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  1. I’m not sure why we expect different outcomes from the same discussions. People only believe what they want to believe. But what the heck, I’ll restate my position too. I am excited by the prospect of expansion and do want these new clubs to be a success. I don’t think it’ll be easy or indeed be guaranteed of success. I struggle to see any other scenario other than growth that sees our game staying relevant given increasing social/geographic mobility and aggressive development of competing sports and pastimes. I’d be doing all I could to try and encourage growth and development both bottom up and top down at the same time to try and make a step change in our participation and commercial performance. If one had to come before the other, I would emphasise commercial growth first though, it’s a lot easy to pay for player pool growth if you actually have some money.
  2. No sure you can attribute Wane to Wigan’s loss - Lam’s just got a contract extension on the back of losing to pretty much every team in the top half of the table. There’s a decent team in that Wigan squad that you see glimpses of but they’re still some way off the top. Agree Lomax has been excellent this year, I rate him higher than Austin. And Walmsley and Thompson would scare anyone. Long way until the grand final though!
  3. There are rules obviously and you’d be daft not to pick whoever is best within those for your team. Winning is everything isn’t it. You might not like those rules and choose not to watch or support, and the game should respect and consider these views but not necessarily how to them. Nationality is a complex thing and some of the above makes me feel quite uncomfortable as though only some people can claim allegiance to a country and not others. I’m not for nation hopping or second choice nationals, nor am I for very tenuous links, but you don’t have to be born somewhere to have that country as the most appropriate place for your nationality.
  4. An enjoyable game with both sides struggling to be really good due to absentees and dramatic loss of form by some players. Both looked a lot better than they had earlier in the year. Ok balance Wigan did deserve to win but if Leeds has functioning halves and a fullback they’d have won. It’s really quite sad to see some international players (albeit some only fringe internationals) struggling for form so badly, and I wish Kallum all the best at the Titans. Can’t see him being a world beater there this year, and I reckon the Titans will wonder why their Brits struggle so much more than those at Canberra.
  5. Err claiming a lot of Australian humour and society is racist is also racist isn’t it? I didn’t see any irony emoticons so just thought I’d point that out.
  6. The figures in the articles claiming speeds of the players are from onfield devices in actual games - hence they aren’t that precise really. My experience of rugby club training is that they either use stopwatches (even less accurate for short distances unless you’re a trained timekeeper) or electronic timing gates which have much better precision. Loads of rugby players have claimed to have 100m pbs sub 11 seconds whilst at school. If they were actually that quick they’d have electronic times to the 1/100th of a second. An 11.00s sprinter on a rugby field would look really quick, most wingers are probably 11.5 plus. I’d guess JAC might be circa 10.7+. Makes you realise just how speedy elite sprinters are. Incidentally speed isn’t just a born trait that you can’t affect - I’ve seen massive improvement with focused technical training beyond just strength stuff and shuttle runs etc. Our SL clubs do no quality speed work from what I’ve seen, and that’s demonstrated by the shuffling low hips technique most of our players adopt compared to much better posture you typically see with the better trained NRL players.
  7. The wearable tech used on players is not very precise for short bursts of speed or indeed anything over 20kph. The accuracy is probably nowhere near the decimal point values being quoted here so best bearing that in mind. It’s good press for the sport and had provoked great discussion here but the science is being a little overstated and is probably a guide only at these speeds. Incidentally I once trained with Jonathan Edwards and we used to use a radar system to measure speed. His peak speed at one point made him the fastest man in the world. Wow. He’d be way ahead of JAC and anyone else in the codes of rugby or football, as quick as they may be. Qualitatively Offiah at his Widnes peak gave the impression of being in the elite athlete category of sprinting although I’ve no evidence other than my eyes to back that up!
