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  1. Well most RL fans I imagine would want to see the spectacle and im sure the expats of Aus and NZ too
  2. NO Its exactly because its not broken that i suggested the idea, its the only thing we have that works
  3. Im sure there is so many reasons that people can find to say no but I feel that there is an opportunity to take the biggest event we have to a wider audience by addjng two more fixtures per season? The hype that origin has would sell out a wembley , tottenham , old trafford and im sure would sell alot of tickets in the US or maybe even France? Our game needs constant shots in the arms to survive in this sporting environment i believe.
  4. Money is required to do this, i live in Eastern Europe and am convinced they suit our game but we have zero cash for expansion! If we paid 30k a year as a starter here we would have hundreds of great athletes playing the game but the reality is we cant pay a cent to anyone in eastern Europe
  5. Not a single news article no the bbc sport website main page about the cc final does anyone at the RFL care ?
  6. Cant bring myself to watch it , just devastating for his friends , family and his supporters . Im not sure a player was so liked and admired in his playing days by the opposing fans as Rob; im been a coward by not watching it I know but i have tears in my eyes everytime I think about this great pocket rocket of man .
  7. Just wondering from a financial point of view if we as a game had to rent such a ground for zero spectators
  8. Just a quick question , were the RFL legally bound to hold the match at Wembley?
  9. You would have a hard time understanding anything in life if we took this kind of stance ! People are scared to death of racism or right or wrong it seems
  10. Looking for a different headline instead of BBC! Full round of super league and not a single headline on their web page unless you look under the RL banner
  11. Did they steal the song you fill up my senses from Sheff United?
  12. I used to sing that when i played for Mirfield?
  13. Ive heard its Spanish and Italian people behind this idea and its an amatuer comp rather than a pro comp thats been proposed by the the RLEF?
  14. Good points , some of the stuff is so easy but we just dont seem to try and break out of our natural domain
  15. Just thinking about how little promotion the players , clubs and the governing bodies do; is it a Northern thing or a Rugby thing? I cant think of too many players who would be suited to self promotion, maybe Sam Tompkins in his prime, Ashton Simms and maybe even Jon Wilkin to promote his coffee shops? Do you think its something that should be promoted to raise the players and games profile?
  16. Simply the most talented back from the uk ive seen
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