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  1. What are your favourites? Where would you love to visit? In the UK 1. Post Office Road 2. Tottenham ground is lovely. Always enjoy a trip to London 3. Lords. As above 4. Enjoy St James Park for boozing reasons 5. Cardiff. As per 4. 6. Celtic Park. Atmosphere. 7. Pitches in Cumbria / Oldham etc because of how lovely / bleak they can be Overseas 1. MCG. Big. 2. Leichard. Lovely. 3. Any other old school Aus ground. Also lovely. 4. Oly stadiums in Seoul and Tokyo. Baseball madness. Would love to visit old school NFL stadiums in thr US in for a snow game; Lambeau, Heinz, Soldier etc. Would also like to see the new ones in Vegas and LA.
  2. Was there no calendar or was it changed? Cant be both
  3. Can someone tell me, if the WC went ahead as planned and England won it, when is their next game and who against? Is there a calendar in play to take us to the next one?
  4. So you do or do not want RL to fail? Be honest... I am at the stage where i couldnt care
  5. Im talking about potential games at the end of this year, but aye, ill watch big games in good venues. Time is precious and i cant justify it and certainly cant sell a weekend away to Bolton to a neutral.
  6. Hull, Leigh and Bolton are really exciting venues in thriving cities that i cant wait to go to on a last minute whim.
  7. Yeah, thats how i decide to spend my time... if i go to this event, will it show 'defiance' to people who really dont care.
  8. .. "i cant wait for the NRL to be overan by Soccer" etc etc. Make your mind up.
  9. Last paragraph is so dramatic. I love RL so much that i now want the best bit to fail.. Theyve pulled out and with all the context, its an understandable decision. I dont agree or like it, but i can understand it. The whole sport is a huge mess, the one successful element is trying to maintain that in a complex landscape and even more complex pandemic.
  10. Yes, this will be very interesting. France. In Leigh. On a Tuesday night.
  11. Commonwealths are in summer and the WC is end of November. Play in October and were golden, get Harry Kane et al wishing us luck etc, a winter of sport could be good!
  12. It should be, apart from a 10k fine, no real punishment. It should galvanise the team, it will the fans!!
  13. Lovely, ta. So realistically, its Fev v Toulouse in a venue yet to be confirmed.
  14. Cant argue with that, a bit of hyperbole, but fair enough.
  15. How do the playoffs work? Presumably if we cant get to France, itll be in England?
  16. There isnt a plan. At all. The sport is an utter shambles.
  17. Village types not suited to the limelight.. this is incredibly insulting.
  18. The actions of the club now if accurate are indeed pretty rubbish. A fan defending his team with what is solid credibility on why they deserve a shot is indeed sad; sad that 1000s of fans across all teams are just fed up. Im taking the 2 seperately.
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