  8. I’d love to have Andrew Voss, he’s my favourite commentator of all sports and was fabulous during the 2013 RLWC. I reckon he’d be shot down pretty quickly by people here though, and there’s plenty in Australia who are tired of him too. Rea was always a good summariser, Wells is an excellent analyst, and Carney is a strong anchor. The two main commentators they are going with are ok too, I’m pleasantly surprised. I agree about Barrie and Terry though, nice people but they don’t add much insight and spend inordinate time saying how amazing one of the teams is or being patronising to the opposition. I don’t have a problem with Cummings, he was needed more when Eddie was on as he embarrassingly didn’t know the rules. Think I’d prefer to hear the video refs talking like they do on the beeb. Clarke amuses me, he certainly has opinions and is often totally wrong with his insights and predictions. I’d keep him to boost our sense of superiority.
  9. That shape shifter Maya would be a heck of a league player.
  10. The difference in brand strength is massive, of course, and for me is potentially the biggest challenge and opportunity for our sport. Where people have even heard of RL, the reaction is often negative. In some areas you couldn’t give away tickets to get people to come regardless of how great the game is on the pitch. That’s where we can learn a lot from the NFL. There’s so much we can do over a 5-10 period to improve this, an investment that I believe would repay itself many times over in terms of commercial revenue I suggest. But it’s hard work, requires a joined up long term vision, and definitely requires investment. All things we’ve not been great at! Although he’s only in charge of one part of our game, I hope Elstone’s background helps change all this for the better of our sport. Without wanting to further detail this thread, for me the mooted overseas teams are potentially a massive lift to our brand strength, alongside the need to significantly invest in our media engagement across all platforms and relationships. I’d once and for clarify what we call ourselves too, even if the conclusion is a campaign to reclaim our right to be considered as ‘rugby’ every bit as much as the other lot with the media, governments and so on. Whilst the values of the NFL are at the least questionable, and it’s not a sport I particularly like, there’s still a heck of a lot we can learn from their business success.
  11. This is a league forum, so presumably those on here like league. In which case you’d guess we’d want to see more of the sport on tv, including a magazine and highlights show. That’s not too controversial a view is it? NFL is indeed a big business and one quite a few people seem to enjoy, but unsurprisingly given I post on here, I prefer the purity of league, and I suspect I always will.
  12. All very interesting. Robert Lui has been a fine player and in the field had fitted in well, better than many who came over with higher reputations. I like Atkin, he’s got something about him and hope he gets a chance to shine somewhere Interesting to see Wigan linked with Hastings in the related discussions. I agree with another poster that Wigan are less structured now, to the point of having no discernible structure at all from what I can see! Top player for England Academy last year was arguably Harry Smith of Wigan. He’s unlikely to get a game this year, even less likely next year if Hastings joins and Sammut regains fitness. Meanwhile his equivalent for the Oz schoolboys is preparing to make his NRL debut and might even be their incumbent before the end of the year. Brisbane are doing something very right here and many of our clubs are doing something very wrong with our halfbacks it seems.
  13. I believe Salford are sustainable, Koukash has committed to pay for some of the players through their contracts and if he doesn’t put any money in after that the club just cuts it’s cloth accordingly. They’re not in danger of being wound up like they were before him. At least that’s my understanding, I’ve not seen the accounts. Shame on the guy for having some ambition and trying with Salford. Better to try and fail then not try at all. How many clubs actually try and win Super League? Survival and maybe scraping into the playoffs seems the limit of most clubs ambition. I am pretty sure pretty much every club’s chairmen have said things that didn’t happen either, so there’s a lot of failure out there obviously. He says some daft stuff and is clearly a self publicist, but at least he’s not dull and is incredibly optimistic rather than those that routinely tell us the end of the world is nigh. I have no idea if he is going to set up any new clubs, nor do I have a feel for whether a Liverpool club would be successful. But even the thought of it - as someone who went to school in Liverpool - is interesting, if not exciting (yet).
  14. There’s a City of Liverpool FC who are planning on building a new small ground in the city, and it would make sense for a summer sport to be there as well to share costs and create a local sporting hub. Not sure if that’s what Koukash has in mind but seems the most likely scenario. Koukash has generated plenty of coverage for our sport - a lot of noise admittedly - and sank millions of his own money in rugby league as well. He has opinions that many might disagree with but don’t forget he saved Salford and didn’t just dump them when he left, has lots of money and is a genuine fan of the sport.
  15. Maybe Edwards is considering ‘retiring’ from Rugby League coaching?
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