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  1. 3 hours ago, Martyn Sadler said:

    Let's assume we are talking about private equity finance models.

    The reasons why my proposal would make such finance easier to generate would be:

    1 The new competition structure would allow for a new ownership and investment structure, with the competition potentially moving towards a Major League Soccer type model, whereby the competition, not the individual clubs, is the financial model into which investment is made.

    2 If all 36 clubs were included, there would be no conflicts between those that were and those that weren't included. Most investors don't want to invest in something that smacks of a civil war, particularly as far as the game's supporters are concerned.

    3 Given that many wealthy venture capital organisations emanate from the United States, they would feel happy operating within a system based on Conferences.

    4 Private equity investors want to invest in something with growth potential. A permanent ten or twelve team Super League doesn't offer much of that, whereas my proposed structure offers it in numerous ways, not least by making it easier for individual clubs to attract new investors.

    5 The flexibility of the proposal means that clubs that are failing can be either replaced or bought out by potential investors in new venues targeted for growth. Weak clubs would have a massive incentive not to remain weak for long.

    6 The Conference model ultimately allows for the creation of new Conferences to be bolted on to the structure, giving a clear pathway to expand. For example, under this system it would be desirable to ultimately aim for a six-team Conference in France, while giving the chance to establish a wider footprint in the British Isles.

    Thanks. Interesting. Not a lot of *facts but of course, they dont exist yet. 

  2. 22 minutes ago, Martyn Sadler said:

    Is it possible to explain anything to you in a way that you will understand?

    No one would expect Sky to broadcast Championship level fixtures and I am not proposing that they do.

    Every week there will be lots of fixtures between the leading clubs to choose from, just as there was this weekend.

    What my proposal does, however, is give other clubs the chance to become leading clubs too and it gives the supporters of all the clubs the incentive to take out subscriptions to whichever broadcaster has the TV rights.

    It would also make it easier for the RFL to raise external finance to support the competition, which I have explained earlier in this thread.

    How does it make it easier to raise external finance? Genuinely interested. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, DoubleD said:


    I wish some people would do some research before they blindly criticise.

    Scotland RL already receives Sport Scotland funding and have done for the past few years, albeit minimal.

    Also, Scotland RL does have a strategy, and that is by becoming a diverse, multi-disciplinary organisation with focus on mens, womens, wheelchair, students, juniors (u19, u16), PDRL, LDRL with also a schools programme. I think they're also trying to get a tag league started or maybe X League. All these initiatives take time to embed and grow, and covid has stalled some but there are plenty of initiatives even if it doesn't suit your agenda

    This is fantastic news. Is it published anywhere, would be very interested to read the plan. 

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  4. 27 minutes ago, fighting irish said:

    So let me see, you are responding to the middle line of the last post.

    You chose not to answer my simple question.

    In doing so, you are engaging in/promoting drift. You are moving off the consistent line but ok, I'll play. 

    On what basis, do you make the statement that ''the sport is a joke here''?

    In whose opinion? 

    Oh and by the way, why did you fall out of love, with the sport?

    Was it because you couldn't make it work and then heard someone ridiculing you? 

    1. Root cause of the thread drift is your incorrect commentary on peoples view of the folk on the ground in Ecosse.

    2. There isnt a plan at all, therefore the sport is a joke. Again, this is more aimed at the strategic view as a whole, not Scotland. Let me add more detail; in the NFL there are a number of student and amateur leagues. Participation could be awful, but right now it doesnt matter as theres a plan. By the way, i think theres a decent structure here in terms of teams. 

    Oh.. wasnt the final cancelled because another team prioritised their sport 1st.

    3. A myriad of reasons, the majority of them tied to point 2 which is applicable to the whole sport. Throw in a move away from the heartlands and that ive just moved on at this time in my life. 

    As im the author of this post and as i havent said otherwise, these are clearly my opinions. 

    4. If ive tried something and it hasnt worked, its usually because i didnt know what i was aiming for. There wasnt a plan!! Business, life, sport. Applicable in all aspects. Have a plan!! 


    Edit as im in a queue in John Lewis and i type like me Mam

  5. 3 minutes ago, Tommygilf said:

    Our problem is that we don't really have a transfer window as we don't have much of a transfer market. Most players sign for free at the end of their contract.

    Out of contract players are allowed to officially begin discussions with other clubs from I think 1st June? And given the wages in RL are relatively not very high and the career is pretty short, most want to have their future's sorted before the end of the season.

    Absolutely makes sense. Is there a way in that this could be adapted to suit promoted teams?

  6. 3 minutes ago, fighting irish said:

    Oh God, look?

    Did you read the whole exchange, starting with the comments made by the Frying Scotsman, which Dave agreed with? 

    If you did, then ok, I give up.

    I'm not going to go over it all again, just to try to convince you.

    This forum is full of people whose main modus operandi is nit picking fault finding, with every thing RL.

    Such as ''the sport is a joke here''. 

    I really resent it, when the criticism is of the people who are battling for all their worth, in the heat and dust of the arena and made by people languishing in the cool of the ivory tower.

    Try contributing something that might actually help them.



