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  1. On 03/04/2022 at 21:36, Number 16 said:

    Three simple suggestions for improving RL in Serbia...

    1) Each year or two invite a dozen or so coaches over to the UK for a week to further their RL education. Send each to a pro club to work and learn and have group sessions with RFL coaches.

    2) Invite the Serbian national team over every year or two, again for a week, and play a couple of games against the likes of Cumbria, Army, Dragonhearts etc. And for the duration have them working with experienced club and RFL coaches.

    3) Each summer for a month bring twenty youth players of the same age group (U16 or U18) over. House them with grassroots clubs (I'm sure plenty would volunteer to take a couple), and have them involved with their age group side. At the end bring them together for a rep fixture.

    Yes ... there's an expense, but it could be relatively modest, particularly if the sport utilises volunteer hosts.

    Food for thought?

    No need to think logically😊

  2. On 30/03/2022 at 08:04, langpark said:

    From BSL facebook:

    On Saturday, April 2, 2022, the 6th season of the Balkan Super League begins with a match in Sofia between the home team Locomotive and Partizan 1953. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the Turkish club Fethiye Falcons canceled their participation, so there will be 5 clubs at the start of the A League. 

    The pairs of the first round are:
    Saturday 02.04.2022 
    Sofia Lokomotiva - Partizan 1953, FC Trebic 14.00
    09/10.04.2022 Tivat, Arsenal - Dorcol Tigers
    In the first round, the Red Star team is free


    Quite sad to see this happening again this year. 

    We (Tivat ) turned over the mighty Dorcol tigers yesterday here in Montenegro ! Final score 32 18 ; amazing day and performance and great to share a beer or 3 with the excellent Dorcol staff and players.

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  3. On 25/03/2022 at 09:13, LeeF said:

    So the coaches have admitted that they can’t coach their players to play within the laws of the game so have insisted that the Match Officials stop fully enforcing the laws. Brilliant 

    Thing is its a high speed collision sport with lots of mitigating factors , despite peoples best efforts there are going to be penalties which everyone needs to accept.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, iangidds said:

    A few hundred die hards


    2 minutes ago, iangidds said:

    A few hundred die hards


    2 minutes ago, iangidds said:

    A few hundred die hards


    2 minutes ago, iangidds said:

    A few hundred die hards

    Trying to post a picture with John Risman but a bit too drunk

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  5. 5 hours ago, The Rocket said:

    Had a thought @iangidds does the bloke have any qualifications, lot of blokes up my way often get lined up with a job through someone at the club to make it worth their while, particularly if they`ve got a trade or building site experience. If he has something probably worth mentioning that if you`re going to put the word out.

    He is a personal fitness trainer , which i suppose can travel anywhere but i doubt will help him enter the UK these days

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  6. Hi ,

    Im trying to find a high standard amatuer club that is willing to give a couple of games to what I consider to be the most talented player in Serbia.

    He is a 2nd row or centre with all the physical and mental requirements to make it at pro level im sure ; he would need a return ticket as well as a place to stay and a bit of pocket money.

    I guarantee no team would be dissapointed in this guy in any aspect.

    Dm if you wish to give this guy an opportunity .https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4661264557231531&id=100000440978235

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  7. On 18/02/2022 at 17:58, Martyn Sadler said:

    I remember long ago reading Cliff Morgan's autobiography, which included his period as Head of Outside Broadcasts at the BBC for 12 years from 1975.

    He contrasted the state of negotiations between the BBC and the two respective rugby codes, saying he much preferred dealing with the RFL rather than the RFU.

    The RFL would come down and after a few minutes of chat, they would shake hands on a new deal, at which point they would retire with Cliff to the pub and swap stories about the game while getting gradually sozzled.

    The RFU, on the other hand, were a complete pain in the neck. They would want to argue about every detailed aspect of the BBC's coverage, telling Cliff how their sport should be covered and refusing to agree a deal until everything they wanted was on the table.

    He couldn't wait to get rid of them.

    In other words we sold our game short and the RFU upsold their sport

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  8. 5 hours ago, Ullman said:

    Yes, I get that people might be a little underwhelmed by the design but for me what counts is the recognition of the great man on the 50th anniversary of his finest hour and a great achievement by the team he led. His family were also clearly very pleased with the way that his memory has been honoured.

    Thing is you can have both if someone is prepared to think a bit

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