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  1. There's a youtube clip of Peacock putting Mason on his backside in Sydney. It has, what turns out to be an embrace song playing. It's a fantastic watch. Anyway, doing some work and the song randomly comes onto my Spotify shuffle as that's what shuffles do.. Immediate and mega goosebumps and i cant explain how excited i am all of a sudden. I'd f'ing love it to beat them in final. A brief public announcement there.
  2. If you're close to Crouch End, there's a pub called Maynard Arms. It's around corner from me mates gaff and the manager is a Wakey fan. Purposefully puts on RL to annoy the football / union folk. They'll have it on
  3. How did you buy the tele? Can we ban this guy?
  4. Penrith are very easy to not like on a personal level mind.
  5. We play Samoa 1st up We will likely play PNG in a QF Then Samoa or Tonga in a semi Hopefully, NZ or Aus in a final. It's the hardest route.
  6. Sivo was belted early after a brilliant kick chase. He's been bashed every time since.
  7. I don't care. Its Penriths middle that has caused this. Line speed and bashing.
  8. Defence wins these games. They've bashed Parra.
  9. But the game has been in the calendar for longer than a week. If i could be bothered, i'd ask someone on Twitter etc
  10. I don't care, if Keighley want to go, let them. If Fev wanted to go to RU, then let them. Saying these statements is different to saying i want them to go. You shouldn't be so flippant with language Shropo. I would love the Challenge Cup to be as it once was, but it probably won't. I'm going to wait and see what IMG actually propose rather than criticise and moan though.
  11. Reminds me of that 1st half at Elland Road when it was about 300 nil. I can still see Civoniceva's massive back waiting for us to kick off again. Crikey that was depressing.
  12. When i saw Sneyd's name, all i could think of is Dunbar whooping with joy, running into the garden and knee sliding into pond. Soddened on his return, kissing the wife, semi-erotically, undressing to his pants only to disappoint said wife and come on here with a freshly made old fashioned. *I have never met Dunbar, and do not have a mental image of what Dunbar looks like.
  13. What type of 9 is he? Good defender, Houghton type or quick ala peak Clarke?
  14. Change the number from 10 clubs at the top to as many as the clubs want (ie, its their decision), then yes. That's what i want.
  15. Keighley have not been a Championship club for how long? 6/7 years? You were last decent when, 20 years ago? I'm not sure the folk in IMG are upset; i would wager some of the wife's Malteser cake being made in front of my impatient eyes that they'd be happy. I love the optimism around attendances for a bottom half team next year, so it's a shame you want them to pack in based on stuff you don't know yet. I'm off for a run in the rain, chat later?
  16. We could ask customs? Presumably waiting on final call after NRL final.
  17. Aye. They could go play RU. Good luck to em. ooh she's fit. I'll not talk to her as she might cheat on me. I don't know anything about her yet, but no. I'll stay here and have a crank.
  18. Its next sodding week. Blimey, that's quick. Says it all about the folk running this that we don't know whether it's on tele or not.
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