    Sport. Noun. A competition of physical activity.

    People. Noun. Humans.

    Very different things. The first is almost non existant. The second are a brilliant lot. 

    2 very different things you see. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, fighting irish said:

    Well one of the reasons it's becoming weird is that I'm holding a consistent line and you are wriggling like hell, to try and obscure (and deny) your early contempt for these few lads.

    Thats your problem.. holding a consistent line where your initial line was and remains wrong. 

    No one thinks anything negative about the players in Scotland, if anything its the opposite. I was one for a while and if i ever come to love the sport again, ill try and do somet out Helesnburgh way. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, fighting irish said:

    Ha ha ha, no one has said it is what? No one has said what is what? I'm glad you are not blaming the few blokes who are trying to get it going. Is there a plan, for Scotland over all? I don't know, why are you asking me? 

    By saying the below, you were inferring that Dave et al were suggesting that the lack of numbers is the players fault. Thats daft, hence my statement.


    One last question, who's to blame for the paucity of participants in Scotland?


    Well its not these few lads is it?


    Open question, whats the standard like? From what i know of Glasgow, there are at least a few quality players missing? Werent Kirkaldy* also decent at one point?

    *Atrocious spelling of a town that may or may not exist. 

  9. 5 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    Indeed, this exchange has become rather weird. 

    I would love it if there were plans to have a Scottish based team in the professional structure. I would probably travel across the country to Edinburgh to watch them. The fact that there is zero plan, that magic weekends in Edinburgh havent been followed up on etc etc makes the sport a joke here. This is at a strategic level and the blame lies south of the border. Not the players. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, fighting irish said:

    It strikes me, that you would be better leaving me to it.

    I'm glad you are happy for them to crack on.

    One last question, who's to blame for the paucity of participants in Scotland?


    Well its not these few lads is it? 

    No one has said it is. The sport is a joke here and its not the fault of the blokes playing. 

    As mentioned earlier, is there a plan for Scotland overall?

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Hemi4561 said:

    Spineless decision. Now time to leave Australia to their own devices, remove their players from the Northern hemisphere game, and make real overtures to the Island nations that their players would be welcome here, and that as Nations they would be welcomed, but players that chose the NRL would not be considered for their National team. 



    Do you realise how daft this is?

  12. 7 minutes ago, del capo said:

    The fact that a restructure is at all being considered tells me that the clubs and powers that be are not satisfied that the current offering can drive the game forward to the wider audience so obviously needed. 

    Most on this forum clearly agree but few have  actually considered thinking totally  ( and perhaps insanely )outside the box.

    Forget the NFL and certainly the disreputable NRL.

      But the Major league Soccer and Major League Rugby models in the USA have one thing in common - they are growing exponentially. The Union guys have moved from half a dozen amateurs to a pro / semi pro activity with a $100 million  turnover in 4 years....whilst at soccer Toronto bought in for $10 million a few years ago and the going rate is now £150 million. Unlike the NRL if you have a business plan and the money to splash you can get in........ It's all driven by central ownership of the product and its major asset - the players. But how many of our beleaguered debt ridden  clubs owners would not swap that for shares in a new venture ( and check out what they keep to themselves anyway under that model ).

    Or even more radically , as a prior thread once  proposed , is it time to 'make the peace ' with the Dark Side ? Could some form of closer affiliation / recognition release to us their business acumen , sponsorship connections and tellingly their player pool ?

    Apart from anything else we could then virtually overnight be able to fixture a credible  RL 6 Nations Competition for the NH and chose to ignore or otherwise our  ANZAC  'friends '......

    So how does that centralised model work and how would it be transferable?

  13. 4 minutes ago, MattSantos said:

    Is this serious?

    Let me be clear as a Packers fan.. 

    1. Theres no trade market right now. None.

    2. To cut the current MVP and clearly a top 5 QB in a Superbowl window would be the worst decision in NFL history. Easily. Love isnt ready and youd have so much dead cap space. Also, youd be cutting Aaron Rodgers!!

    3. Play this year with a happly roster and trade him for multiple 1sts next year. Done.

    I actually think the Packers have handled this well and that Rodgers is a d-bag, but Love isnt the answer, so i wish theyd drafted someone else; no one is more valuable than the plan. 

  14. I really like the idea of conferences as it allows the 'bigger' clubs to play the 'smaller' clubs. Id almost split the game into 2 with SL conferences for 24 or so clubs with the rest in a development competition. 

    Crucial elements would be equal funding, clubs can spend x% of revenue above that and critically a path into the SL conferencing.. 

    Copy the NFL as much as possible basically  

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  15. 26 minutes ago, Wakefield Ram said:

    From memory there's 10 academy sides, so 200-250 players of whom maybe 30-40 get signed.

    Many players are signed who have little / no prospect of making it, but are signed to make up the numbers. If you need 4 props in a squad, the best 4 props get signed regardless of whether they have any chance of making pro. 

    Taking 200-250 of the best juniors damages the community game by making it harder for them to field teams. Many of the Academy players who does not make pro, quit the game.


    Not unfair. I think we make this harder than it needs to be, but still a hefty debate 

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