Shanghai over Christmas.. China's food markets are mental. Over New Year as well, so lots and lots of travel A lot of masks in Singapore and the 1st time ive seen a queue in the airport.
  3. My personal phone is a Samsung. My work phone is an iPhone. I have absolutely no idea how to use the iPhone for the simplest of tasks.
  4. 117 btw My sister in-law is over from the UK with a boatload of chocolate and pork scratchings. Last night was classic films and chocolate so i'll be 'happy' to stay at 117 by the end of the month.. Under 115 by the end of March 100%
  5. You're doing business wrong. My issue at the minute is multiple work lunches. I am doing these right
  6. All ufc is on Fox in Asia so i did catch it. Odd one though.. given the shoulder move. Be interesting to see whats next
  7. I dont disagree with your commentary, i just find it odd that theres so much vitriol for a bloke who is playing a vilian to make look after himself and his family. Fair play to him.
  8. Well, the traits that you would deem are cretinous have helped make those millions.
  9. People make me laugh. Hes an incredible athelete who has made his family millions. Good luck to him.
  10. 117. Wife went to IKEA yesterday so theres a mega pick and mix in the freezer. It may be 118 next week...
  11. How do you know? Whats published in terms of who plays who?
  12. How do the quarter finals work? Top of A plays who etc? Then how do semis work?
  13. Presumably he'll play 6? Ratchford at 1 and Austin at 7? What's Austin like week to week? I suspect he's very hit and miss and certainly not a classic 7. Too many players of a similar ilk maybe?
  14. I can't really put my finger on who were the last players of this ilk.. Graham - played in the middle obviously and had a few years at Canterbury where he was a ball player, but too much of a prop Sinfield - Too much of a 6 Burgess - No ball playing Wilkin and O'Loughlin - Probably the best British ones recently. NRL.. Gallen - In his pomp possibly. Tamololololol - No ball playing Cam Murray - Too work horsy as was Parker et al Tom T recently is a very good example reckon. No point really - just bored on the way to work
  15. I had a massage t'other day. It was brutal... Doing well, good start to the year once i got back into a routine. Struggling with SARS, so my gym numbers are poor, but still, good to turn up
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